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  1. I am an avid and veteran con-goer, always looking for another place to explore and another city to go sightseeing in.

    The one I'm the most attached to (because its relatively close, in a city I absolutely love and enjoy playing in, and was the first con I ever went to, as well as the one I most regularly frequent) is Anime Central.


    Wizard World Comic Con Indianapolis is the first time WW has been in Indy, evidently. And it got quite a few big name celebrities in the geekerverse:

    Ray Park
    William Shatner
    The Bella Twins
    Fred and Oliver Phelps
    Karen Gillian

    and my two highlights

    Jason David Frank -- the original Green Power Ranger

    and Lou Ferrigno -- 70sHulkIsBestHulk

    and duuuude, Ferrigno is in his sixties and still stacked like a mountain. He's a monster and obviously still religiously working out. And as nice as all get out.

    And I got an autograph from JDF. Guy knows how to work a crowd and build up energy wherever he goes. Pretty cool guy. Still a legit fighter, too, so that's always awesome for a fellow martial artist. Guy's in his 40s, but still looks as young as he did in the 90s.

    I'm hoping to get all my pics and stuff up so I can put it in this thread.

    But now I want to hear about your convention experiences!
  2. I've been to the NMA con (north Michigan Anime convention) once. it was okay. I've been to Grand Con twice. Grand Con is based solely on board and tabletop games. I got a copy of Triple Triad featuring FF characters and learned about a fucking awesome game called Folklore The Affliction being made by local guys. Unfortunately I didn't see the Greater than Games guys so I couldn't play my favorite game. I'm hoping to go again this year. I'm not big on anime conventions nor am I big on comics. So Grand Con is perfect for me. It also introduced me to my favorite card game ever: Sentinels of the Multiverse. Friggin awesome.
  3. I've been to SakuraCon in Seattle once and Fanime in San Jose once.

    My experience with Fanime was atrocious. I waited in line to get a pass for 5 hours straight. I can't imagine how long the people at the back of the line had to wait.
  4. A couple of friends and I plan on going to a bunch eventually (One speaks highly of Sakura Con), I will cosplay at atleast two, and it will be glorious.
  5. There is something called ToyCon coming here in september.
  6. I will share my experiences of Necronomicon when the time comes. I can't remember shit for the life of me.
  7. I've never been to a convention, but I'll be going to my first in September: Touhoucon 2015! Thehypeissoreal.
  8. I've gone to three different cons:

    Desucon - the major con in Norway and the 10th is coming up this summer. Lots of fun and crazy folks there with a wide variety of interests
    Torucon - a steadily growing con in Trondheim, Norway during the fall. I've been there once and it was lost of fun (saved my soul by giving a cookie to a soul stealer)
    NordicFuzzCon - a friendly-minded con in Sweden, lots of fun people-furries there, music, insanity and rarely a boring moment. It's at the end of this month so I'll have to get my costume done soon
  9. I've been to Toronto Fan Expo twice, the Edmonton Fan Expo once, the Calgary Fan Expo once, and this year I'm heading down to San Diego Comic-Con with a few friends. I don't have a lot of crazy stories, the only celebrities I've lined up for were Mark Meer, who voiced Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, and Steve Blum, who voices a crazy amount of characters but I was mainly there because he was Urdnot Grunt from the same series (he even did the Grunt laugh for me. I was delighted!). I had both sign my Collector's Edition booklets from the Mass Effect series.

    Other than that, I met Kate Beaton who does the web comic Hark! A Vagrant!, and Vitaly S. Alexius who writes Romantically Apocalyptic. I bought a book from Kate where she signed it and doodled her room mate's cat in the cover, and Vitaly signed 3 of the posters I bought.

    I mainly troll around conventions looking for loot and stuff I can't buy anywhere else, as well as see the costumes. I regret not getting a picture of the four guys who were dressed up like Starfox.
  10. Some random supersmall anime con once like 5 years ago
    Gamescom 2013&2014, not sure if I make it this year
    I also gonna visit a Tabletop kind of con and another random supersmall anime con this year (happen to be in the town I now live in)
    And I make sure my visit to japan will overlap with either Reitaisai or Comiket, though that will either be 2017 or late 2016 :V
  11. Here's the ones I've attended:

    San Antonio Comic Con

    Nan Desu Kan (anime convention), Denver

    Anime Festival Asia, Singapore

    Rocky Mountain Con, Denver

    Comiket, Tokyo

    Wonder Festival, Tokyo

    Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo

    Tokyo Dream Party
  12. I used to go to Anime North.
    But its turned into a "Cram everyone into an oven and the do panels and sell shit strictly about anime" so I dropped it.

    Now I just go to ConBravo in Hamilton atm.

    Got to see many people there over the years such as: Mark Meer, James Portnow, Chuggaconroy, Nostalgia Critic, Spoony, Angry Joe, Linkara etc.

    +A good improv group called the 404s show up each year. One of them named Big Mike does a live D&D event each year with a number of the guests (Mark Meer, Spoony and Linkara to name three) which often serves as one of the beet highlights cause they pull it off as three hours of constant comedy and entertainment.
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