Contes des Centaures. (Counting Ewes)

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  1. The morning was still and crisp, soft leaves underhoof that folded like butter beneath her hooves. The sun was rising and with it rose the herd, wondrous in the early light and the astrologist slept on, as was their wont. Moonwind had consulted the wisest elders among their herd, talking to the mothers of many a foal and seeking the advice she needed now most of all. The mid-summer season approached and her foals would be born then, released from the protective nooks of her womb and into the wide world that they would flourish in.

    She had resolved to journey to the ancient ancestral tree of their herd, the place of life and generations, the place she herself had been born and her mother before her, the same as the mothers before them. Their herd had used this forest for many years, hiding from the outside world in isolated clumps and herds, each living a life of peace and wisdom. The wise woman had agreed to provide the safe herbs they would need and the sacred herb woods, to burn as she laboured. Trotting softly through the small crowd, she soon found her beloved partner, Sunblaze as he observed the sky and she came beside him, laying a hand on his arm.

    "I have consulted the wise elders and they told us to leave within the day, for I am due any day now. Silverhoof is preparing a bag of all we will need to take..." With a hand pressed to her forehead, she groaned at the sudden onset of a stress headache. "I am so eager to get our little ones into this world though..." She smiled at that thought, to see her colts or her fillies... Or perhaps one of both? The thoughts filled her with an endless joy.
  2. Looking down from the sparkling night sky to his sweetly smiling mate, Sunblaze took Moonwind's remaining free hand in his slightly larger one and smiled down brightly as we was wont to be at the future mother of his first foals. That night was special, he could see it in the good omens in the stars and the light glow upon his beloved's skin. They foals would grew strong and proud, he was sure of it, and bot he and their mother would live long enough to see them become so.

    “Then let us watch the moon and stars one last time before our travel, you know that we must have their timeless blessing as well... but I would not worry about this, for tonight is one of good omen and sweet promise, my love.” His voice was as warm as his name, and even in the monochrome light of the moon his hair shined brightly silver.

    The young couple stood there, close to each other and hand in hand for a while, watching the stars fall from the sky in welcoming of their children and the moon dance her timeless dance across the sky. An hour or so passed as such before Silverhoof, an elderly mare that had birthed many warriors and philosophers both, approached them with nary a sound, the lush greenery of the ground hiding the noise made by her characteristic silvery hooves.

    “It is time, here is the sacred herbs and the ritual's wood. Do not tarry, and come back to us healthy and proud, able to present to us the new blessings of the Moon and Stars upon this herd.” Her voice was ageless, and her eyes sparkled with an infinite wisdom, the like that brought foals speechless upon witnessing them for the first time.

    “Yes, we will do as you say, Grandmother,” uttered Sunblaze reverently, the woman having been his primary teacher in the ways of the night sky during the entirety of his life. “Let us go, Moonwind.”

    As he took hold of the heavier bundle of wood and his partner the bundle of herbs, the couple started their journey to the sacred tree, still hand in hand, as was their wont.
  3. "Aye, let us do that and wait in awe of our astral watchers, let us gain favour and blessing from our namesakes. Thank you... I had worried but I know it was for naught."

    As they stood, hand in hand and her namesake danced her wavering path across the sky that would soon welcome her first offspring, she watched both the sky and her heart. She slowed her nervousness, as it pounded through her veins and the slick doubt that threatened to despoil her heart if she gave up hope. She grasped Sunblaze's hand tighter and looked for the omens she knew were there, the stars that fell in waves and the herd had not pointed at the moon itself for this day. To both invite good luck in and to ward the ancient evils away from the new life that would come to be.

    As the ancient Elder spoke, she had those same eyes she had seen when she had been brought back from the sacred, not too long ago by the long years of the Elder's age. The eyes that would search the eyes and hearts of her foals, and the foals after them to determine their true place. Such archaic eyes...

    "Yes, Grandmother. Our foals will travel speedily and with great strength, enter this world as the new blessings of the Sun and the Moon." She inclined at the waist in a gentle bow, unable to go further but wanting to let her Elder know that she respected her advice for this. She took the herbs and held them fast in her hands, the white sage and protective herbs with salt in a small pouch let a sense of spiritual calm settle over her.

    They began their journey, the timeless dance of the planets above their hands and the Sacred Yvilwe Tree came into sight, the fireflies still visible and she could feel gentle movement in her womb, more than usual and she knew the time was close. They arrived at the base of the might tree and as sighed at the movement in her womb as it stretched her stomach.

    "Perhaps we should light the fire now, so the herbs can be burnt and we can follow the ritual." She began her own part of sch a ritual, place the herb bundle on a flat rock and then sprinkling the salt around the area that needed protection, finely but surely. She would not invite tragedy by missing anything. She soon finished her task and went back to where the fire was, with a gentle hand on her beloved's shoulder.

    "Beloved of mine, it is almost time."
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