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  1. Hello everyone!

    This is a thread game. All you need to do is continue the sentence left hanging and post another one to be answered by the next person. This will test and stir your imagination. Post one sentence at a time.No spam please.

    an ** means the missing part of the sentence you need to continue.

    person 1: You're walking in a forest and you come across a**
    person 2: stag

    I'll start:

    I am totally in love with **

  2. the feeling of sand between my toes.

    The other day I went for a walk in the ________
  3. Middle-Earth.

    I think that Big Bang Theory is____
  4. awesome.

    The other day I drove _______.
  5. To France.

    The princess kissed the______
  6. dinosaur.

    Today I feel like ____
  7. Dancing an Irish jig

    Five guys walk in-------
  8. to a wake and they see a beefcake.

    The sun is burning my ____
  9. ears off.

    My spirit animal is _____
  10. A peacock

    I hate feeling________
  11. Like I have to always jump around the room

    I am married to____
  12. Liam Payne but keep it a _________
  13. secret from the gummy bears.

    Everyday I'm _______
  14. Scared of what will__________
  15. Happen to me if I don't ________
  16. Watch myself and try not to________
  17. eat so much dang gummies.

    Whenever I feel like _____
  18. Doing something I'll _____________
  19. Get in the pedo van to ______
  20. Get murdered and ___________