Convergent- When Universe Collide

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  1. The multiverse is dead.

    Creation reached its limit and emploded

    Only a single world remains- The Tunnel, an empty world, property of the Zerka Corperation.

    Refugees from every known universe have flocked to the hollow planet in the name of survival; in the name of hope.

    In the years that followed, the planet was divided into many territories, each set to accommodate some of the larger surviving factions. Eventually, the land that had once been so poor even farmers abandoned it slowly became a bustling world of trade and peace

    Slowly, normality began to return.

    The Tunnel seemed to become a Paradise dimension, a safe haven for the lost and weary

    Until one day, its borders close

    It shut itself off from any of the other survivors without explanation. All because the Government decreed it.

    Things like this cause people to start asking questions- "Why did the Tunnel Survive and not my world?" "Why does that sector have more land than ours?" "What reason does Zerka have to shut its borders to our survivors?" "When did Zerka grow so cruel?"

    Slowly, word of revolution begins to travel

    "But why cause a fuss?" Other cried "Zerka keeps us alive" "War would be a massacre"

    And so, a world once united by hope has become one divided by a single action, with some sectors marching with the Zerka Governent, and others with the Revolution.

    A wars is about to break out

    And so, society crumbles

    Your sector sector is one of those that sided with freedom, and you have thus been chosen by the Rebellion to shut down your oppressors and their ally's for good.

    Travel across the diverse world of the Tunnel

    Look into the Chaos of the Battlefields

    Unveil the secrets of your Goverment

    Bring back peace to the end of the world

    Fandom/Universe of Origin-
    Extra Info-

    (This is a mobile upload)

    1. Characters from any Fandom are allowed, including OCs and Aus
    2. No Mary Sues- your character can't be good at everything. If they're too strong to place nice, you will have to weaken them slightly
    3. General Iwaku Rules Apply
    4. Don't let your OOC opinions affect your IC decisions
    5. You character will be able to die at any time, and you will have the power to kill eachother, however, unnecessary murder or distributes will be punished
    6. Posting speed/skill level is my important, but at least have a go
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