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  1. Dani had been running for half an hour now, her dark hair whipping wildly behind her. She hasn't had a single moment of rest since she escaped from the people who were trying to control her powers. Spinning briefly Dani threw up her arm causing a block of earth to shoot up, blocking the path of bullets that were coming at her, she used her other hand flicking it to the side. Water shot up out of a horse trough, and smashed against several heavily armoured men that were chasing after her.

    Dani breathed heavily, and returned to running through the village. If she didn't find some place to hide soon she was going to be in trouble, of course she was already in trouble, and had to watch where she was going before running into something. *THUD* Too late for running into something... Dani looked up, and found that she had run into someone. Oh thank god, please be someone of help!
  2. Gavin walked out of the bakery where he apprenticed to the open street of the village. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. It wasn't a hot day, but the oven made the back of the shop sweltering. The morning rush of shoppers had subsided and Gavin gladly took the opportunity to step outside for a break.

    Something hit him and nearly knocked him off his feet. It took him a moment to regain his balance figure out what hit him. The young woman looked as if she had been running for sometime, possibly from someone. He stared at her, flabbergasted for a long moment before he realized that she was probably in trouble and he needed to do something.

    "This way." He said, grabbing her arm to pull her into the bakery.
  3. Dani gladly followed them man, even though she knew that if the man was caught he'd be punished for helping her. She did not say a single word as the man dragged her into the bakery. It was really hot inside of the building, but Dani was able to handle it as she dealt alot with fire. Dani looked behind her outside of the bakery, and watched as the men chasing her ran by the shop. Finally able to stop, and catch a breather, Dani felt better than what she had. Standing up properly she smiled at the man who helped her, and bowed slightly, as if saying thanks. Dani was a mute, which is why she didn't say anything, however she wasn't one by choice, the people who had been after, had ripped her vocal cords out. Dani found the man who saved her to be rather interesting, he was good looking though she had to admit that to herself.
  4. Through the shop's window, Gavin watched the men run by. The girl didn't stand a chance against them. They didn't look like average street thugs. After a long moment, the girl caught her breath. She must have been running for quite some time. She bowed towards him. Gavin thought it was odd, but perhaps she was still out of breath.

    "What's your name?" He asked. "Are you hurt?"
  5. Dani looked at the man as he was asking her questions. At first she wasn't sure how to respond, but eventually she raised her hands, and started doing sign language. 'My name is Dani, and no, I'm not hurt.' Fire burst from the bakery oven, and as it came towards Dani, she raised her hand behind her causing the fire to stop as if she threw up a force field. Dani turned, and quickly directed the fire out of the building through the window, and then turned back to the man who had helped her.
  6. Gavin watched as her hands moved, almost as if dancing in air. He didn't understand what she was trying to say. He reached for the pad of paper sitting on the counter, but before he could the oven door fell open, a flame licking at the open air. Without hesitation, she directed the fire out the window. It was far more fire than what should be in the oven, especially since they had finished baking for the morning. He stared at her, eyes wide. That would explain why the men were chasing her. He had never seen someone able to control fire. She could probably burn the whole town down if she wanted to.

    He took the pad of paper and the pencil and handed it to her.
  7. Dani took the paper, and pencil. Writing down her answers to his questions, Dani handed back the paper, with her name on it, and the words "I'm not hurt" on it. Dani looked back towards the window, and when the men that were chasing her came towards the bakery, she ducked down. Dani moved towards the window when the men poked their heads in. "Have you seen a Telekinetic?"
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