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  1. Hi everyone!

    Sometimes I see posts where contractions are used oddly, incorrectly, or the words are simply contracted wrong, so I decided to make a simple thread that lists contractions, as well as what the words being contracted are. Just note that if you're writing in a formal style, you almost ever want to use contractions!

    aren't -> are not
    can't -> cannot
    couldn't -> could not
    didn't -> did not
    doesn't -> does not
    don't -> do not
    hadn't -> had not
    hasn't -> has not
    haven't -> have not
    he'd -> he had or he would
    he'll -> he will or he shall
    he's -> he is or he has
    I'd -> I had or I would
    I'll -> I will or I shall
    I'm -> I am
    I've -> I have
    isn't -> is not
    it's -> it is or it has
    let's -> let us
    mustn't -> must not
    shan't -> shall not
    she'd -> she had or she would
    she'll -> she will or she shall
    she's -> she is or she has
    shouldn't -> should not
    that's -> that is or that has
    there's -> there is or there has
    they'd -> they had or they would
    they'll -> they will or they shall
    they're -> they are
    they've -> they have
    we'd -> we had or we would
    we're -> we are
    we've -> we have
    weren't -> were not
    what'll -> what will or what shall
    what're -> what are
    what's -> what is or what has
    what've -> what have
    where's -> where is or where has
    who'd -> who had or who would
    who'll -> who will or who shall
    who're -> who are
    who's -> who is or who has
    who've -> who have
    won't -> will not
    wouldn't -> would not
    you'd -> you had or you would
    you'll -> you will or you shall
    you're -> you are
    you've -> you have

    (Some of these are not commonly used, but they can still come in handy if you need them!)
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