cool badass image - I don't know nothing about...

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  1. I saw this picture on the internet
    and I loved it, but I want to know more about it, like who is the artist, who's the girl (she looks like some celebrity)
    what's this about...
    I can't find anything about it, wonder if anyone can help...
  2. Try right clicking on the image and using the "search google for image" function.
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  3. I did that of course, some sites sell this shirt but there's no information about it nevertheless...
    I really wanted to see if I could find a portfolio of the artist and to know what celebrity is the girl, she looks familiar...
  4. Well... There appears to be some sort of signature at the bottom of the image, but unfortunately my vision isn't good enough to make out what it says x.x
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  5. neither is my photoshop zoom XD
    I'd need the stuff they use in CSI, they can turn 2 pixels into a complex high resolution image XD
  6. Blagh, even a process like taht would take some considerable time >.< but I'm digging around a little to see if we can figure out where the picture originated from...

    ... And after a little research, you might be able to contact the distributor of these shirts here:
    Skull Gangster Magnum Revolver Gun Sexy Pin Up Tattoo Girl Mens T-shirt M & L
    (Topright of the screen)
    and perhaps figure out where the picture came from there? Iunno.
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  7. Thanks for your time and interest :)
    I also ended up on that ebay page (and another shirts shop) and send a couple emails...
  8. xD Blegh, np I guess, unfortunately there's only so much one can do with an internet image if the sources don't turn up anything >.< oh well, hopefully the vendor responds soon and things go well :P
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  9. yeah thanks :)
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