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    This game was popular awhile back. Some of you probably played the ever-loving crap out of it! Some of you probably avoided it like the plague. A few of you probably haven't heard of it. Guess what, though?

    For the weak of you, who understand what this is... You'll click it, and be sucked in. The curious will click it and be engulfed. The strong? Oh, you will think you want to avoid clicking... and for a minute, you will. Ultimately however, when this thread is filled with cookies, and more cookies, and grandmas, and even more cookies? You will succumb.

    And for those of you strong enough not to click the link above, here, take a gander at the link... ... maybe you won't click, maybe you will. You should, though...


    You should.


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  2. Holy hell it's a mess on mobile! I'll check it out on my pc tomorrow
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  3. I remember this game! I was weak! I thought I was strong, but I clicked, and I fell. Oh, I fell so far... I never got to the Grannypocalypse though. My brother did, but I didn't. i sucked myself out with a black hole. It worked. Didn't work on my brother though. *sigh* Well, let's go click more cookies.
  4. I'm sorry but your plot to addict me has failed; idk if the browser version is different but the app is just tapping a screen until your hand hurts, and then... -gasp- you can tap it more!
  6. DAMN YOU!! I was soo addicted to this game some months ago... And now you've made me addicted AGAIN!! I had just forgotten about it!!! *Sigh* It's just to start over and hope it gets boring fast
  7. Heyyyyy I LOVE THIS GAME!

    I was a few million cookies away from getting those H.P. Lovecraft grandmas. Shit was cash. Stopped playing it about a year ago due to @Fluffy suffering headaches from all the eye rolling she did when she saw me playing it.

    ALSO, if you look into that website they have a bunch of other stuff. Including a cascading menu of an entire galaxy. :O
  8. In sorry but I'm feeling some heavy positive psychological validation from clicking all of these cookies...

    What have you done....
  9. I don't play this because I knew it would make me neglect my child. :|

    "Not now, sweetie. Mama's in the millions now."
  10. ... SEIJI! I'M PLAYING

    i dont get it
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