Copyright Claiming and Youtube: WTF

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  1. Is anyone else feeling angered or maybe even betrayed by how little Youtube/Google seems to care about it's user-base? Warning to some, foul language ahead.

  2. Welcome to Youtube's policy on copyright claiming. They only care about protecting themselves, not their users. Copyright bots patrol videos and flag them for content and there's not a lot you can do about it if they do. It happens. Chuck Sonnenberg (SF Debris) got all of his Star Trek reviews blocked on Youtube because of the copyright claims despite arguably being the best advertisement old Star Trek series ever had.

    And where else are you doing to go? Viddler? After they basically held their videos hostage, no one wants to use Viddler. Blip? Blip is a walled garden now. If you're not going to be a hip web original show and have your season and marketing plans already laid out they don't want you. Dailymotion? What's that? Sounds like a made-up site. And besides, even if those sites (Blip in particular) were more friendly to Let's Plays and reviews/commentary/criticism/analysis of licensed media, none of them will give you the amount of viewers that Youtube does. Chuck's continued his sci-fi reviews on Blip, but he still posts a short "trailer" of each newly posted review on Youtube because Youtube's how he's going to get more viewers.

    Please, enjoy the terrible situation.