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  1. I am absolutely OBSESSED with TV cooking shows. Not only is it a great way to get inspiration for future cookings and bakes, for me, watching the process of a few ingredients turning into something beautiful and delicious is also great entertainment. Some of my favourite shows include The Great British Bakeoff, anything with Nigella Lawson or Heston Blumenthal, and Two Fat Ladies. Now that I think about it, my inclination for British accents might have something to do with it... Anywho, when there's nothing on the TV that suits my fancy, I'll turn to Youtube, where I'm subscribed to Food Wishes, Ochikeron, Cooking With Dog, and Maangchi.

    So, does anyone here share my obsession with televised cooking shows? What are some of your favourites? Or perhaps you can't stand them?
  2. I am subscribed to tipsy bartender and I have a few actual bartender instructions on my phone so I don't FURBAR.

    Cooking wise, I make casseroles out of respect for a lost one. I am very good at cooking anything noodly or with lots of cream.
  3. I like cooking shows that don't focus on the judges when they, I like it better when they show the dish while the judges are taste-testing.
    I don't find it appetizing watching others eat.

    I adore Jamie Oliver though, if it was one cooking show I watched with fervor then it was Jamie Oliver's cooking show. Others I just enjoy watching for pretty foods and the typical "reality" of the shows.
  4. The Pioneer Woman!

    She is Ahhhhmazing and I love her! I have tried many of her recipes and they are all simple and delicious!

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  5. Fucking love her! So much stuff I've made from her show! The Kiddo and Hubby adore it. Good Old soul country cookins'. ;p

    Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives as well. So many times he'll do segment that's close to home and we'll all load up in the truck to try them out.
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  6. u welcom

    Excellent use of After Effects and Premiere, attached to a series and part of a wider cooking channel but I just fucks with the Thirsty For... section.

    She explains things in a nice way and it kind of feels like cooking with my sister ...if my sister cooked.

    Also, Master Chef Junior. Just... the entire show. Everything that's irritating about the adult show, is basically absent in the kids' version. (As far as the seasons up to now have demonstrated). They kids know they're in a competition but are still supportive of each other whether they fail or succeed and if that shit is scripted it's still refreshing as fuck to see.
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  7. Masterchef here in Sweden is pretty much like Junior Masterchef everywhere else :P

    With that I mean not only are they supportive of each other, but everything they make is kind of at a lower level as well XD Still, a whole lot more fun to watch than say, American Masterchef.

    Oh, and the original Masterchef series from Britain is enjoyable to watch, as well. The concept is entirely different, but it has a much more comfortable pace.
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  8. I have every single episode, special, and blooper reel from Good Eats season 1-14.

    All hail the Alton.
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  9. My favorite show is called Babica's Treats (or Babicovy dobroty in Czech) and I pity you all for you won't be able to witness its glory unless you speak my language. It's the best cooking show EVER. Granted, you'll probably poison yourself if you ever try to cook the recipes that are presented here, but the show is a pure comedy gold. That Babica guy looks as a permanently drunk hobo and that is amusing to watch in itself, but the true entertainment begins whenever he opens his mouth. I'll give you some sample quotes so you can see for yourself.

    *while preparing lemon sauce*
    "Okay, put in some lemons. If you don't have any lemons, you can use limes. If you don't have any limes, you can use lemon powder. And if you don't have any lemon powder, well, put in salt and pepper! It'll turn out okay in the end."

    "If you don't have champignons, use some random mushrooms. And that's important, if you don't have any mushrooms, then don't use them at all!"

    "Today, we're gonna learn how to prepare sushi. Since it's difficult to buy fresh fish in Czech Republic and fresh fish is essential in this recipe, we'll use frankfurtes instead."

    "Today's recipe is called ratti... rattee... ratatata..." (Ratatouille.) xD

    "Arugula is a salad and it's very intense. That's why you should buy it."

    "Okay, I should use bamboo shoots in this recipe, but we're Czech, so I'll use turnip instead."

    As you can say, I'm an avid fan of this show; I watch it obsessively every Sunday and I almost choke from laughter every time. Also, in case you wondered how sushi made of frankfurters looks like, let me sate your curiosity! Yes, it's real. I haven't made it up :D
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