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Cooking Disasters

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Apr 20, 2011.

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    We're always talking about the delicious things we make, but what about those times we tried to cook and FAILED MISERABLY?

    A few days I was test-baking a cake recipe and i think I doubled the recipe wrong. So instead of cupcakes, I got cup caverns of doom. o___o It tasted okay, at least?
  2. Th-that's not a picture of a cupcavern of doom that tasted good...

    I tried making cranberry sauce one year.

    It was awful.

    Additionally, I fried some fish a few weeks ago and used too much salt. >>; Terrible, terrible...
  3. I'm generally a good cook *totally not bragging* BUT I do have an issue with forgetting things... for instance, my eggs. Or my noodles. So many times have I had to throw out overcooked eggs, or icky soggy noodles. LOL. But I'm getting better with that.
  4. I'm a good cook. decent~ as long as i WANT to cook;; the food's good =]

    I leave the kitchen because I can't STAAAAND waiting for them.
    and baboom! I come back and it's all smelly and half burnt.

    I gave up after the first three attempts. = =

  5. *addblocks saku's sig*

    First time i tried to make biscuits (cookies to you folk) Made the dough too moist (yes I actually made my own dough) they came out as irregular blobs with a mildly burned taste... Still tasted good with coffee though.
  6. I'm so careful when I cook. Even my grilled cheese sammiches are watched closely so I can cook them to perfection. o__o; Therefore, not many mess ups.


    I can't seem to make homemade pancakes. The batter always tastes like shit and when I cook the pancakes, they come out in dumb, ugly shapes. Also, I always manage to burn myself somehow, when making pancakes. :( The entire palm of my right hand was burned, once. Skin was peely for daayyys.
  7. All the things I make are usually pretty good. I also produce abnormal amounts of smoke.
  8. There really is no standard for a shape in pancakes, professional cooks actually use the entire pan to make them round. However, the key to a nice, evenly cooked pancake is to set the heat to medium-high and cook one side until JUST BUBBLING, then flip it over. After about a minute (an egg timer or the microwave help) it's done!

    For a pancake batter, try using a half cup of sugar in your mix, as well as vanilla extract to taste. The water in the mix should just about equal 3/4 (or to desired thickness) times the flour. That's really all there is in pancake batter, water, flour, sugar and vanilla. If it gets to thin don't hesitate to add more flour, a tablespoon or two at a time. It tastes delicious. I'm not sure what to do about your hand though... Learn to hold your spatula different?

    Only thing I've ever done wrong in the kitchen is season a steak wrong, and that in itself is blasphemy.
  9. double postan'

  10. I once set a microwave on fire.

    Dyslexicis UNTIE!!!