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Hello and welcome to my interest check post <3

My name is Korra and I'm happy to announce that a new RP is hopefully going to be underway based on the PlayStation Game Series Sly Cooper.


The do's and don'ts:

- Please do not join if you know your not going to be a regular participant. I'm going for one post every couple days as the slowest option of posting speed.

- Do not post one liners in this RP, minimum of three. Well written sentences to a maximum of five paragraphs.

- Please be willing to be a team player this is a Cooper gang RP hence a team =)

- Spelling and grammar must be decent. No text language please.

- Have fun!

The plot:

The Cooper gang Sly, Bently and Murray have stepped away from their lives of thievery. They each have families and jobs that take up their lives. But with the Cooper gang not working jobs anymore there are new thieves and gangs stepping up and starting to cause problems for everyone. Interpol cannot seem to catch them and they are causing mayhem. Plus one of these gangs are pretending to be the Cooper gang and ruining the reputation of the Cooper's.

During this time the daughter of Sly Cooper has recently inherited her families ancient book. The thievius raccoonus . Sly's daughter Clara Cooper has to try form her own gang and save the cooper family legacy without being caught out by her mother.

So that is the basics, I have a few enemies lined up for this RP along with my own oc character called Clara Cooper.

Clara will obviously not be the only child since I can assume others would like to be coopers as well which is fine ^_^.

Character spots in total: 9/10
Sly gang: 2/3

Character Sheet:

Animal Type:
Basic history:

If you are interested please comment below <3

Ps here is a sneak peak of Clara:

sly carmelita If sly and carmelita had kids, who would be your ___.jpg

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