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    Vegetarian Stir fry (Easy)
    ---Served on a bed of rice
    ---Alongside grilled Teriyaki steak tips

    Prepare carrots by peeling, and then use the peeler to make thick shavings of carrot. They cook faster and add a nice texture, without getting all soft and mushy like you find when you just chop them up.
    Celery. Easy, wash and cut up in thin segments, no brainer.
    A bundle of chives. Adds some greenery and a fresh onion taste, despite the fact white onion is included.
    1 medium-sized yellow or white onion, chopped in half twice. Cut the long way in thin slices, the layers will separate if you cut against the curvature.
    Roughly 10 sweet mini-peppers. Great for flavor and for aesthetic appeal, remove the ends and dig out the few seeds inside. For added aesthetic appeal, hold the peppers and cut in the same direction that you did to chop off the end. A sharp knife will cut through them easy enough without breaking the shape. Results in little colorful rings of peppers, just because we give a damn.

    1 part hoison
    1 part fresh ginger root, grated and separated.
    1 part soy sauce
    2 parts szechuan paste
    Fresh garlic or garlic power, to taste.
    5 parts chicken broth (prevents the sauce from becoming too thick, also helps disperse the heat while adding a savory layer)

    Don't lie, you know how to make rice.
    ...You don't?
    -->There ya go

    Teriyaki works with the stir-fry, a more sweet and savory component compared against the spicy and salty szechuan sauce.

    I like my women the way I like my stir fry. Easy to prepare, looks great, and tastes even better.
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  4. I dunno... I don't think I'm creative enough to compare my woman to my food and have it be appetizing for EVERY recipe.
  5. I agree with Zeneba. This should totally be a blog series. I might even learn how to cook without setting the kitchen on fire.