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  1. Try #2, let's go.


    The Magical Congress of the United States of America has launched, nearly 20 years after the defeat of Lord Voldemort, a new No-maj/Wizard co-operation programme. The Magical Co-operation Law Enforcement programme (MCLE) has been put into its trial phases across all of the major American cities - the highest calibre of police detectives and Magical Congress members have been allied under the same agenda to ensure that all crimes are dealt with quickly, efficiently and painlessly. So far, the testing has been a huge success - billboards of smiling witches and wizards, clothed in the MCLE uniform next to fresh-faced and well kept police officers are seen all over America. The glistening skyscrapers which house these elite taskforces are photographed daily, and there hasn't been a newspaper without the MCLE headlining it for the past month or so. Things are looking good for the wizarding world, especially since the rates of magical gang violence and drug smuggling through apparition has increased sharply with the introduction of wizards to the No-maj community. The MCLE has come to represent the pinnacle of Wizard-No-Maj relations.

    Unfortunately for you, the MCLE is not what you thought it would be.

    Underqualified for the positions in the central headquarters in Manhattan, you've been rerouted to a shitty, run-down police station in downtown Brooklyn. The gritty truth of the MCLE comes out; all the funding is being poured into these fancy stagefronts who are fed relatively easy cases to deal with whilst any surplus finances (and there isn't much of it to begin with) is split between the lesser-known subunits scattered throughout the different boroughs. Underpaid and overworked, you will find yourself at the beck and call of the No-Maj Captain Brooks Moreland and his quirky magical assistant Abigail Harlow. The plot will throw you headlong into the worst that the criminal underworld has to offer, and the sparkling fa├žade of the MCLE will slowly begin to unravel before your very eyes...

    Okay, so that's the premise! If I had to explain it very quickly, it's a mix between a modern-day detective/crime RP and some Potterverse elements thrown in for good measure. You'll be playing the rookies in this new taskforce, dealing with long shifts, a moody boss and broken coffee machines whilst all sorts of weird and wonderfully magical things happen in and around your terrible job. We've got big plans for the MCLE and it's manipulative grip on the American media, and those little tidbits will be dropped in-between our 'cases' ranging from illegal dragon-egg smuggling to drug gangs using polyjuice potions to frame law-abiding citizens.

    I'm going to spend about a week pushing the interest check and slowly working on the OOC before starting up the CS, but we're looking for a small group of long-term players instead of a large group of mildly interested people. If you're down for this sort of controlled chaos, feel free to say hello. If you're not too sure, say hi anyway and we'll make a decision.

    I have a co-GM who will be making an account on iwaku who will be helping out with all the difficulties of running an RP too, I'm sure he'll drop by eventually.
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  2. IT HAS

    Omg Ythania I'm so glad to hear from you again I missed you awawawa
    I don't want to let go of Syl but I'm joining this!

    Also, Boss Megu is not coming back. Shit does happen.
  3. I AM SO INTERESTED IN THIS. And thank you ao much for the invites. Invites make me feel special <3

    Aaaaaanyway, I might use Michelle or maybe I'll make a new one. Maybe a bad-ass tsundere cop or something. I don't know but the possibilities are endless! xD
  4. This definitely got my interest, but I'm not sure I have the time to commit at this point in my life. I'll be keeping an eye on it though.
  5. Mhm, overglorified police squad with a dark secret the lower members slowly unravel. In a HP magical setting.

    As much as it flatters me to be tagged in this, I'll have to pass. Again, my theme lightness sensors are beeping, and I'm unsure if I'll be able to combine roleplay and school for the time being. Sorry.
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  6. Sign me up! This could be fun!
  7. I should warn you all now, this is no Helpers' Association. As 'Tree rightly pointed out this RP is going to be a lot more gritty and realistic than the previous one, we'll be dealing with more realistic issues such as drugs, gang violence, kidnappings...obviously I'm not inclined to make them the centre of the RP and we'll be looking more at the magical aspect of it, but the grimdark will play a more prominent role than it did in my previous RP (which had barely any grimdark, all things considered.)

    Keep that in mind, guys. I don't want to upset people inadvertently because they weren't aware of what they might get into. Similarly, I'd advise you to think that over when you make your characters too - this isn't going to be a cheery walk in the park for them. If we have people spiralling into depression and PTSD at the sight of blood then they certainly wouldn't be kept in a police force in Brooklyn.


    I'll see what all this looks like later on, but I've been wanting to make my characters suffer more anyway. But a grimdark hpverse... I like the implications.
  9. Nice to see the support too, guys - I look forward to RPing with you all again. I've just finished writing up the description of the police station, and there's lore on your superiors (Abi and Brooks) in the works.
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  10. Oh, man, this sounds like fun.
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  11. Ooooh yessssss I love the grit :D I'm in!
  12. Hopefully there's a spot for one more because I'd love to join :)
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  13. Heya everyone, i'm happy with the amount of feedback the idea has accumulated. Just dropping in to introdude myself as the co-GM mentioned by Ythania.

    For those who are still keen on jumping on board, here's a link to the OOC:

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The MCLE Programme [Potterverse]
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  14. Hi! Welcome to Iwaku! Okay, off to see the OOC~
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