Cool World: A Dark Paradise (see inside for details!)

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  1. In the universe, there exists two worlds. The first being the modern world, where human beings and other creatures live their day-to-day lives as normally as they can. The other world, however, is much more fun.

    Humans have given this world many names in the past, based on what their beliefs. Some consider it to be 'Heaven', and some consider it to be 'Hell'. But the people of that world refer to it simply as 'The Cool World'.

    Unlike our world (known in the Cool World as 'The Otherside'), this world has a unique system in place. The people of this world aren't born, they are created. When a human being dies, their spirit is sent to a place known as 'The Nexus', which acts like a gateway between the Otherside and the Cool World. It is completely barren, but physical objects and manifest themselves at the request of a man called 'The Gatekeeper'. The Gatekeeper has no definitive form, but he can assume the form of anything or anyone that the recently deceased feels a sense of trust towards. Once he explains their situation, the Gatekeeper offers the person a choice: they can either be sent back to the Otherside to re-live their life over and over again (either as the same person or reincarnated as something else), or they can accept a one-way ticket to the Cool World. If they choose the former, the Gatekeeper must pick the person's new form based on who they really are (personality, things they've been through, sin, etc. are all factors for the Gatekeeper to consider when picking a form).

    This often leaves the person with varied results. For example, somebody who has committed brutal crimes in his past life would be transformed into a hideous creature and forced to be a living reflection of his inner demons, whereas the opposite (somebody who has been nothing but kind) would be more reflective of their triumphs and would more closely resemble their original form.

    It's a rather painless procedure, but dizzying all the same. Once the Gatekeeper has created the person's new form, he envelops the person in a blinding light and within seconds, a swirling vortex of colour erupts around them. To the person, it seems as if they have entered a painter's tornado, forced to watch as almost every colour and shade in the spectrum is tossed around their body at incredible speeds while the vortex forces it's way into their skin. From there, it only takes a minute or two before the person's body changes completely, but depending on the form it might take some time (sometimes there is little to no change outside of the typical 'transformation', but some must have extra limbs or body parts reshaped to suit their new look). Once their body is finished, the vortex disappears and they are left in the centre of a city, staring directly up into the dark blue skyline of the nightmarish city glowing from neon signs and covered with extremely odd architecture.



    It is only then that you realize you are in a world with absolutely no rules. Chaos reigns supreme and anything can happen. There are anthropomorphic animals walking around like Donald Duck, there are incredible looking women and men who seem to come right out of a Saturday morning cartoon, and there are demonic-esque creatures forming gangs to spread havoc throughout the never-ending city... But you notice one thing in common with all of these people and the Cool World itself: everything is drawn like it's a cartoon. The people, the city... Even your own body has transformed into that of a cartoon person. Anvils fall from the sky, people get shot and do not die (but oddly resemble Swiss cheese), and nearly anything can be tampered with given the correct items (ex. People can be blown up like balloons with an air-pump, cars can come to life, and even night clubs shake and bounce to the rhythm of dance music).

    Now that you've found yourself thrust into a dark and demented cartoon world for all eternity, destined to live the rest of your life as a 'Doodle'... You have to face one more decision:

    Do you want to make this place into your personal heaven, or try to burn it to the ground?


    Alright, so I know there's gonna be a few questions about this RP, so I'm gonna list a few of them and try to answer this as best as I can.

    1. This is a kind of-sort of fandom RP, but you don't have to know anything about the fandom itself! This RP is inspired and based off the early 90's live action/cartoon combo film "Cool World" directed by Ralph Bakshi and starring Brad Pit and Kate Basinger. It was a pretty mediocre film that got bashed by critics, but it gained quite the cult following over the years. There was a lot of drama during production and the story changed from a Horror/Slasher movie starting a half human-half cartoon who tries to kill its human father for abandoning its mother, to a film about an artist who enters a cartoon world while a femme-fatal Doodle tries to use him to become real (doesn't really make sense, but if you know the story you'll kind of get why that works)

    Many people have called it a "more adult", dumber and less well made version of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", which many people considered to be a film that Cool World ripped off for using the mixture of hand-drawn cartoons interacting with real actors (coughcoughSpaceJamandLooneyTunesBackInActioncoughcough)

    2. This is not a Freeform RP! Well, at least I didn't have it planned like that. It theoretically could be a Freeform, but I also have a story to go with this. It's still in the works, but basically it involves a demented Doodle crime lord who wants to merge the Cool World with the Otherside (our world) to create the 'Ultimate Utopia' as he calls it. But doing so would cause serious problems to both worlds, so we would set out to stop him. It would be a combination of a film-noir and an action plot, but with slightly goofy antics and interesting story elements you could only get away with in a world that doesn't follow our laws of physics where chaos reigns supreme.

    3. Doodles are not immortal! I know I mentioned "getting pumped full of bullets and looking like Swiss cheese" in the opening text thing, but that's just an example of how cartoonish things can get. While conventional weapons might not affect most Doodles (I'll make the case that the more 'cartoonish' the Doodle is, the more likely they are to survive things humans could not, meaning, human-ish Doodles would probably still die from gun shots and being crushed by an anvil), there are a few things that can hurt or even kill a Doodle. Paint Thinner/Erasers/Ink Pens are by far the most dangerous (and illegal) weapons to Doodles, given the fact they're all made out of Ink. They can be trapped in Pens, but pretty much any of the other items I listed will kill them if they aren't careful. This will play a major part in the "story" (if we don't go with a more Freeform idea)

    4. You don't have to be a 'Cartoon'! What I mean by this is that you don't have to be a conventional 'cartoon' like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny. You could be someone like Jessica Rabbit, who is basically a human being but drawn as a cartoon character. As far as Anime/Manga characters go, I might allow them, but right now I'm thinking no. Not because I don't like anime, but because I think the characters might not fit into the aesthetic of a place like the Cool World. Again, this is up for discussion.

    And that's pretty much all I can think of right now! Anyways, if you're interested in trying this out then post below and let me know! I'll probably wait until we have about 2-3 people before going too serious with plotting or making the OoC thread.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer! This is still in the plotting stages, so feel free to give your input/criticisms!
  2. This sounds interesting! Count me in please :D

    I think that chibis still might fit :3
  3. I think it depends on the Chibi, but I guess I'm fine with them
  4. Are we talking human chibis or animal/supernatural chibis?
  5. Animal / supernatural ones
  6. Alright perfect, then they're cool ^^
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  7. So, @darkflames13, what kind of character were you thinking of playing? Or do you have any ideas for plots/stories we could tell in this RP? I'm just asking since we're the only two here.
  8. I haven't thought of what kind of character I'll be playing yet.
    No new ideas to add to the plot yet as well sorry :/

    Hope we can get more people in on this.
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