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    Hey, Iwaku. I'm taking a Speech class at the college I attend. I already shared this on Facebook a few days ago, but then I thought: why not ask for more votes here as well? I thought it would be nice to include some statistics of my own when I give my presentation.

    I have a persuasive speech due at the end of this week. :] I'm writing about the issue of E-Waste. For those who don't know what E-Waste (electronic waste!) is, it's a worldwide pollution problem. People throw their broken and obsolete electronics in the garbage instead of recycling. As a result, there are contaminants that risk the health of many communities.

    Anyway, it's a poll with just 1 question. It will take like 10 seconds. xD I'd appreciate it a lot if y'all would vote!

    Thanks very much. It'll stay open until Wednesday, the 20th. <3

    Oh, also! If any of you have local recycling programs or electronic collections you'd like to tell me about, feel free. :3 Share with me anything you want on the subject, really. I'm a nerd for this shit.

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  2. Fluffy already knew Goodwill will take any TV and recycle the ones that don't work?
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  3. I certainly do. :3
  4. I suspect recycling is a left wing conspiracy lead by Al Gore to turn us into sheep like followers 00

    However, I like to make stuff out of broken stuff, not art, but useful things. When I can't, I leave broken electronics in a box near the homeless service center, where homeless people strip them of the metals and exchange it for cash to by drugs and alcohol. It's recycling, yes?
  5. Of course, Octy. :3 You're doing your part for the planet, I applaud you for that. Those homeless people are happily drunk/high/not hungry because of you too. Woot.
  6. I can't seem to do anything on the survey. Only option it gives me is to create a poll like this.

    Personally though, I keep my excess electronics. It takes almost no processing power for a computer to be an internet browser. Furthermore, Old ass computers make great mini servers for small scale web page hosting.

    So... I guess I'm a packrat.