Cookies Anyone?

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  1. I've never been amazing at introducing myself, especially on a forum or where I have to talk about myself. I am Jecolia, but I am more commonly known as Belle.

    I go by either, I promise.

    Yes, I am indeed new to this community, and I'm quite ecstatic thus far. :O It'll be nice to be apart of an active community that's not full of douchebags for once... harhar... as you can see this is not my first time being apart of a Roleplay Community, but I am hoping to make this a home for all my creative releases and spasms.

    A little bit more about me. . .
    I've been roleplaying since around 2006, I want to say. On and off due to never having internet for too long. I've been a writer since around. . . 2004. I would like to say my writing has been greatly improved from some of the more "emo trash" (as I like to call it, because Holy shit, there's a lot of "wtf's" I asked myself when rereading some old stuff I found.[I thought I burned most of it....]) things I have wrote. This will be the... technically third. Roleplay Community forum I've joined. First one.. died.. admins burned out and the staff wore thin, etc. Second one I just could never have enough time, being admin of the community was stressful and hardwork and I did not have the communications nor time to keep up with... so it's nice to be a newbie and enjoy the 'laidbackness' of being able to come to and fro... because life tends to get randomly busy and pull me away.

    I started off Roleplaying on IRC, so it's been quite a change to get used to forums, but I can say I think I like the forums more now versus to in chat RP.

    I am told I am many things personality-wise. . . BUT YOU DECIDE. Want to know me? Come talk to me. I don't bite. . .
    . . .hard.

    - Jecolia

    * Hands out cookies to anyone who has read this far. c: *
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
    I like your intro. It is pretty detailed -nods-
    If you have any questions don't be scared to ask =P
  3. I am glad you finally posted Jecolia! Looks like you might have actually beat Rome! :P

    I am going to have to get into some roleplay with you one of these days. Do you have any prefered types?
  4. Celestialis: Thank you! Believe me, I will not hesitate to ask. :O My first boss got so aggravated because I asked a lot of questions. ;n; I like doing a great job! Like my first question... can you get the text box to save your preferred font/size/color, etc? :O! I peeked around in settings and didn't find anything.

    Super Cat: I know, it took me awhile. Heck yea for beating Rome!
    Yes, we must Roleplay. I do prefer a semi realism/supernatural. I've never dabbed too far into fantasy, but I'm trying it out. It's weird to adjust to a world completely made up from scratch.
  5. I don't think there is a way to keep the settings.. I think it is just something you're going to have to get in a habit of doing?
  6. Oh... sadness. :(
  7. Welcome to Iwaku.

    My name is Bionic. It is a pleasure to have you here.

    I hope you enjoy your stay and make many new friends. ^_^
  8. *accepts cookie*

    Welcome, Jecolia, Welcome to Iwaku.
    I'm Selenite, the one that brings something sweet to the newcomers.
    *noms cookie*
    But since you already brought your own, I shall treat you

    with pizza.
    I hope you likes it!

    Enjoy your stay!!!!
  9. I thiiiink I can add something that saves the text settings. I'm not sure why I haven't before... (Possibly because people often use totally different settings for rp characers? I dunno! XD)

    Also, Jecolia Belle sounds like an amazing name for a character. >:3

    Welcome to the community!
  10. I'll admit it: I only came in here because somebody said cookies >u>

    Hi Belle, I'm Layne! Nice to meet you ^^ You joined during sci-fi month, yay! Hope you enjoy it! I came from a few different sites as well and Iwaku is definitely my favorite x3 Have fun!
  11. Welcome! Any friend of Super Cat is a friend of mine :D noob power is the best kind of power too.
  12. Hello, Jecolia! Nice intro. We are quite a friendly bunch, and look forward to RPing with you!
  13. Jec, << we must finish our post later. Love you glad you finally made your appearance, blah blah <3
  14. Oh man, so nice to meet all of you. :O I'm excited to Roleplay with each and everyone of you. I know Super Cat is working on an AWESOME roleplay and should have it together within the next month to get us all. In case ya'll can't tell, I love cookies. Especially homemade ones! :)

    Diana, that would be awesome :)

    Danke for the pizza, Selenite!

    Bionic, friends?!?! :O

    Layne, I'm glad I attracted you...>.> Enjoy your cookie? :O

    Enyrm, well then send me a friend request silly goose! hehe. :D

    Danke Elyd. c:!