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  1. Basically, one person types down a sentence, another continues it, and it all becomes one long-ass story. I'll start!

    Once upon a time in a place unknown, there was a dream named Tubby.
  2. And Tubby said to himself, "How can I make more people dream of me?"

  3. The little dream thought, "I will make people come to me, and they will make my world."
  4. And the dream invited its own little Alices
  5. Who were sadly corrupted with the zombie virus. :3
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  6. (Gwazi you just ruined the chain reference...)

    And a zombie hunter had to be sent out
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  7. while covered in chains. :3
  8. and armed with a bloody scythe
  9. and moaning, "SOOOOOULSSS" instead of Braaaaaains.
  10. The moon in the sky was red
  11. Tubby got pissed at the zombies and locked them in a mansion to burn.
  12. But one managed to escape
  13. That zombie got pissed and killed as many people as she could, creating a bloody path across Tubby's dreamland until she rotted.
  14. @Zombehs ate half the world and infected Tubby before dying.
  15. "... You have not seen the last of me," were Zombehs' parting words before the body crumbled to dust.
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  16. Zombehs' soul infected the dream, making Tubby drag 20, 00000000000 people in before stopping.
  17. A wormhole opened up and suddenly vampires came flying in!
  18. but at that time, a sparkly rainbow pony came and annihilate almost half of the vampire with her fabulous rainbow barf.
  19. One vampire became rainbowalised, and began to spread the message of happiness and wonder.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.