Contradicting Worlds

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  1. Today was her first day at school! Gwen's heart was racing, she had wanted to be at here for a while now; she was looking forward to her experiences at this school, Aurora Academy. Her mother, since her father was constantly at work and could not afford to take time away from it because bills, decided to drive her daughter, the old fashioned way in an old clunker of a car but it was still roomy, comfortable, and felt like home. It was early August and the temperature was in the sixties, which made for a good neutral temperature so the windows were down. Gwen sat in the front seat, still a few minutes from the school, mumbling about how amazing the experience would be and how excited she really was. It was like she was a stimulated child's toy, ever-going.

    When her mom finally made it to the school Gwen rushed to get the seat-belt off but it was an older mechanism so she had to fidget with it for a few second before it decided to pop loose. By the time she was out the door the older woman was in front of her and enveloped her into a hug then kissed her head and let her go. "I am so proud of you sweetie." Her mom said and it pulled on Gwen's heartstrings. No, she couldn't cry right this moment. She knew that her mother would be okay, even though the two had been close to each other all their lives since she had been home schooled. "Thanks mum." She told the woman and hugged her again, she had no shame in it either. After pulling out of the hug the two women went to the trunk and pulled out about five suitcases out of the back.

    "Are you sure you got it all honey?"

    "Of course mum!" Gwen replied showing off her biceps, making the woman laugh.

    "Very well, I will be on my way." The older woman told her daughter and planted one more kiss on her head before stepping back into the big Ford Escape and driving off.

    Gwen knew her mother well enough that she would be tearing up in the car, she could hear it in her voice and see it for the fact that she did not want to stay any longer. Biting her cheek and holding in the urge to cry she looked down at her bags and giggled. This was going to be a tad difficult, but she couldn't say that to her mom. Three bags in one hand and two in the other, the girl made her way to the sign in desk where she got the room number that she was staying in and the directions in which she had to take to get to her location. Realigning her grip, she continued to her dorm.

    Everything dropped and one of the suitcases spilled out on the floor of the hallway between her and her roommate's room. "Shit" came from Gwen's mouth before she could stop herself and then she set down the other bags. Giving a sigh she grabbed her keys and took bags in one by one to her room, unpacking as she went. One bag had clothes, one had tool sets, one had key books, one had bathroom stuff, and the stuff she went to pick up last was her mementos. She had not thought about it prior so she took off running saying "please, please, please, please, please, please, please..." Opening up the bag she let out a loud "no," the picture frame of her and her parents had been broken.

    So it was sport to bet how many students would end up at the Nurses' Office during the first day of school, and Elijah was pretty good about guessing how many would come in. He was the nurse after all. He already had dealt with three cases already. One kid fell down the stairs, which the thought of made Eli laugh uncontrollably because all he could imagine was a fat kid rolling down an elegant stairway, though he had been really good at concealing that when the kid was in his office. Second case was that a girl got a little cocky with magic and decided to summon something to fight, well she summoned something way too powerful for her and ended up in a critical state. Which was predictable from people who came from the Paladin sect of the magic counsel, they were always stuck up, they always wanted to fight, and they always found a way to summon something they couldn't beat. Then lastly Eli had to assist a teacher who risked his life to save one of the very expensive robots he had made because a student hit a button for the demolition of the area. Elijah was actually surprised that he had not gotten more people from the prior incident.

    Taking a lollipop and twirling the red-colored candy around before pulling the plastic off and sticking the sweet cherry pop in his mouth. Today was going to be a busy day. That wasn't a problem for him, he loved what he did, though not all students, or professors for that matter, always did. You could say that Elijah could be a little... sadistic sometimes. But he always gave everyone a lollipop afterwards. An evil giggle came from his mouth as he pulled out a book that he had been reading before his door slammed open, another case. Turning around a girl was holding out her hand which was bleeding slightly.

    "Go sit down." The man told the girl who did as he said without a word.

    Grabbing the alcohol, band-aid, neosporin, and a few gauze pads, he walked over to the girl and laid his instruments out on the table beside the bed. First he sprayed alcohol, which obviously burned, on the girl's hand he wiped up the blood with the gauze pads, applied neosporin, and then came the band-aid. Normally schools wouldn't put up with that kind of action, however, he had duel majored in science and magic in college and was actually a very good nurse. The worse things were the nicer he was, but there was a rumor about that going around the school.

    After the girl left with her green lollipop in hand, he sat down and made another tally mark on a piece of paper. One closer to his prediction of fifteen for today.

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