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  1. Anyone planning to go to any Conventions in the next few months?
    How many days will you be there for?
    Getting a room or driving back and fourth?
    What are you most looking forward to?
    Doing a Cosplay?


    As for myself:

    I'm going to Con Bravo in a few months.
    Will be there for the full three days, might stick around with friends till the Monday also.
    Getting a hotel room, split cost among friends back from High School.
    I'm looking forward to the Live D20 event the most, they've done 3 already, all three amazing. There's nothing like seeing starts like Spoony, Linkara and Mark Meer playing a live comedic D&D session.
    Probably won't do a cosplay though, that's a ton of money and honestly just means more to pack, carry around and risks breaking in the middle of the Con.
  2. That depends entirely on your cosplay.

    Especially where cost is concerned.

    It's entirely possible to have a really fun and awesome cosplay that doesn't cost a fortune.
  3. Yay cons!

    I'm going to Manchester MCM and Birmingham MCM this year.

    I'll be Cosplaying with a group for both times, c:

    I always look forward to getting some kpop merch lmao and also I love meeting cosplayers and buying stuff.
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  4. As for myself, I won't be going to any... convention conventions in the near future, but there is this tiny little event in my hometown every August that calls itself a convention even though I suppose it's... more of a festival? I dunno, it's pretty low-key and casual and free to attend, but it's still full of cosplayers and has some cool stuff to buy.

    I'm going as John Lennon, with a walrus mask.

    Or I guess more accurately just a walrus nose/mouth/tusks as opposed to a full face mask so that I can still have Lennon's signature glasses.

    Also I plan on carrying around a sign that, on one side, says "I am the walrus", but, on the other side, it says "The walrus was Paul". If confronted and asked about this, I will refuse to acknowledge any contradiction in those two statements, while still making it clear that I am not Paul.

    Also also... I just so happen to be lucky enough to have a friend who just so happens to look a lot like Yoko Ono. And like, I told her about this idea, and, yeah. We are both so excited for this and we're going to have so much fun. ^w^

    And if anyone badmouths Yoko, I will be right there to defend her both in-character and out-of-character. Which will be great. XD
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  5. Never been.

    Never really plan on going.

    Between price and having to deal with the end of a social spectrum it just doesn't look fun. And the off chance I make friends they'll likely live states away. :c
  6. Dude. The people you meet at conventions are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet (at least in my experience, anyway). Plus it helps that it's super easy to establish common interests.

    Also, you could always just find a way to keep in touch with people online, or swap phone numbers. That's what I do.

    Also not every con is hella expensive, depending on which one you go to. You can probably find a local con either in your city or in one very close-by. It won't be a big-name Comic Con experience, but, smaller cons can be a lot of fun, too.
  7. True true. Maybe I'm just letting one horrible experience ruin the rest of my fun.

    There are always cons up in Tampa. Maybe I can convince my spouse to go one time.
  8. I'm not interested in any of those though. ;A;
  9. *sits back and crosses arms* Tell me what cosplays you'd be interested in. I can probably think of a cheap way to put together some of those.
  10. Fijoli and myself are going to Twitchcon in September.

    Be jealous :p
  11. I... Haven't thought about it for a while now. :/

    Matt Smith or Jedi I guess to start.
  12. ajskdljdklfs

    Dude, that is super easy and super cheap. You could buy all the clothes you need for that at a thrift store, probably. Save for maybe the fez if you want that bit -- but you can get one of those at Hot Topic for like, what, $5?

    And I don't know what would be so cumbersome about it, either. You're acting like you'd be wearing some bulky, high-maintenance cosplay that would get really annoying to wear by the end of the day. But that seems pretty low-key to me.

    And the only thing I can imagine you carrying around is a sonic screwdriver. Or maybe a mop. But honestly, it's not like you really need either of those items. And the sonic really shouldn't be too much of a hassle to carry around even if you did.

    If you thought this would be expensive because you Googled "11th Doctor cosplay" or something -- do not shop for full cosplays online. They are absurdly expensive and never worth it. You're buying something that you could easily put together yourself (and by "put together" I don't mean sew from hand -- I just mean shop for the individual clothing pieces at any clothing store) for much, much less.

    Hell, I once saw an 11th Doctor jacket -- not even a full costume, just the jacket -- for more than $100. That is fucking ridiculous. You can buy a jacket like that anywhere, and it doesn't matter if it doesn't actually say "Doctor Who" on the tag or w/e, it still works just fine as a cosplay piece. Hell, I honestly feel like it seems more realistic to shop for cosplay pieces individually and generically rather than buy the full thing, because then it feels more like I'm wearing something that the character would actually wear, rather than a costume.
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  13. ;A;

    Fine, I surcome to your "Logic" and will attempt to see if I can thrift shop it. :P

    I already got the screw driver anyways... And a Fez.
    But the screwdriver has a broken button, and the Fez is a shitty one.
  14. If anyone asks, tell them they got damaged during your last encounter with the Daleks or something. Be creative with it.

    But yeah, if you already have a sonic and a fez, then that eliminates pretty much everything that you'd need to get under the Doctor Who name. Everything else can just be bought generically at a thrift shop.

    Just print out a picture of the Doc (or keep one on your phone, even) and look around for pieces of his outfit at thrift stores. If you're running short on time and can't seem to find everything you need, you can cheat a bit and get some things that don't look exactly like the picture, but still look like something the Doctor would wear. That actually works for a lot of characters (especially ones from live-action series as opposed to anything animated) that don't have one, set, specific look. It's easier to let some of the details fall to the wayside while still being perfectly recognizable.
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  15. I'm lame....I might go to Grand Con this year in's for board/card games.....I don't know of any cons I can go to nearby nor do I know of any cons I can AFFORD to go to. :( When I get a job I want to go to conventions to meet very specific people.
  16. Tickets should be going on sale for NYCC soon and I'll definitely be buying them for at least Friday or Saturday. Last year was the first time I had ever gone to a convention and I actually had a lot of fun. (There was so much to see!) It's especially easy now that I live in the city -- it's nothing to just hop a train and head down to the convention center. (It definitely makes the whole experience much more cost friendly when you don't have to worry about accommodations.)
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