Continuous World - Looking for 2-4 people for long-term, multi-RP partnership

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  1. Hello there, Iwaku. ^^ I'm Sabine, and I'm a bit of a worldbuilder. Actually, quite a bit of one. XD I have a world in mind that really needs to be filled out, but I'm getting a bit bored of only having my own ideas. Seems to me like what I need is a small group of people willing to play out a series of short plot ideas that will flesh out this world from its starting days to god-knows-when. ^^
    We might switch storylines every week or so, or some might run for a few months until everyone gets bored with them.

    It's a high fantasy setting with a multitude of sentient races, time periods, deities, locations, cultures, and conflicts. While I have quite a few different ideas in place, it's definitely still open to input. I'm also a (fairly shitty) cartographer and have/can make maps & other visual aids to help us along.

    Here's what I'm looking for:
    • Commitment. Please be able to reply at least three days per week, for at least a few weeks.
    • Flexibility. I don't expect you to be good at everything, but I don't want this to turn into just a bunch of medieval fantasy or modern AU. Ancient or steampunk time periods, male and female characters that may be humans, Elves, Orcs, or Immortals- please be ready to try anything once. Oh, and play multiple characters. No non-doublers allowed. Nothing personal, but this needs a bigger cast than just 3-5 people per setting. Now, you MIGHT not have to double every time, but you should be able to if needed.
    • Lack of suckiness. Use spellcheck. Understandable grammar. No mary-sues, PP, GM, any of that shit.
    • Communication! I'd like for us to be friends, not just writing partners.

    Does this sound like you? I sure hope it does, because I'd love for this idea to get off the ground.
  2. Other than the fact that I hate steampunk with a passion, and would rather have open roleplays and not closed ones, I'm interested.
  3. I'm sure we can work around that. ^^

    Certain RPs can be open; maybe even all of them. The main thing I'm looking for is a group of people willing to play together with numerous plots in the same universe, so we can have a cohesive storyline, reference back to past events, and build a world together. We can always include new people, but I don't want to have to assemble a group every time.

    Steampunk, though. Is there something particular you dislike about it?
  4. I love world-building and love bouncing off plot ideas. :}
    I'd like to participate.
  5. Awesome possum. ^^
  6. I dislike most of it, making things look as inefficient and as outdated as possible makes me grimace, the style is just awful, strings, top hats, and goggles do not go together. It's just a big fantasy rendition of the early 1800's when "safety" didn't exist and Britain was only recently relaxing from the "noble" look.
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  7. Sounds interesting, if there's anyway I can help I'd be glad to.
  8. I think you're thinking more of steampunk the fashion, not steampunk the genre. How stupidly character dresses is up to the RPer in every time period, so I don't think stupid wardrobes are unique to the one time period. XD I think we'll be OK, if that's your only problem with it.

    @J_"Kraken" Welcome aboard. ^^

    Right now, I'm tentatively thinking that Saturday at approximately 6 PM central time, I'll make a group so everyone interested can meet together in one place, we can discuss the lore of the world, and get to work settling on our first RP together.
  9. I'm interested!
  10. Okie Dokie, artichokey. ^^
  11. The guild is up! If you didn't receive an invite (or are just reading this and want one) start up a convo. ^^
  12. Did not receive invite, I am also sick at the moment
  13. I sent it a third time. XD It should appear as an alert.
  14. It actually doesn't show up as an alert. You'll need to go to Groups to see the invite, took me a couple times to figure that out.
  15. oooh. I didn't know. XD
  16. Neither did i but i'm glad i do now i was wondering where it was.
  17. This sounds interesting. Could you use one more, or is it full up?
  18. I think another would be fine. ^^ I'll invite you right away.
  19. Sweet, thanks.
  20. I hope everyone won't mind introducing themselves in the OOC thread so we can get to plotting. ^^
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