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  1. Zeln shifted, his eyes flashing open as he stopped breathing for a moment before sighing, shuddering. He sat up, rubbing his icy blue eyes groggily, having been woken up by a simple bad dream. He glanced around. He noticed it was still dark outside, his covers were a mess from his tossing and turning, and he had a mark on his wrist. After a moment of thought, he remembered the contract he'd made with the demon. He leaned against his headboard, sighing softly and ruffling a hand through his greyish-white hair. He still felt tired, but he couldn't bring himself to go back to sleep.
  2. Jusuke stood outside of his master's door, certain that he had awakened from his slumber. He knocked on the door, happily saying "Young master, are you awake?" Jusuke was able to pull of the energetic voice, as he looked and sounded just like a 17 year old boy, but in reality was way older. 617, to be exact.
  3. Zeln's eyes shifted to the door as there was a knock. "Yes..I am." He said quietly, crossing his arms loosely over his stomach and watching the door. He wondered if Jusuke had slept. Did he need to sleep? Zeln didn't know, and he probably wouldn't ask. He couldn't exactly remember what he had planned for the day...he'd ask Jusuke later. He sighed softly to himself. He knew he'd probably end up taking a nap later to catch up on missed sleep.
  4. Jusuke opened the door, and bowed. "Good Morning, master!" He smiled. His master Zeln seemed to wake up early. Jusuke was surprised. He rarely met a human who woke up that early(unless they had work early, or something.) "May I ask what you'd like for breakfast?"
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  5. "I'm not exactly sure...are there choices?" He asked, looking away from Jusuke and stretching a little. It was slightly chilly. He figured he'd probably need to get the thicker sheets soon, as winter was fast approaching. He remembered yesterday coming home, the trees on the front of the property were beginning to lose their leaves. He yawned, rubbing his left eye again.
  6. "Should I start thinking up choices of stuff for you to have, Master Zeln? Cause right now, I can anything you want me to!" Jusuke tried to keep his "happy-go-lucky" composure in front of his master, just to make sure he didn't say anything he probably shouldn't. And so, he kept smiling.
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  7. Zeln glanced over. "I'd prefer choices, but I'm not picky, so you could be random as well." He said with a slight shrug. He looked at the ceiling for a moment before looking back to Jusuke. "You seem to be in an extremely happy mood." He commented. There was no anger, or even annoyance, but more curiosity.
  8. Jusuke paled, and began to turn away. "I guess I'll go cook breakfast then..." He was nervous. Very nervous. If his master found out about his plan, he'd probably have to tell everything... As long as Zeln didn't order him to, Jusuke wouldn't have to tell his master anything... Or at least, he thought that.
  9. Zeln watched Jusuke leave. "Hm. That was suspicious." He mumbled to himself with a shrug. He climbed out of bed, stretching and then going to his closet, looking through his suits. Hmm. Which one to choose? He was unsure.
  10. As Jusuke cooked his master breakfast he wondered things aloud. "What would happen if the master found out about that? Would he still go through with the contract, or..?" Uncertain of what would happen, Jusuke just continued. Sighing, he started to smile again. Act normal. He thought to himself. Normal.
  11. Zeln decided on a simple grey suit with white cuffs. He slipped it on and combed his hair slightly, though, he was never one to truly fuss over his hair. He turned, going to look out the window. Resting his elbows on the sill, he gently placed his head in his hands, looking out over the property. He didn't bother to make up the bed, as per usual, and he was more curious about what the day would bring in terms of trouble than anything else. He usually did so, finding more interest in troublemaking and dangerous situations.
  12. Jusuke walked into his master's room. "Master! I have prepared breakfast! It's on the table. And what would you like to have with it?" Jusuke had decided on the "act normal" idea he had thought up, as to not make his Master Zeln anymore curious than he just so happened to be.
  13. Zeln turned, leaning on the sill slightly, his back to the cold window. "Ah...Chai Tea would be nice." He said after a moment of thought, nodding to himself as if the make sure of his decision before pushing off the sill, straightening his jacket a little. "Afterwards I thought I might take a stroll around the property, if there is nothing else planned." He said. He was fairly certain he wasn't expecting any guests until after noon, but he knew his memory proved faulty at times.
  14. "Good choice, master! I'll prepare some Chai Tea for you, then." Jusuke bowed. "There isn't anything planned for today, so should take advantage of today and use the extra time for leisure and activities. Unless something unexpected happens, that is."
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  15. Zeln nodded, going to the mirror and tucking a small red rose into the front pocket of his jacket. He turned to Jusuke. "I will be in my study if you need me." He said, turning and leaving the room, going to his study to read a book he had recently found.
  16. "Then I shall bring your food to you when your tea is ready." Jusuke said, and walked out of the room to prepare his masters tea. He smiled to himself. "The whole day is going just as planned."
  17. Zeln picked up the brown leather-bound book about history. It was about some war long ago in France. He sat back in his chair, crossing his legs and setting the book in his lap, he began to read, barely mouthing the words to himself as he read, the shadows flitting across his desk from birds outside. He ignored them.
  18. As soon as Jusuke finished his Master Zeln's tea, he headed into the study with Zeln's breakfast. "Your breakfast is ready, !master!" He smiled.
  19. Zeln looked up from his book, lifting his head from his hand and sliding the small cloth bookmark in place. He closed his book setting it aside. "Ah, smells delicious." He said as he moved a few of the papers from his desk. He noticed one of the shadows flickering across his desk and glanced around his chair. Birds. He thought to himself, turning back around and sitting up, ready to eat.
  20. "I hope you like it! The ingredients aw very expensive." Jusuke smiled, setting the plate down in front of Zeln. He pages special attention to the window behind his master. Jusuke growled quietly. "Master I think it'd be a good idea for you to go eat in the other room."
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