Conundrum: The Question Without An Answer

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    *Press play to get the full experience.*

    Become a Hunter Speak with the other hunters
    Show us what you got
    Location: Council City
    Footsteps could be heard echoing through the tunnel. Not in rapid steps, but in a leisurely walk. As the light at the end of the tunnel drew near, a seductive voice began to speak, “Ugh, this mission is gonna be a drag. I can’t believe Cleirigh is having us do this mission. He has us babysitting, this is ridiculous.” One of the footsteps came to slow halt as those words left her comrade’s mouth. She exhaled a little and took a strange look over her shoulder, squinting as if he irritated her to no end, “What?” She spoke sliding the hair out of her face, “A drag? You say?” She turned to face him giving him a look to kill, “I think we’re doing a service to the council. The way I see it we need to know if they have what it takes to be a hunter. I’ve gone through it and so have you.” She then returned her focus back toward the end of the tunnel. “If you have any more comments keep them to yourself.” She finished continuing her stride.

    Heels could be heard clicking as the woman finished her statement. The sound of another woman’s voice, higher in octave, began to speak almost in response to the last woman, “Sorry I’m late you guys I couldn’t decide on what to wear,” Her voice then changed a little reflecting a bit of seriousness, “And she’s right you know. We all had to endure this so they should to. Who better to watch over them than us, the best of the best? It will be easy for one of us to take this thing down without even breaking a sweat.” The sound of clacking suddenly stopped and the woman’s voice returned to its original state, “Aren’t these shoes like adorable?” She commented. Her shoes rapidly clicked a few times and then returned to their normal stride.

    Trailing behind them were more footsteps. These footsteps sounded softer than the others. The footsteps gave way the mood behind them. Everyone became silent as the subtle footsteps etched closer and closer. They looked at each other as the footsteps met their company. The seductive male’s voice sounded through the tunnel, “Yo…..” The subtle footsteps came to a halt as the word left the males mouth. A light breeze glided through the tunnel as the squeaky prepubescent voice answered, “Hey…” The seductive male then placed his hand on the individual’s shoulder, “So what are your two cents?” He asked. A soft sounding sigh followed as the newcomer came up with a response, the light sounding voice turning to a more serious one “I don’t have a two cents.” He answered removing the male hand from his own shoulder, “At the end of the day we have a job to do and that’s what I intend to do.” The subtle footsteps then continued, “Is that job. Understand?” He finished.

    After the tense interactions between the group ended, they continued on toward the end of the tunnel. When they finally reached the end of the tunnel, they were met with the morning sun beaming down on them. The first one out of the tunnel was a woman with brunette hair that stood about 5 foot 8. She had a tan complexion. Her name was Margaret Lindon. She is Harbinger number 5, the fifth knight of the round table. Following her was a black haired young boy that stood about 4 foot 5. He had a darker tan complexion and dark brown eyes that had a signature cut just below his left eye. He is Harbinger number 4 Raphael Larue, the fourth knight of the round table. He has seen more things for his age than anyone has seen their whole lives. Dragging gracefully behind was a dirty blonde male with gray eyes. He stood about 5 foot 11 and had a sort swimmers build. He is Harbinger number 2 Sebastion Dampierre, otherwise known as the second Knight of the Roundtable. Finally, the last one out was a busty woman with blonde hair. He shoes glistened in the morning sun as she stepped out to meet up with the others. She is Harbinger number 3 Gaia Celeste, the third Knight of the Roundtable.

    Margie then scanned the area looking around for the viewpoints for everyone. She looked over her shoulder, “Alright you guys you know what the plan here is. This is just a test to see how well the graduates handle a tough situation. If it gets too tough we’ll step in got it?” She explained. Everyone nodded and check themselves one last time before heading off. “Everyone have their earpieces?” Sebastion commented, placing his hand on his ear. Again everyone nodded, Margie checked Ralph to make sure he was ready. He swatted at her, “I got this I’m a big boy.” She smiled and then remarked, “We meet back here at sundown.

    One by one they vanished off to their assignments. One to the north of Council City, One to the east, another to the west, and the last to the south. The sun was starting to make its debut in the sky, the wind, a slight and cool breeze. The three Harbingers stood atop the building tops waiting for the signal from Ralph. Ralph had the rudai, the contents that bring about a Hirudo or Hirudos. Well, chilling words met the ears of the three Harbingers. The transmission was from Ralph, “Uh guys…I accidently dropped the rudai.” He radioed causing a silent chill to run down everyone’s spine. Margie disappointedly took a deep breath and placed her hand on her ear, “Damn it, Ralph. How could you be so irresponsible?” She responded. Ralph radioed back, “It kind of happened really…..” His transmission was interrupted by Sebastion, “Save it, you idiot. We’re gonna have to clean your mess up.” He retorted.

    At that moment a very violent spike in soul essence emerged. “Get ready!” Margie announced placing her hand on her weapon. Gaia then chimed in, “Hold on a minute you silly gooses. We aren’t supposed to interfere unless we have too. Let’s just wait and see what happens.” Margie quickly responded, “What?! Have you lost your mind? Ralph just dropped a jar of rudai. You mean to tell me we're gonna sit around and wait? What if they get scared and don’t show up then what Gaia?” Ralph then commented, “That’s the whole point. That’s why they have us out here and no one else. If they don’t show, we will handle it in no time.” Margie called out to Sebastion for his input, but he agreed with everyone else. “Ok then, we let them handle it but this is about to get really ugly thanks to yours truly.” She added ending her transmission.

    Not too long after, the situation began to deteriorate by the minute. “Check out my 3 o clock guys our first of many has shown stay alert and stay out of it. Let’s see how well they respond to this.” Sebastion alerted as the first Hirudo whisked into sight busting glass along the way. “Should we create a barrier?” Margie asked, watching the first Hirudo wreak havoc on the clueless people. Sebastion responded, “No Margie….they have to learn how to neutralize the threat. If this is how you going to act the whole time then go on back.” Margie remained silent and continued to watch on.

    -Start at any point between the end of graduation to the time your character wakes up.
    -Go all the way to killing a few Hirudos. Trying to call you out your faction (Other 9 graduates within faction)
    -Get Creative and have fun.
    -Supposedly this is your graduation week not supposed to be doing anything and the council is supposed to handle threats due to threats being little to none. But due to a very violent spike in soul essence hundreds of Hirudo are coming.
    -No accessing awakening. You just graduated. Although top of you class.
    -Any questions pm me.

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  2. The Sand on which she stood, hugged her feet. The warm wind drifted over her skin. The air smellt slightly sufury, maybe a punch of green and a briny finish. Her feet and the sand she stood on mixed with a sudden, cold liquid. "The sea is always beautiful, would you not agree, father?" Her black hair danced along with the repeating breeze of the sea as her gaze turned to the sky. Her brown eyes seemed to draw in the clouds as they reflected im them. Together with her cheeks, her chin, eyebrowes and forehead she was stunningly beautiful, no, the most stunningly beauty to ever be. Her well shaped body, appropriate and a competition to her beautifull face. Her skin seemed as soft as silk and as gentle as the clouds.
    Indeed. A naked beauty on the shore.
    Her arm moved and her hand reached out to the sky. "Father, where did you go?"

    *BeepBeep BeepBeep BeepBeep*

    The Alarm rang loudly and a pained groan escaped the body that is wrapped tightly into the bed.
    Slowly a hand moved out of the blanket and moved to the alarm. With a quick touch the alarm turned off and the body sat up, revealing her naturally refined self. Her hands moved to her eyes, rubbed them and a yawn left her lips.

    A short while later she found herself in a white dress looking into the reflection of herself in the mirror
    "This week's graduation week." A medolic voice noted. She watched the lips of the woman in the mirror move as the words were spoken.
    Her thoughts directed towards the meeting with Jessica and Miku later in the french restaurant outside in the downtown area.

    Amelia and the two of them are in the same class, though both of them are a lot less successfull with their grades than Amelia had been. Each one of them was to become a hunter and each one of them bore a reason. Jessica wanted to become famous, Miku just wanted to do something great for the world but Amelia? "I don't know," she usually replied, smiling and adding a "why not?" behind it before further questions could be asked.

    She bound a belt with a leather sheathe on her back around her waist. Her eyes looked for her most valuable treasure, a white blade, the legacy of her father, the only thing she owned from him. Her eyes locked with the hilt, neatly leaned towards a drawer. Her left hand moved to the hilt and took a hold of it and the blade soon moved up. Her finger gently strofe over the two words carved into one of the blade's sides. They read "Lonely Cloud". Amelia did not know what they meant, she never got to ask her father.
    With a swift circle in her left hand she moved the blade into the back sheathe.
    A door closed and a lock turned around and she made her way to meet the two friends of hers.

    "Hey sweetcheeks, wan' have some fun. I pay," a rough, crude voice sounded and a man stepped infront of her.
    What a great day for shortcuts, she thought to herself.

    "Fun? I am always up for some fun. Too bad that the price is your absence," her eyes glared up to the taller man and a moment of uncertainty filled his.
    Her eyes left the man's and her feet made a step to the side and then onward.
    A hand grabbed around her upper arm and pulled her back.

    "Who you bitch think you are. Wan' my boys to teach ya' a lesson here?" A group of men stepped up to the two of them.


    The entire audience turned to the wall to Amelia's right.

    Hump Hump Hump, like a knocking on the wall from the other side.

    The wall begun to crumble, the man infront of her begun to panic and Amelia quickly took several steps back as the wall came down on her and the man infront of her and when she came to a stop, her eyes opened widely and her mouth opened as shock set in. That which broke through the wall, that which her eyes gazed at, was not a human nor an animal.

    "It must be....," stumbled from her lips. "Hirudo."
    In her mind she recalled the council. "How is this possible!" she almost yelled in disbelief.

    The creature bore the shape of a human... with a long claw on it's right arm. It jumped the men before they could react, slicing their bodies open and drawing out a red smoke. The men just stared in more and more disbelief as something invisible seemed to rip them appart.

    "The day is just getting more and more beautiful," irony in her voice and her left hand moved to her blade which slowly begun pulling it off it's sheathe, her eyes never leaving her victim.
    A warm feeling filled her as the being begun to feed on these men that threatened her.

    "You are very generous with your feast. Maybe you should be more charitable and just leave them be."

    She stepped onward, carefully step for step, her left hand ready to lunge at the Hirudo if it made a move on her. Her eyes watched at the being that still greedily fed on the koumpei of the men as it left their bodies.


    She stepped onto a piece of metal, the beast turned to her and and lunged. A silent curse left unpsoken ran through her mind and she quickly stepped to the right, the beast lunging past her, her blade turning in an angle to slice the beast. Her eyes turned to follow the Hirudo which, with a pained growl turned to Amelia once more, it's movement slower than before. Once more the beast ran at her for a leap, Amelia stepped one step forward, ready to finish this with a stab...

    Something soft found her feet and her feet slid onward and she fell backward, the beast looming over her she moved the blade infront of her, the beast leaping into the blade, sealing it's own fate with a very pained yelp.
    The body dispersed into nothingness.

    "That was close."

    She got herself back onto her feet, her left hand moving the blade back into it's sheathe. She took a deep breathe and turned towards where she wanted to go, her right hand looking for the mobile phone that hid in her belt. She dialed up Miku... and after a few beep a "Amalia, where are you? we are waiting for you!" greeted her.

    "Miku, something really strange just happened. You won't believe this!"

    "Uh... You clearly do not sound okay. Gonna grab Jessi and head to you, where are you?"

    "The shortcut."

    "We will be heading right there. Just wait for us and stay out of trouble, alright?"
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  3. Amaya Mikazuki
    Let us be silent, so we may hear the Whispers of the Gods.


    Move faster. You're weak. GO. You'll die if you keep moving slow.
    The trees go by in a blur, her heart slamming against her ribs so hard she fears they might snap under the constant pounding. The branches scrape her arms.
    Am I bleeding?

    Who cares.

    Amaya's image suddenly became visible. The tree shook little to none. Perfect. Yellow eyes searching the ground.
    Can't you hear them? They're close. Not people. They will never be people. Only creatures.


    Her weapon slid from its holster, smooth and metallic. A real samurai. RIght? Wrong. A Ninja. Right? Maybe. Who knows.
    Amaya's graduation flickered across her eyes, the images flying across her vision. Suddenly the forest vanished. Didnt exist. She was on stage again. The thunderous roar of clapping and cheering. The filmy paper in her hand.It was such a cheesy graduation for something so dangerous. She wasn't leaving school to sit in a cubicle and work on papers for the rest of her life. She was graduating to kill.
    It wasnt a life she wanted. She was born in blood. She was surprised her mother wasnt slitting throats when she exited the womb. Her parents were Hunters, but the wrong kind. They killed people. For sport.

    Snap out of it. They're here. Idiot.

    There was always a tempest inside of her head. A storm that sometimes grew too large to contain, and in those moments of tense nostalgia, Amaya didnt exist. She was sucked into the constant drift and roar of the thoughts in her head, constantly being battered around until something brought her back into reality. It was sometimes painful, even.

    GO. MOVE. NOW!

    Amaya's image flickered, and her blade created a silver arc in the air as it landed home into a creature known as an Hirudo. They really didnt have a certain image or look. People gave them all sorts of descriptions. They're created from essence, something that is contained within the human body. They're sometimes grotesque, while others can look innocent. To Amaya, they all looked the same.


    She never fit in. Silver hair and yellow eyes. She was a freak. Some may even have called her an Hirudo. Who cares. They didnt know her. To be honest, she wouldnt know where her life would be now if it hadnt been for her parents. She was forced into this life. No choice. A bloodless killer with a stone cold heart. Amaya hardly even knew what her own voice sounded like. She was called Whisper among people. Where the name had come from? She would probably never know. She hardly even did that.

    Amaya's blade clicked with a subtle sound and slid back into the mode she prefered most, a dagger. It was easy to transport and easier to kill with. Simple, elegant, and smooth. She had always prefered simple combat and simple kills.
    It really is almost funny how her faction was decided. Ninjas prefer to travel in groups, but not her. Amaya was a lone wolf. Who would want a mute on their team? It didnt matter, it was as if she never was there in the first place. Who cares about somebody who doesnt speak?

    In this world, if you didnt look the same, you were shunned. It really was a horrible reality.

    The trees seemed to move with the breeze, creating an almost silent song among the forest. The sun was up, but with the cover of the trees, it was chilled beneath the canopy. Not even the birds seemed to want to sing over the mournful singsong voice of the wind. Amaya dropped to the ground and allowed her dagger to slide back home into the holster buckled at her hip, and slung her piles of silver hair over her shoulder to rest across her back. Her amber eyes close shut as she breathed in the stale, green air. If she could stay here and finish off the creatures herself, she would. Alas, she could not. There were other things that needed to be taken care of.

    Can you hear them now?
    Amaya Mikazuki
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  4. The attendant carried on and on, his voice was like a distant drum following the same slow beat. Monotonously he spoke of academic achievement, lifelong aspirations, and work ethic which carried these graduates-to-be through their time at the academy. Oliver was no stranger to these things, but he couldn't help but let out an audible sigh. Despite living every aspiring Hunter's dream and graduating top of the class, he had no interest in the ceremonies. He hardly had any interest in the entire process at all. In his opinion the academy was a massive waste of time. The best Hunters always claimed there was no class that could prepare them for the dangers of a real mission, but still he had been forced to "hone his skills" for several years. Oliver thought his skills were plenty honed, and being top of his class with not much interest was something he would look to in order to prove his point. He could never be the strongest Hunter alive without any actual field experience.

    None of that mattered now, though. He was there, at graduation, ready to become a full fledged Hunter. Everything before this was just practice.

    "Oliver Hobbes Moritz" The attendant called his name into the microphone, indicating his turn to walk.

    Now his time had finally come.

    Sun poured in through the open window of Oliver's apartment bedroom. Dark blue curtains fluttered in the wind and sounds of the city below fluttered in with them. Oli was laying on his bed half-asleep. When his eyes were closed he could see visions of himself fighting hundreds of Hirudo, being promoted to first Harbinger, or mastering untold Konsido. When they were open, he watched the wind push the blades of his ceiling fan in a circle.

    A subtle vibration brought Oliver out of his trance. Curiously, he sat up and looked to the phone on his desk, but saw no movement. He swung his feet around to the floor, and as they touched he felt the small vibration again.

    It feels like... no, it can't be... not now...

    Suddenly a chill surged through Oliver bringing him to his feet. No, it was definitely a spike in soul essence. He sprang to his weapons, securing his blades to his lower back and his gloves tightly on his hands. He left the apartment and took the stairs to the roof. Standing on the edge of the high rise, he looked out and scanned the city.

    "I definitely felt something..." He muttered to himself.

    The chill hit again, and this time Oliver turned quickly over his left shoulder to see a shadowy figure standing behind him. "Hirudo. I thought so." This particular Hirudo was standing on two legs and was strangely human shaped, except for its large shadowy claws. "I don't know why or how you've come here" Oliver muttered to the beast as he drew his blades and took his signature stance- right hand in reverse grip with the point down, left hand in a standard position. "But it's my duty to destroy you."

    Oliver wasn't sure if Hirudo could understand Humans speech, but this one seemed to as it charged right after his statement. It was faster than anticipated, but he managed to block its overhead swing with both blades. The beast bore its teeth and growled uncomfortably close to Oli's face, prompting a grunt as he shoved the creature back.

    "You're faster than I thought. But you wasted your only opportunity to surprise me with that."

    The beast charged again and let out a roar. This time two slashes were dodged, then a third was blocked, leaving its chest wide open. Oli plunged his left blade into the beast's flesh, pulled the hammer back and pulled the trigger in one swift motion, sending a shining ball of energy out of the creature's back. Oli stepped back and drew the blade out of the Hirudo as it crumbled to the ground and then dissipated into the wind as it broke apart.

    "That's what happens when you mess with Oliver Hobbes Mo-" the gloating was cut short as a second Hirudo lunged forward, knocking Oli to the ground and causing him to lose grip on his two daggers. This Hirudo resembled a shadowy wolf, with a black haze pouring off its back. Oliver was on the ground as the Hirudo stood above him, snapping with its powerful jaws. Oli had no choice to block a bite with his forearm or else be torn apart.

    "AGH!!" Oli countered with three rapid punches from his right hand to the gut of the Hirudo, each one setting off his Glove Gun and sending a Soul Essence Bullet through the attacker. The Hirudo fell back in pain, allowing Oli to deliver the killing blow to its jaw.

    Oliver stood and picked up his daggers, weary of any more attackers trying to get the jump on him, as the second Hirudo withered away. "What the hell is going on here..."
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  5. Tobius - Shadow
    She was like a Northern fox, quiet and nimble. Blending in to the land with there snow white fur. She blended in too, all except her eyes. Tobius had been sitting on top of the of his apartment complex, enjoying the peaceful early morning on the roof. He had been sitting in a shadow just by the staircase that had led him up there. Out of the corner of his eye he had noticed a pair of yellow eyes darting from in the shade of a tree. The moment he did they had disappeared, With Tobius following after.

    It hadn't been hard; there were many who could travel quietly, unseen by others. Shadows, No matter how fast they are however, shadows can go faster. It was there trade, Tobiuses trade to hunt the hunters. If they were the Northern foxes, The Shadows were the great Northern Wolfs that preyed on the foxes.

    Though Tobius had the good fortune to have been carrying his Kusarigama with him as he sat on the roof, he had no intentions to use the weapon this morning. It was the week of his graduation after all. He had finally finished suffering through schooling to be come a full fledged Hunter. Still, there was no hurt and following her. She was better then most in the art of unseen travel, quiet like a ghost. It was hard to keep track of her, in fact there was several times in a hour he had been following her, he had thought he lost her or had found out he was there.

    It was how he found himself in the problem he was in now. There he was sitting on a thin branch of a tall tree 50 yards from the yellow eyed girl. She sat in a similar to him, in an old oak tree. She sat there for several moments before pulling for her strange weapon, which slowly took form of a dagger. Tobius did the same, holding the scythe in one hand, the long chain with a heavy weight on the other. Though Tobius hadn't been planning on violence this morning, the women obviously was preparing to strike some unsuspecting victim.

    Tobius however had no intention of allowing, he fell through the shadow he sat in, into the larger shadow of the tree on the ground just below his previous spot. He saw now her target was in fact a Hirudo, one of many that littered the street. In that moment of hesitation the girl, struck. Stabbing down into what would of been the creatures spine. The being instantly dissipated, wisps of smoke taking its place. Tobius hesitated still, waiting to see if the girl would continue, she however did not. Now, in Tobiuses mind was the time, to strike then.

    Weapon already in hand, Tobius launched himself forward, flash stepping across the distance to the nearest Hirudo. He twirled the weight in large loops behind him, letting it gain momentum. Stopping only a few yards away, the Hirudo turned from his meal to growl menacingly at Tobius. He returned the favor by launching the heavy weight through the creatures chest. There was a moment where the creature looked confusingly down to the whole before dissipating completely, the weight landing with a thud several feet behind.

    Tobius began pulling the weight back to him as the other Hirduos all turned to notice the two hunters having just slain their prey. They dropped their easy prey instead stalking forward as a group toward the two individuals.
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  6. Kimirou Asura

    Kimirou's eyes shot open. His head slowly rotated to his left, revealing the clock. The time was 7 o'clock, and the sun was barely peaking through the curtains of the hotel room. He ground as he lifted himself from the pillow and swung his legs off of the left side of the bed simultaniously. His right hand met his head softly, cradling and carressing his temple in a slow circular motion. "Last night was fun." He mumbled to himself as he stood and shuffled towards the bathroom. When he arrived to the latrine he did his morning duties, showering, brushing his teeth, shaving, things of that nature. The time finally arrived to get dressed. Kimirou put on a black t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. He decided his hi-top polo boots would be the best in this case. They were black and he had spikes customly embedded in the back of the heels. He then threw his leather spiked jacket on and finished the entire outfit off with a studded leather choker. He winked at himself in the mirror and proceeded out of the door. As he passed through the lobby he waved at the female receptionist and smiled. She did the same back to him.

    Once outside of the hotel, Kimirou stopped and reached into his right pocket to pull out his phone. He read the time on the screen. "8:30 this would be late if i was home. However I guess I did wake up on time. Since they are two hours ahead of us." He spoke to himself while shoving then phone back in his pocket. He began to walk around the city hoping to find something of interest. A small coffee shop caught the corner of his eye as he passed it. Not the shop itself but the logo. The logo depicted that of a girl surrounded by card soldiers. The name of the hole in the wall being "Alice's." He giggled at the thought of such an original name. He walked into the shop hoping the barista would be able to make his favorite drink. Once inside the barista caught his eye. She was a woman about his same age as he is. She stood at a heightbof about 5' 2", this being only about six inches shorter than himself. He walked up to the counter and cleared his throat. The woman greeted him with a smile and a very professional tone expressed the words, "What can I get you hun?" He smiled as stated his order as clearly as possible, "I would like a Caramel Macchiato. Extra shot of espresso, extra foam, chocolate syrup, caramell ribbon, chocolate chips, and extra strong. Also make sure it is even all the way through and let me get a shot of espresso fresh approximately two minutes before it is completed." Her smile grew even larger at the challenege, obviously being passionate about coffee making. She turned around after three minutes and handed him the appetizer espresso he asked for. He accepted it with a smirk, thinking to himself. 'This is faster than i would expect so I bet something will be wrong.' His eyes grew after sucking down the shot. His thoughts ran once again, 'She laced it with sugar and its mixed perfectly. Maybe I was wrong.' She then turned again and handed him a grande size. "You didn't say a size, so I gave you large. Also its on the house." With a satisfied look upon her face she turned back to the station and began to clean up. "Thanks for the challenge." Left her lips once her face could no longer be seen. Kimirou skeptically looked at the cup, couriously waiting for his tastebuds to dislike the taste and consistency of the drink. He took the first sip. His eyes rolled into the back of his head out of satisfaction. He turned and stunned by the sure perfection of the drink walked out of door.

    Once the door slammed shut behind him, a violent soul essence filled his senses causing him to drop the drink. Out of frustration he stomped his foot. "Damn! That was the most perfect drink i have ever tasted." He lifted his head from the sad site of the dead drink to notice a hirudo appear and begin following a man across the street. Kimirou pulled a crystal die from his left pocket and flicked it at the hirudo. By the time the die hit the hirudo it had transformed itself into a crystal needle. The hirudo groaned as it dissipated from existence. He turned toward his right side to reenter the cafe, only to interrupt himself midways along the sidewalk. Another hirudo appeard right infront of him. He pulled another die out. He made the die shift into a dagger and shoved it into what might have been the chest. With hirudo not having a definate shape sometime it is hard to depict body parts. The hirudo groand and dissipated like the one before. He then completed his turn towards the door and noticed a group of hirudo behind him. He quickly opened the door and screamed inside, "Lock the door and no one leave. Its dangerous out here." Kimirou then pulled out two dicenand place one in each hand. By the time he turned around and raised his hands in the direction of the group of hirudo, the crystal dice were in the shape of two crystal pistols. He began vigorously shooting soul essence bullets at the hirudo. The began dissipating in rapid succession. However, it seemed as though every hirudo that dissipated was replaced by two or more hirudo. It seemes to be an endless cycle until about fifteen minutes had passed. At that moment a roar rumbled the ground beneath Kimirous feet and all the hirudo dissipated at once. However this was more like a running away dissipation than a defeated dissipation. Kimirou sighed in relief and turn back to the cafe. "All clear" he notified the civilians. They cheered at the sitenof such a young hunter protecting them and quickly went back to what they were doing. The thoughts ran through Kimirou's head. 'I wonder what the hell that was and why did it cause the hirudo to run.' He continued to guard the cafe for a few moments and then threw a die towards the ground. It transformed into a crystal snowboard. He stepped onto it and it began hovering off of the ground. It then began hovering down the sidewalk.
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  7. Kehinde Akachi
    Location: Southside Council City

    Beep….beep….beep…the alarm sounded loudly as the morning sun peeked in the crack of the shades. An arm flew over to shut it off, but instead slid the clock off the nightstand, “Damn..” A groggy voice murmured. After laying there for a few moments, the guy rolled over revealing marks on his face from sleeping too hard. He swung his feet around so he could slide into his slippers. Eyes squinting, he reached for his phone to look at the time. He yawned, “Ah eight oh five,” he commented rubbing his face. He threw the phone back on the stand and got up from the bed. Once he got up he forced himself into the restroom. He looked into the mirror for a moment, revealing his morning look. “Damn Kehinde you look rough in the mornings.” He spoke to himself. He turned around and turned on the shower to prepare himself for the day.

    Whilst he was in the shower, the water pressure slowly got lower and to Kehinde’s surprise the water got colder. This woke him right up, the anger starting to set in as he turned the knobs to cut the water off. “They’ll hear about this.” He stepped out the shower and dried himself off. He opened the door and waltzed over to the closet to grab his clothes for the day. He pulled down some underwear, shorts, a tank, and socks. His real outfit was pressed and ready to go.

    After while he put his clothes on, sprayed himself with a hit of lavender, looked in the mirror, and smiled. He knew he looked good. He then went over to his bed and started making it up. While he was doing so, a knock came to the door. “Room service,” A feminine voice lightly announced. Kehinde’s head shot up as he looked at the door, “Just a moment….” He responded, rushing around to his nightstand to grab a few belongings. “Phone…check, wallet…check, shades…check and check…” Seemingly forgetting about the bed he ran over to the door, grabbing his coat and his weapon. “Can’t leave without this,” He smiled, opening the door. Standing at the door was a fairly nice looking woman. Her eyes were hazel and her build was average. Kehinde winked at her as he walked past her, “I kind of started on the bed…thought I missed room service this morning.” The woman smiled a little, “Its ok love. I take care of the rest.” She responded reassuringly.

    With that Kehinde started down the hall to the elevator. He pressed the button and waited for it to arrive. While he stood, he got to thinking about the shower this morning. When the elevator arrived, he stepped in and rode it to the lobby. The door slid open revealing an unusually busy lobby. Kehinde didn’t pay it any attention as his mind was elsewhere. He stopped a front desk clerk, “Could I speak with a manager, please?” He asked. The clerk politely obliged, “Yes sir just one moment.” Kehinde watched the clerk all the way until she was out of view. He decided he’d go over to a nearby chair while he waited. *Press Play* Not long after he sat down, his heart skipped a beat, almost knocking the breath out of him. The only times that happen is when he’s nervous or a something strange is happening. Soon after that, a lady ran in yelling and screaming alerting Kehinde’s attention. “T……the windows just shattered out of nowhere…..the cars just flipped themselves." She exclaimed. Kehinde tilted his head a little as he listened to the woman. “Don’t go out there! I think someone is setting bombs around the city.” She added, breathing heavily. All of a sudden a loud roar rang in Kehinde’s ear. Everyone in the lobby hit the floor as if a bomb went off.

    Kehinde’s heart skipped a beat once again. He quickly stood to his feet and started for the door, “No way…that can’t be what I think it is.” The doors slid open and Kehinde walked out to get a closer look. The thing roared once again as it swooped down right in front of the hotel. “No kidding a Hirudo now?” He questioned himself, walking into the street. “Don’t be crazy man there’s something crazy going on man.” A bystander yelled out. Kehinde looked over his shoulder and smirked, “Oh yeah that’s right they can’t see Hirudo.” He thought. The Hirudo circled back in the sky setting his sights on Kehinde. Kehinde saw the Hirudo get ready for a charge. It was a gruesome looking one. It was almost that of a shadow but not quite. It resembled a vulture looking for fresh prey. This particular Hirudo could fly. Kehinde shook his in disbelief as the events in front of him unfolded. The Hirudo began to charge at him at full speed. It let out a roar that knocked the cars off the street. He moved so quickly that it caught Kehinde off guard. Kehinde jumped out the way just barely missing the Hirudo by a couple of seconds. Kehinde got up and leaned on his elbow, “What the hell? He’s quicker than any Hirudo I’ve encountered in the past."

    As the Hirudo circled back once again, Kehinde turned to the bystanders, “Alright Everyone inside hurry!” The bystanders quickly scurried to the hotel lobby for safety. Kehinde returned his attention back toward the Hirudo. Kehinde started back for the street rolling up his sleeves. “You know, the hardest part about my job is having to get dirty,” He commented to himself, “But since you made me fall to the ground it’s only right I return the favor,” The Hirudo grunted and prepared to dive in. Kehinde stood in the middle of the road and spread his feet apart. The Hirudo had begun to make its U-turn double back. Kehinde held out his right hand and placed his left on his forearm. The Hirudo had completed its swift turn around and initiated a full speed charge. Kehinde closed his eyes and began to chant, “Thrive in the darkness, Grind the gears of hell. Stricken thy enemy under venom's spell.The Hirudo was now at full speed charging at Kehinde that stood right in the way. The Hirudo was gaining speed by the second. Kehinde opened his eyes revealing a purplish tint in his eyes then locking them on the approaching Hirudo. “Konservi Mu….To Mavro Fidi,” Kehinde yelled with conviction. At that moment, chains began to spew from his hand, shooting right at the incoming Hirudo. The chains quickly reached its target wrapping around the Hirudo restricting it movements. The Hirudo roared an ungodly roar and rapidly began descending out of the sky in the direction of Kehinde. Kehinde, breathing heavily, cursed, “Oh shit….” He mumbled.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Boom![/BCOLOR] The Hirudo slammed into the ground at what seemed to be a hundred miles an hour. Lucky enough for Kehinde he used Kinsi to get out of dodge. The impact itself and the Konsido side effects caused the Hirudo to dissipate into thin air. By that time Kehinde got there, he was long gone. While he stood there his heart once again skipped a beat. Another roar rung out causing a chill to slide down Kehinde’s spine. “What is going on here?” He asked himself. He ran over to check on those in the lobby and told them to 'stay put.' They all agreed and Kehinde took off toward the other roar he heard. He was feeling soul essence from all over.
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  8. The Harbingers Activity was starting to pick up since Ralph accidentally dropped the rudai. It was catching everyone off guard because the weren't expecting this many Hirudo. The sun was high up in the sky beaming down, the temperature beginning to meet it afternoon high. The Harbingers stood keeping watch.

    "Well....they have arrived." Sebastion commented, folding his arms.

    Placing his to his ear Ralph And responded, "Yes, we are aware of that. They are just in time, It appears that these Hirudo are strangely coming out off the woodworks."

    Margie chimed in, "I have my eye on one of the hunters. Names Amelia she's graduate number 401."

    Ralph rolled his eyes, "What about her?" He asked.

    "She's pretty good. She got the hirudo to practically kill itself." Margie exclamied.

    Sebastion chuckled, "Sounds like has looks to kill." He added.

    Margie irritated, retorted, "She's off limits. Besides you're not her type." Gaia twirled her hair as she listened to the back and forth on the ear pieces. She of course was watching a girl who had yellow eyes and a guy who showed up to assist her. "Guys like are you seeing this?" Gaia radioed. Margie stopped her bickering, "Seeing what?" She asked. Gaia responded, "Got two graduates from two different factions working together against the Hirudos." Margie puzzled, used Kinsi to get to Gaia's location. Once there, she walked over toward Gaia to see for herself. "No kidding. Two factions working together? That's quite Interesting. Our predictions are proving to be right." Margie observed. "I got one! Kimirou Asura graduate 701 just got on with a needles made of crystals." Sebastion chimed in. Ralph then interrupted, "No, my guys are better. Oliver Hobbs just use a glove gun and K....K....kyhite. Whatever his name is just did on using a Konsido." Margie chuckled and smirked, "Ok then now we're talking. So there are...."

    Her thoughts were interrupted by a messenger from the messenger unit. They appeared with an ominous look their eyes as if something we're wrong. "Report, the council has reported a higher than usual activity from this location. Are the graduates ok?" He relayed. Margie then gave the young man a quizzical look, "They are doing just fine. When we complete this mission we will have a full report on his desk. Do me a favor, gather as much information about this location you can on this particular area. There must be something up." The messenger nodded and vanished away. Sebastion radioed back, "I'm going to go down for a closer look. We might have to jump into this thing." Ralph followed up, "I'll call for permission to create a barrier. Keep your distance. Remember what the idea here is." With that all four vanished from the buildings and into the city. Things were getting ugly quick.
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  9. Amelia hung up on the phone and place it bag into the belt, her eyes looked to the dead men. A step followed another and she found herself next to the crushed wall, her eyes still looking at the dead men. "Didn't fight to live another day, pal, did you? That's why you don't harass random women, your anger just attracts theses." Her brown eyes noticed something, on the other side of the hole in the wall. Bodies, skeletons of humans. Her eyes quickly scanned them. "Must have been dead for a while, children, male mostly, except that one." Her eyes rested on a larger body. "Where they killed by the Hirudo? Not the one I faced. Maybe a Hirudo, difficult to say."

    Her gaze turned to the sky. "Is the council not supposed to take care of this? Where are these reckless idiots anyway? We would have received a message on our phones if something terrible happened and they needed us.... it is graduation week. Maybe... could they be testing us?" She shook her head. "Impossible, it is specifically their job to protect, is it not? But..."

    "Amelia!" A female shouted from on ahead and her eyes followed the voices origin. Two girls jogged towards her, she reckognized them as Miku and Jessica. Both of them slowed down as they saw the dead men, they first looked to them and then back to Amelia. "Did you kill them, Amelia?" A dark, inquisive tone accompanying these words.

    "I called you. Think I am stupid?"

    "No, but what else could have killed them otherwise? Don't think we are stupid either."

    "Hirudo, attracted to anger. Council either fucked up their job or did not bother to do their job. We should head to the council building. I want to know if they had something so very great happen that they forgot their jobs."

    "Or we just head back to the Academy and await news," replied Jessica.

    Amelia shook her head. "No, we are the graduates, there is nobody else available if the council has been compromised."

    (In Reference to @Lunar Blaze post"
    A big crushing, bestial sound interrupted the three and the earth shaking beneath Amelia and her friends.

    "What the hell?" Responded Jessica whom tried to lean towards the wall to stabilize herself.

    The small quake disappeared as quick as it had come. "See what I am talking about?" Amelia almost shouted at the two of them. "Willing to trust me now?" And the both of them simply nodded.

    Amelia stepped past them and the both of them followed her down the shortcut out into the open. The place was full of corpses and Hirudo feasting on their Koumpi remains. "What a wonderfull day to relax and enjoy our graduation time, don't you think?" Amelia's left hand moved to her sword's hilt. Miku repeated the same with a rapier and jessice with a saber.
    "I assume they were not here when you two picked me up? It would be a real suprise you know if you did not notice them... I would find it very.... pleasing." "No they were not but I do wonder where they all have come from..." The three of them started their onslought on the Hirudo, "Maybe you two just need glasses. It would actually look good on you and make you seem smarter...," teased Amelia.

    Inbetween each slash an' hit, Amelia glanced briefly towards the both of her friends. Miku had always been great in being a speedy dancer with her rapier, but she lacked power in her stabs and pokes. She always had trouble doing the hits right. Jessica was the opposite, with her saber she dealt deadly slashes but she was inflexible in her fighting style and any experienced fighter could predict her.
    "Watch out!" Jessice yelled and Amelia turned around as a Hirudo with a mask charged her with something that looked like a sharp arm, Amelia let herself fall backwards to dodge. A sharp pain cut through her arm as it sliced into the skin of her right arm, quickly she reacted and slashed for the Hirudo before coming onto the ground.

    Finally, silence filled the air, Amelia sat up, her blade lying on her leg and her left hand holding over the wound on the right arm. Miku and Jessice, both ran up to her. "Are you alright?" asked Miku with a worried look on her face. "Let me take a look," said Jessica, moving Amelia's hand away. "It is just a scratch... but hell. Thanks." "shouldnt look towards us then but rather focus on the battle, stupid." "I was just admired how the both of you fight, don't worry about it." Jessica observed the wound and briefly glanced to Miku for a moment, whom knowingly nodded. The both of them helped Amelia back onto her feet.

    "Thanks... I think we should look for the origin, the source of the inbalance of essence. We should be able to feel it. Let's go."
  10. Amaya Mikazuki
    Send me a Whisper, one so silent only my soul can hear.


    A sound. It was mute, quiet, yet severly audible. A silent crack of a twig, but glass breaking within a large hall. It made her spine itch. Why hadn't she noticed it before? It was her brain. She had been so focused on her kill that she didnt realized she was being followed the entire time.


    He could have killed her. He was, in fact, from another faction, wasnt he? She didnt know. Hardly cared. However, he didnt kill her. Only there to slay another Hirudo she was about to strike at. He was a Cobra. Quick and lightning fast. Amaya only had a single second to study him before another hoarde came. They were severly grotesque. Snarling with spittle dripping down their ugly chins. They were the epitamy of disgusting. On their own, they were easy prey. In groups could prove fatal to a single hunter. Their advances made Amaya back up a single step, closer to the stranger. The single step alone could have made her vomit. Too close. Too close to a stranger could be deadly.

    He could kill me.

    The possibility was there. In the midst of battle he could wind the chain around her throat and watch her yellow eyes fade to a sickly pale amber. There was always that possibility.
    But there was also the chance that he could help her. If she were alone, she could probably escape this hoarde, but not without fatalities. An arm, perhaps, or a leg. She could very well die here and now.

    But for what?

    No. Death was no where near an option. She would fight this stranger off if she had too. Her final breath would not be today.

    With a single flick of her wrist, her dager elongated and seperated into two seperate parts, the barrel shaping itself on both counterparts. Placing her littlest fingers on the triggers, she balanced the weight on her palms as she aimed her pistols torward the group. Her shoulders shook with the pressure as she fired a few rounds, her eyes narrowing as only one of them exploded in a cloud of murky dust.
    The bullets wouldnt be enough. If she continued to fire off rounds, she would surely weaken to the point that she would die of exhaustion.
    Amaya growled in furstration and spun the pistols around her hand, allowing twin blades to erupt from the barrels and a cord to attach itself to both ends. He had a chain. She had a cord. Both could prove to be a final blow if one of them were to let their guard down. Despite her fear of him, she had no intention of killing him unless he were to try and end her. She was a lone wolf. Had no business in loathing. She was there to kill the monsters, and kill the monsters she shall.

    With a single glance behind her shoulder at the boy, she bit the inside of her cheek and dug her heels into the ground, kicking up dirt as she launched her body and soul into the heart of battle.

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  11. "HYAAGH"

    With a shout, Oliver cut down a sixth Hirudo with a powerful slash. The dark beast crumbled and faded into the wind just like the other five, and Oliver was sucking in as much air as he could get. The onslaught continued, and with every slain Hirudo another seemed to take its place. They appeared one by one on the rooftop giving Oliver no time to rest. Sure, he could have escaped using Kinisi, but the greatest Hunters never built their reputations by running from Hirudo. He had asked for action after all, he just wasn't expecting it quite like this.

    Predictably, another Hirudo spawned on the next rooftop over, this one a bit larger than the others and shaped like a Lion. Oli gripped his daggers tightly and felt a slight twinge of pain in his left arm where he blocked a Hirudo's bite earlier. Fortunately the coat he was wearing managed to lessen the damage, or else he would have certainly lost the use of his arm. Instead of charging, the Hirudo let out an ear-shattering roar that shook the building. Oli stumbled a bit but quickly recovered. Another small Hirudo appeared on Oli's rooftop, followed by a second, and then a third. A flurry of Soul Essence bullets subdued the group, but each fallen Hirudo was replaced by two more.

    "Shit..." he panted, turning to realize he was surrounded. Retreat was no longer an option. He thought back to his studies... raised levels of Soul Essence attracted Hirudo. The longer he fought, the more they would be drawn to him, until they were slain or he was.

    Oliver shook his head, pushing that thought from his brain. "Not happening. Not today." He raised his weapons to his signature stance and prepared for the encroaching Hirudo. One lashed forward but was easily parried with the left, and countered with a slashing right. A second Hirudo lunged from behind and Oli ducked underneath and returned with an uppercut and blast from his glove gun. He couldn't dodge quick enough to avoid the third Hirudo, which slashed his left leg. He retaliated with a slash of his own, but the Hirudo jumped back, leaving Oli swinging at the wind. The force of his swing hitting nothing and the weakness in his leg send him to the ground, but he pushed himself up quickly, surrounded by Hirudo again. His best efforts seemed to put no dent in the horde. He raised his weapons in a defensive stance preparing for the next attack.

    "Is that.... All you... Got??" he managed to get out in between breaths.
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  12. As Tobius stood his ground, facing the large number of Hirudos that were beginning to charge his way. What had been a boring day on a roof had intensified to a fight for his life, though it didn't have to be. In fact he could easily retreat, moving into the shadow of the buildings that lined the street and disappear. In fact it would of been the smartest plan to do so, to pick them off one by one from the dark, with so many in the streets Tobius would be hard pressed to make it though a frontal assault. With that in mind he was about to make his move when that silly girl looked back at him.

    She had to be insane, that was the only logical reasoning for rushing toward her death. Not that Tobius tried to stop her, why would he? She wasn't apart of his faction, obviously hers breed feral children. She would think a hunter, which she was obviously one, would have more sense when her bullets did little to thin out the herd. As Tobius stood there, the sky began to darken, clouds forming above head that blotted out the sun. No matter how stupid or insane she was, Tobius was a hunter as well. As such he had no choice but to call upon his powers and help her before she got herself killed.

    The weighted end of his Kusarigama in hand, he tossed it in the air grabbing the chain to begin spinning the weight. The moment he began a sudden bolt of electricity arced down from the sky, striking the weight as it spun. Though Tobius was unaffected by the electricity, his weapon seemed to absorb the energy, crackling with electricity as it spun in the air. So too did several of the Hirudos seemed to be effected as well. Those not immediately engaged with the girl turned to charge him instead. A group of three approached first, which was fine with Tobius who was more for ready for them. The moment they stepped into his range, Tobius changed the vector of his weighted weapon, scything it toward the middle Hirudos. The grotesque monster seemed smarter then the others and managed to duck under the strike, not so lucky was the friend he had been charging with right beside them. The moment the weight slammed home into the Hirudos chest, a explosion of electrical energy ignited, completely destroying two of the monsters stunning the third.

    The sudden explosion was enough to cause the other beasts to hesitate in there attack. Which Bought the boy enough time to charge into the rest of the Hirudos. He slammed into the closest one, shoving his scythe into the beasts chest. The Hirudo closed its arms around him, ripping through his thin T-shirt to score his flesh. Gritting his teeth he placed his foot between him and the monster, kicking him away into nothing as he ripped his scythe out of it, nearly cutting it in half. Bleeding huffing from exertion, surrounded now by these Hirudos Tobius managed to smile, this was truly an interesting Graduation.
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  13. Amaya Mikazuki

    Whisper words of wisdom, Let it be.

    The creature exploded in a cloud of acrid dust as her sword sunk in to the hilt in its chest. It was a sickening feeling, the bones shifting and organs parting as her blade slid home inside his ribs, until her sword dripped with nothing but black, smoky dust. However, Amaya had hardly any time to revel over her victory when another charger her left side, smashing its bulky head into her hip. With a small grunt, she shifted and dug in her heels once more, turning her body to the side. The thing, which looked like a mishappen hog walking on two legs, snorted and kicked up the dirt beneath him with his cloven hooves. Hooves? It was such an awkward thing to see. Truly evil.


    Amaya, for a split second, though her ribs cracked or a bone shattered. It wasn't until her ears popped and the small hairs on the back of her neck stood on end that she realized it wasn't her own body. The boy had taken out a scythe with a long chain attatched to it, and launched it into the air. Lightning seemed to arch down angrily from the sky, wrapping itself around the chain and into the weapon itself. It was something to admire, except she had little time to do so. Another charged at her the second the stranger whipped his electric blade down upon the things. A few more.

    Faster. You'll die.

    Charge. Go. NOW.
    Amaya's blade arched up once more, sinking it rather smoothly into the forehead of one of the last remaining creatures. It let out a horrible squeal mixed with a squeak, and vanished in another cloud of smoke. The scent of their death was similar to sulfur, a smell very recognizable and much disliked. Her hip hurt from where she was hit, and it only was apparent to her now that she was bleeding from her shoulder. Pain seemed to vanish in the heat of battle, which was extremely horrifying to her own surprise. Being hurt was a way of knowing limits. Amaya wouldn't know her own limits until she passed out, or worse yet, died at the feet of her enemy.
    A last Hirudo was running off yelping and gnashing its teeth in annoyance. No. No survivors. Amaya's weapon shifting and clicked with precision into her pistols, and only three bullets made it into yet another cloud of black, followed with the stale and putrid scent of brimstone.

    There. They were all gone.
    Amaya turned her attention to the stranger, allowing her weapon to shift into her favorite, the double bladed scythe. It allowed for acrobatic skills and movements, while still giving a deadly blow if needed. The perfect weapon for close range combat. Its only downfall, if she needed a quick getaway, it would hardly happen. The blade was too long and it would take a second too long to move or shift into something more easily to run with. However, if the boy decided to fight her, she wouldn't be running. Or dying.

    She swallowed, and bent her legs at the knees and balanced her weapon on the heels of her hands, balancing her central weight upon the balls of her heels. She didn't need to say anything, if the boy was truly a Hunter, he would know that by this stance alone, she was in a defensive mode. Unfortunately, she gave away more signs of her exhaustion than she wanted too. Her chest was rising and falling in quick succession, and her shoulder seemed to sag a little from the stinging pain. It was muted, however, with the adrenaline still pulsing in her veins.
    She did, however, keep her trained yellow eyes close on his body, watching for movements. If he could have followed her like he did without giving her any indication that he was there, then he was very well trained in the art of the Shadows. Which means, if he really tried, he could and would easily win against her. She wouldn't go down without a fight, however.

    Amaya Mikazuki
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  14. Kehinde Akachi

    Kehinde was now hopping from building to building. He looked over and saw that the so-called ninja faction was utilizing formations. "Show offs." He mumbled. From his pocket, he felt his phone vibrate. He had two phones of course. One for the faction and another for his personal. The phone from the council was ringing, so he reached down, picked it up then answered it, "Hello," "Kehinde it's Ferrin, where are you? Are you seeing these Hirudo?" She replied. "Yes I do, I'm on the southside of Council City. What about you and the others?" The phone dropped the call giving Kehinde a slight chill, "Oh no...." He thought. He quickly began redialing the number, but it was giving off a busy signal. Kehinde stopped in his tracks to look around. He could not figure out where to go in order to assist his teammates.

    Suddenly, a few people appeared behind him. It was Emanuel, Ferdinand and Selina. They looked like they were just arriving on the scene in order to help out. "You rang?" Emanuel commented, flipping his hair. Kehinde wanted to strangle him, but there was no time. He greeted them and quickly got down to business. "Ok, I don't know what's going on here, but we need a plan." Kehinde remarked, walking toward the group. "I agree. It seems like out of know where the showed up. What's the deal?" Selina chimed in. "Doesn't matter, I know I'm ready to be done with this and back in my bed." Ferdinand declared, rolling his eyes. Kehinde took a look toward the city to see if he could muster up a good plan. He got to looking at the building tops measuring the distance between each of them. "Hey, do you guys remember that thing we did in the academy?" Kehinde continued, still looking off. "How could I forget Speaker Yao had us doing it over and over." Ferdinand responded. Kehinde nodded a little and returned his focus back to them, "Let's try that." Everyone in the group agreed. "So what's the plan?" Selina asked. Kehinde looked back at the building tops, "See those buildings," He pointed. "Were gonna handle these things from both sides." Selina tilted her head in confusion, "Okaaaaay?" Kehinde sighed then continued, "Speaker Yao always went on about attacking the enemy by surprise. He also taught us that a surprised enemy is a weaker one no matter how strong. If they don't know which direction were hitting them from then we will catch them off guard." Selina nodded as if she were starting to get it. Ferdinand insisted, "Get on with it chatty katty, We don't have all day" Kehinde side eyed him but left it alone. "Alright, Selina and I will take to the ground grabbing the attention of some of the Hirudos," He then began to point at the other two guys, "Whilst you and Ferdinand take to the rooftops, follow us, and pick off any hirudos that take us on. Anything we can't see you get em." Ferdinand smiled, "Finally some action. I guess you don't have a brain the size of a pea." He joked. Those words almost made Kehinde send his blade through his face. Every time they got together Ferdinand always had something slick to say. Kehinde confirmed the details with everyone and then they vanished off to their positions.

    Kehinde vanished to the ground to start on his way. He started running through the back alleyways and ended up on the street. People were running in all sorts of directions almost knocking him down. The scene was unbelievable almost like it wasn't real. All of a sudden rising up behind him was a Hirudo, Kehinde's back was turned and since he was focused on dodging the people he didn't even sense the thing behind him. From the rooftops, Kehinde heard a yell, "Behind you!" Kehinde spun on the back of his heel almost a second too late. The Hirudo swung and just missed Kehinde by a hair. Kehinde did a backflip to create distance between them. No sooner did he do that he dissipated in thin air. "Come on Kehinde," Ferdinand yelled out, "Got to be more aware of your surroundings. Should have seen your face though almost looked like you peed yourself haha." Kehinde rolled his eyes and got back up ignoring him, but was thankful he was there when he was. Kehinde continued on through the crowd of people rushing toward him. Ferdinand fired another shot. This time at a very long range. The soul essence bullet flew through the air and into a group of Hirudo that seemed to be up to something on another building. "Bullseye!" Ferdinand yelled out. "Kehinde we need to get over there I think someone is down over there." He continued. Kehinde looked over and redirected in travel over to where Ferdinand shot. @Chexmix

    As he was passing by, he saw a woman eye him and from what he could tell she was a gambler and she was rather young looking. He payed her no attention and kept on moving to avoid any problems. He didn't get very far when he heard someone faintly call out, "Hey wait up!" "Really Ferdinand can't keep up can you..." Kehinde thought turning around to only to be met with a woman holding a pistol made of Ice, Kehinde quickly drew his weapon to show he meant business. "If you plan on using that thing on me then I'd suggest you go ahead and do it," He implied, squinting his eyes and gripping his weapon. "State your business or leave I don't want any trouble." Kehinde wasn't sure why a gambler was following him. Could she be plotting to kill him? Maybe try and rob him. All these thoughts went through his head as he looked past her to find Ferdinand. Lucky for him, Ferdinand was already ready with his finger on the trigger waiting for any sudden movements from this woman. "I don't have time for this!" He thought to himself.
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  15. Tobius and Amaya
    skirmish lasted several minutes. Both Tobius and the girl had been injured several times but as the last enemy fell, it was obvious to him that this girl was worse off than him. It didn’t help that now that they were alone in the street she was eyeing him like some wild animal she might have to put down. Still this strange person refused to speak, instead keeping her weapons at the ready, in case Tobius tried to hurt her. FOr the life of the man, he couldn’t understand why she would think that, hadn’t he just spilt blood beside her? Still if was so paranoid to think he was about to strike he might as well disarm her before she could strike him first.
    Tobius and Amaya
    Tobius and Amaya

    The moment that thought filtered through his mind he smiled brightly toward the yellow eyed beast before stepping back toward the buildings that lined the street. As soon as he was eclipsed in the shadow he used the same skill he had been using to follow her, melting into the shadow only to appear only inches behind her, using her shadow as the opening of his portal. Before she could strike back at him he made a grab for her wrists in an attempt to hold her arms against her chest speaking as soothy into her ear. “How about we calm down and drop our weapons miss.”

    He was indeed a Cobra. He disappeared before she even had a chance to draw in a breath. The shadows seemed to swallow him, and he was gone. Amaya couldn’t even detect his own breathing. No rasp of air crawling into his lungs. He had vanished into the black like a breeze through the leaves of the trees. There was a shuffle, and suddenly he was behind her, grabbing her wrists and holding them firmly against her chest, her sword falling from her grasp and onto the ground. Amaya let out a small grunt and balled her hands into fists, clenching her jaw and snapping her head back, slamming the back of her head into his nose. It wasn't nearly hard enough to cause any real damage, only enough to make him release his hold on her.

    Tobious gritted his teeth, blood slowly leaking down his nose adding on to the list of wounds he had already taken fighting with this crazy girl. If she wanted to be like that fine, With a grim smile he reeled back his own head, only to slam his forehead against the soft skin where her neck connect to her skull. At the same moment he released the grip on her she had been fighting at, letting her fall forward with the moment of the strike. He paused in a moment of dizziness but as soon as he could he jumped forward to snatch up her weapon before she could.

    Amaya let out a little cry of pain, stumbling forward a little only a little before falling face first onto the concrete. Her head swam and throbbed with the pain of it, and her vision shifted. Suddenly there were thousands of the stranger, moving and shifting. She groaned and pinched one of her eyes shut, swallowing the bile in her throat. He grabbed her weapon before she had a chance, and she opened her pale yellow eye to give him a venom filled glare.
    “Give my weapon back, bastard… I-I’ll kill you..”

    Tobius chuckled slightly as he stood up the girls weapon in hand. Twirling it in his hand he looked down at her with a sly smile vastly different then he looked only moments before. “I am sure you will miss, “ he said as he tossed her weapon back at her. “You can have it. I just wanted you to know that I could take it from you, You’re the one who looked like they were about to kill me. “ With a long sigh he began pinching the bridge of his nose in an attempt to staunch the blood flow. Taking a step forward he offered his free hand to help her up. “Now if we are done with the whole who could kill who, there are more people in trouble and I could use your help. Name’s Tobius. “

    Amaya swallowed the blood rising in her throat and took a large breath. Could she really trust this guy? He did help her in defeating the creatures, shouldn't that give her a reason to trust him? Amaya didn't know, but she hardly had a choice in the matter. With a small groan, she grabbed his hand and used the leverage to stand, picking up her weapon at the hilt before stumbling to her feet. With a flick of her wrist, her weapon shifted and clicked to that it formed into the dagger, in which she strapped to her belt.
    “Tobius.” The name tasted odd on her tongue, having never heard it before. Her voice was hardly a whisper, but she angled her striking yellow eyes on him before standing up fully straight.


    The girl who called herself Amaya made him chuckle again, this girl had truly been interesting. Well worth the violence that followed her around it seemed. Not that the same thing could be said about any Hunter. it wasn’t that danger followed them that they followed danger, helping those that they could. He thought on this as he quickly stepped toward his dropped weapon Resheathing it as well. That done he flash stepped back toward her only to grab her wrist. “Well Amaya,” He began to say as he dragged her to the now familiar shadows of the building. “There are things to do and people to save, like the wolves of the north it is better to hunt in pairs. “ That said he used his powers, the effect much more draining as he dragged Amaya with him. They reappeared on the roof of the said building, hiding from the sun in the shadow of the Stairways entrance.

    “N-Ngh..!” Amaya stammered as Tobius grabbed her wrist and pulled her along like a child. She felt her cheeks lighten with a blush as she struggled to follow, her weapon hitting her hip on each step. The buildings rushed by, and she only now wondered what this encounter made the two. Were they partners now? Did they consider themselves friends? She didnt know, but the only thing she did know at this point was that this boy was right. There were other people in danger, and they needed to do something to stop it.

    With no reason to keep a hold of the Amayas wrist he dropped it moving to the edge of the building to see where they should go next. Scanning the area he grimaced at the scene, things were not going very well down there. Several factions had groups down in the streets like death squads, but still things were chaotic. He was almost about to jump to the next building when he saw two men holding up a woman. @✯Radio City©
    The blood in his veins turned ice cold as anger gripped his heart. He turned quickly, to Amaya “Follow me.” Without further ado he flash stepped quickly toward where the two men were for the benefit to allow Amaya to actually follow him. At the last moment however he slipped into the shadow to appear between The man holding the gun and the woman. He glared at him, the Kusarigama in hand already, his voice coming out as a deadly whisper.

    “Hurt her, and you die.”
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  16. "Yeah Amy, we should head that way," replied Miku and pointed into the opposite direction of the forest.

    Amelia looked suspiciously into Miku's eyes. "That leads away from their origin..."

    "Must be your imagination, hun," answered Jessica. "No, they are all heading into that direction, right?"

    "You are right," confirmed Amelia with big eyes. "How could I be so stupid and forget..."

    This brings memories up, back two years ago, remembered Miku. She excelled in one of the assignments that had us practice in our favourite kind of weapon. She managed to beat all of us, although without getting a couple of bashings to herself... She looked for the worse than she does now and her pride stopped her from asking for medical aid... She still played tough and unwounded, the teacher and us other students for ourselves found it admirable... We would only figure out how much she actually got wounded much later, when we had found her lying unconsciously on our dorm's hallway. Guess she tried to get to rest before we could see it, luckily it all ended just fine in the end.

    "What is it that makes you worry us..." Miku murmured quietly as the three of them began to move into the direction the Hirudo seemed to target.

    They passed a few streets before Jessica noticed dark presence in a nearby shop, her faze turned towards Miku whom turned hers to Jessica. A nod answer the question that stayed on Jessica's mind and she nodded ahead, past Amelia. Miku nodded once more, understanding what Jessica implied.

    "Ams, let us go ahead, Jessica has to do something quick." And before Amelia could reply, Jessica stepped aside towards that very shop.

    Amelia felt an arm lock with her unwounded arm. Miku pushed Amelia onward, quickly so that she could not look back to see where Jessica was going to go.

    The stunning beauty's gaze turned into that of suffering. "Can we rest for a moment?" worriedly Miku helped Amelia to sit down and leaned with her back to the wall. Amelia's hand was red, tainted with the blood that was her own. She moved her hand away from her wound to see how bad her injury actually was. The wound was much worse than she had anticipated, the cut was probably two centimeters deep and would leave a scar even if treated and this would imply one thing for certain: she was only going to fight with a single hand for a while, if at all.

    A sigh escaped from Amelia's lips. She felt dissatisfied with this situation. How could she allow herself to be wounded by a mere and simply pathetic Hirudo, one of the weaker among them on top of that.
    "I must be a disappointment," her eyes turned to look at the ground in front of her. "I was too reckless, wasn't I?" She shook her head, her heart felt heavy with guilt.

    "Ams, don't. You did fine, mistakes happen to everybody," replied Miku, her eyes were filled heavily with concern.

    Amelia shook her head. "If there had been many more Hirudo, this may had not only killed me but possibly endangered both of you as well... It is unforgivable."

    Miku just sat down next to her and moved up closer to her, so their arms would connect.
    Silence clouded the both of them, a pleasant one. There were no screams, no horrors, just two friends being there for one another.

    "I am sorry, I don't know what to reply Ams."

    "It is fine, can you call Juni. Doctor's son if you don't remember. Better ask him for first aid procedures."

    Miku got a hold of her mobile phone and dialed the needed number.

    "Who is this?" growled an annoyed voice of a man as the other end picked up on his phone.

    "Hey Juni, Ams is wounded, it looks like a deep cut wound and we don't know what to do."

    "First, desinfect the wound with alcohol and then u have to stitch it. Lastly, bind her arm with some bandage. But do not tie it too tight," answered Juni tiredly.

    Miku followed the advice accurately and bandaged Amelia's wound up.

    "Be carefull Juni, there are a lot of Hirudo out there and your fighting has never been... you know."

    "I'll manage somehow. Don't worry about me," reassured Juni.

    "I think we can continue Miku. Please thank him for me..."

    "You heard her, time for us to move on. Thanks Juni." And she hung up on Juni and stood up. She helped Amelia up by pulling on her not wounded arm and just as the both of them were about to move, a very familiar sound approached them.

    Miku sighted. "You aren't going to do what I think that you are, right?"
    A grin formed on her friend's lips. "Of course I am. I shan't let them have what they want."

    Amelia's eyes glimmered with something dark, she licked her lips as if about to feast.
    "It is time to return the favour."
    Her breathing slowed as she begun to focus, her mind numbed out her senses, her feelings. No more games, she thought to herself, she stepped in front of the approaching Hirudo and her left hand unsheathed her blade from its hip sheathe.

    Miku hurried up next to her, unsheathing her steel as well.

    The beauty's lips changed into a grin, her eyes into that of malicious intent.
    How many Hirudo are approaching? Does it matter, do I care?

    Her vision blurred as she approached the Hirudo, whom now all seem to have found an interest on her. Might have been the blood or simply the reason that she stood between them and the goal that their instinct makes them head to.

    Some black mass flung towards her from the sky, she felt her arm repelled it in just the right moment. kill, flowed and repeated in her head. A shadow approached from her right, she turned, her blade slashing to the side, hitting the mark. She heard quick movement from behind and she stepped to the side just as it was about to hit her, her blade stabbed into the creature and shortly afterwards pulled her blade back and swang it into her next assailant.

    kill kill kill kill kill kill kill


    The Sand on which she stood, hugged her feet. The warm wind drifted over her skin. The air smelled slightly sulfury, maybe a punch of green and a briny finish. Her feet and the sand she stood on mixed with a sudden, cold liquid. "The sea is always beautiful, would you not agree, father?" Her black hair danced along with the repeating breeze of the sea as her gaze turned to the sky. Her brown eyes seemed to draw in the clouds as they reflected in them. Together with her cheeks, her chin, eyebrowes and forehead she was stunningly beautiful, no, the most astonishing beauty to ever be. Her well shaped body, appropriate and a competition to her beautiful face. Her skin was soft as silk and as gentle as the clouds.
    Indeed. A naked beauty on the shore.
    Her arm moved and her hand reached out to the sky. "Father, where did you go... for I will destroy..."

    "Amelia!" yelled a person. She felt her body being shook quickly as her eyes slowly opened to look into the eyes of two concerned girls.

    "Are you okay," asked the girl she recognized as Jessica as the shaking stopped.

    "I am fine I guess," replied a weak, annoyed Amelia.

    "That was amazing, I don't know how you did that!" said an amazed Miku admiredly with wide eyes.

    The weak Amelia's eyes turned into those of a very confused woman.
    "I don't know what you are talking about, but I can tell for certain that whatever you saw, I wont be able to do again for a while." Her lips curled into a satisfied smile.
    The beauty moved her back up to get back onto her feet. However the feeling of the ground in her back did not go away. "I guess I will not be going anywhere anytime soon."

    Miku looked confused to Jessica, whom just returned with a confused expression.

    "I can't move," spoke a weak voice that looked up to them and their irritating confusion.

    (Thanks to @IATECOOKIES for the fun in the process of writing together ^^)
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  17. Clothes saturated with the smell, Sil'Vex cringed his nose at the pungent fumes left in the wake of the Hurido. "Week off my ass" he commented to himself. The academy had ensured that there would be minimal demand for the top graduates after their ceremony but the vicious soul spike that morning had resonated all through Capital City.

    He used Kinisi to shoot to the roof of a nearby apartment complex that overlooked a porch where several Hurido had gathered attempting to access the premises where they would no doubt begin an unseen assault on the occupants in an attempt to siphon their koumpi. The count was four of the beasts, each of varying form but it seem this group preferred standing on two feet each one brandishing a razor sharp lance as one of their arms.

    The creatures were too engrossed in the task at hand to detect his appearance and Sil'Vex would use that to his advantage as he drew the crossbow from his back, aimed it at a downwards angle so the bolt would tear through the first three. It took a few moments to fully charge the soul essence bolt but he smiled to himself as he watched its swirling form become more and more concentrated and dense. He took a steady breath checked his aim once more then held it as he released the bolt. With silent precision it plowed through the heads of the first two Hurido, its impact sending the third barreling into the final Hurido as it fell dead. Sil'vex dropped to the porch and dashed through the sulfuric mist of the first three creatures taking aim with a volley shot he fired three bolts into the fourth Hurido. With a final charge, he unsheathed his dagger just in time to parry a careless swing of its deadly lance then thrust the dagger it into the rearing creature's throat and spun away to watch the creature topple then fade into the acrid mist.

    "These things are all over the place" he commented aloud as he sheathed his dagger once more. He could feel their definitive essences popping up all over the immediate area some close enough for him to hear their roars.

    Sil'Vex continued moving, darting from building to building. He felt the spikes of a few soul essences in the area, different then the Hurido and he moved towards the nearest one. Perhaps it was another one of the graduates. It did not take long to pinpoint the location as there was present also a high concentration of Hurido essence which could only mean someone was fighting them.

    He came to rest on a tower adjacent to the concentration of Hurido and spotted a wounded graduate from the looks of it. He was wounded but still had some fight in him as he held his weapons in a defensive posture. This particular graduate was a dual wielder which suggested a lot about him. When needed, Sil'Vex also dual wielded, often manifesting a blood dagger which he used along side of his other dagger. Vex could have spent all day trying to figure this guy out but it seemed he was in need of assistance.

    There were a few Hurido moving in to attack but Sil'Vex took aim and quickly reduced them to mist . He watched curiously from his perch as several Hurido disappeared from a long ranged slug then He fired several volley shots of his own towards the remaining Hurido but took little care in aiming nor did he wait to see if any hit. The creatures were so closely packed together the volley shots were bound to strike a few of them and cause a brief distraction at the same time. Using Kinisi again Vex appeared in front of the graduate "Can you still move?" He asked, eyes never meeting the other's. Instead he took aim once more and fired a series of volley shots towards the horde once more and watched as several more faded to mist.
    "Fuck these things stink" he said absently to the other graduate.
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  18. The situation was dire. The Hirudo which circled Oliver were closing in, and soon the horde would swallow him whole. The Assassin gripped his daggers tightly and spinning around to keep the Hirudo behind him at bay. One lunged forward but was blocked and pushed back, the force sending Oliver down on one knee. A second roared and raised its arm to slash, but the roar was interrupted and turned to a gargled scream as a soul essence bullet tore through its shadowy head. The other Hirudo perked their heads up and looked for where the attack originated, as did Oliver. Long range shot, definitely a scout.

    The shot provided the perfect distraction for another Hunter to swoop in and quickly eliminate several Hirudo. A flash step later and the hunter was standing between him and the crowd which had briefly backed off to assess the situation.

    Oliver looked up at the back of the man, not sure how to react. He wasn't an Assassin, at least a recently graduated one. This meant he was from another faction. Oliver didn't like working with other members of his faction, let alone someone from another. There was obvious bad history there. This time, however, would have to be an exception. If this stranger wanted Oli dead, he would've left him to the Hirudo or attacked him directly. He pushed himself back onto his feet, now standing back to back with the stranger. The "competition" gave Oliver a new fuel for the fire.

    "I'm not sure which is worse. The look or the smell." He pulled the hammer back on both pistols. "Thanks for the help. I could've taken care of it on my own, though. Guess I can't have all the fun. Let's go, round two!"
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