CONTENT WARNING (Yea, I'm using one) - Twitch Streamer Recorded Abusing Partner

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  1. So recently some Twitch Streamer named "JoeDaddy505" had 'closed' his stream but didn't. Once thinking it was closed, this audio followed and almost immediately after all his channels began shutting down.

    Now in combination of all the Verbal Abuse, the screaming of pain, struggling of breathing and crying for him to get off? This seems to be a pretty clear case of Physical and likely Sexual Abuse/Rape taking place.

    "WTF would you share this!?" Awareness. And I feel like since I'm also someone who tends to be really cautious/skeptic when it comes to rape claims because of how many people lie about it? I feel like when I find a case that does seem to be legit, I should at least spread the word.

    Recording (open)

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  2. As always of current events; I'm skeptical.

    On one hand, yes, it does sound pretty brutal. The other it seems like one would expect abuse to be like on TV in some drama scene, an exaggerated caricature I guess. That's just me though. I'll give it another listen once some sleeps been had.

    Is it bad?

    Well no fucking shit it's bad. That's not even in discussion.

    That and it's audio only with zero other publicity at the moment.
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  3. As with all cases I'm going to have some level of scepticism first until the case/situation becomes more clear.

    But in this situation it's not just the audio that has me rather confident this one may be legit, but also:

    1) This sudden reaction of closing everything. Public Outcry maybe got to him? But I've seen other false rape claims (Tobuscus) where shutting down everything wasn't the default response
    2) If the audio was there was some sort of joke, I have to seriously question his level of intelligence and awareness of the Internet
    3) There was supposedly an apology video (channel down now, so I can't find it myself). But the apology video's defence according to those who caught it beforehand was basically "I was drunk and bitches be crazy".
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  4. It's stomach turning and even if it's not legit, the man should face some kind of repercussion for it. That was absolutely horrible and in extremely poor taste if it was some kind of staged situation.

    And WTF was the person recording laughing....
  5. I honestly have no idea.

    Some people theorize it was a natural reaction of shock.
  6. I want to say it's a hoax and sometimes of shitty publicity thing a.) Because that cry was way over the top b.) Because no one should be that stupid to commit a rape where it's at all possible that it could be caught on camera/audio and c.) I really don't want to believe I just listened to a woman get assaulted.

    I do hope that the incident is reported though and speaking of investigation occurs. He should be banned regardless of whether or not it's real or fake. Any individual sick enough to stage something like that should not be allowed a forum to carry on such a performance.
  7. It sounded pretty genuine to me. :/
    Plus remember everyone would react to such a situation differently.
    That's the thing though, this was supposedly after the live stream. So the idea is he assumed he turned it off, but missed something.
    That... Isn't really a reason. :/
    Eh... Assuming it was a joke, I personally disagree with the joke, but I wouldn't ban the guy over it if the situation turns out to be false.
    Cause as nasty as the joke is, that's still freedom of expression and it doesn't fall under anything like hate speech.
  8. I'm not saying it was fake, but to me it just sounded a bit too dramatic. That might be just how she cries, or it could be an act. It's really hard to tell and that makes it difficult to determine if it's real or just an act.

    Human error. Even if he did shut things down, there's always a chance that he might have forgotten to click something and thought that he did (Which is why the whole thing is now public). If I was going to abuse or assault someone, I wouldn't be doing it in a room with a phone or a computer. Maybe I'm just a bit more worried about getting caught, but you never know.

    It's reason enough for me. :P No, what I should have said was that I didn't want to believe that anyone listened to a woman getting assaulted and didn't call the police. I don't know if anyone did or not. I'm certainly hoping that they did, but there's that little Bystander know when multiple people witness a crime but no one calls the police because they think someone else will?

    Freedom of speech or not, it's disgusting. However, that's assuming that it is a joke. Chances are that the joke (If it is one) is in some sort of violation of the site's user agreement. I'd imagine that they have some sort of term for acts like that, or else the company would end up with a seriously bad reputation for condoning such an act.

    Either way it goes, the guy needs some kind of help, especially if he finds that sort of thing amusing enough to consider a joke. And if it's not a joke? Well, he really needs psychological help for the issues he has. I just hope that woman in the clip is alright and getting out of the relationship, because no matter which way you look at it, it's not healthy.
  9. That was horrific.
  10. [​IMG]

    I'm saying nothing
  11. Unfortunately, it's not a joke. He really did assault her and has admitted to such prior to the closing of his twitch account. In his response, he claims she hit him first and called him a 'bitch', he responded and that he did not rape her.

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  12. Oh, that makes it perfectly alright! He shouldn't face domestic abuse charges because of that!

    That's sarcasm by the way

    But in all seriousness though, I really do hope the woman gets out of the relationship. The fact that they both were possibly responding to an argument with violence, and that he definitely did isn't a healthy situation. I'm also glad to see that his channel was closed as well. I had a feeling it would be.
  13. Going off the idea that maybe she did hit him first. It still wasn't right thing to do. I'm all for equal rights and equal lefts, but you usually don't keep going even if they did start first.

    That guys gonna have some more issues once they dig out his real name.

    What feels worse to me is this probably happens how many times a day without witness? A whole lot.
  14. I'm all for equal rights, including that if a woman hits a man she can't hide behind 'being a woman' as an excuse not to get hit back.

    But... There's a huge difference between simple retaliation, and excessive force.
    And the fact he's using "I was drunk" as an excuse/defence only seems to spell out he has no actual defence so he's desperately grabbing for anything he can.
  15. That was just... How do I even properly describe the sheer terror I felt from listening to this?
  16. Mind you, I am feeling no different than you two do and this is in no way meant as a personal attack, but I think this reaction is the most disgusting of all. It's just that sense of having listened to this form of abuse and then realising your inherent scepticism just questions how real it is. I feel disgusted and disgusting.

    I really don't feel like sharing much more of this. Just the hope that justice will be swift and thorough.

    Lastly, @Gwazi Magnum I want you to be very, very aware of the choice you made and audience you're sharing it with. I hope you didn't make it lightly.
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  17. One of the main reasons I shared the video was precisely because of that reaction. Because of how many false rape claims that have been made over time I have grown to be very sceptical in that field. Something I don't regret for a second, cause it'd be a horrible accessory to crime to just be worsening these lies with pure emotional/mob reactions. But, at a certain point it leads to a level of scepticism that it pops up even when hearing the abuse for yourself. And as much as I support the sceptic community at large (hell, BECAUSE I support it) I felt particular need to share this because if that's the path we choose to follow we need to be able to adapt and say "You know what, this is a damning case. I'm saying guilty" when an actual case is in front of us. And as horrified and disgusted I and others may feel from such a thing, it's something I think people need to go through if we hope to keep that level of self awareness. Especially when the alternative is someone going through the worst experience of their life, and then never being able to see justice because the second they even suggest anything happened they're instantly ridiculed and harassed as a manipulative liar.

    I'm not sure if I worded that well, but in short no I didn't make the choice lightly. And I was watching this thread like a hawk to report to the Staff if I saw it going south (though at this point I imagine the Staff are already watching it like hawks too, and have 2-3 threads about it in their Staff Section right now).
  18. Well, you can't really blame them for their reaction. Remember, we are on the internet. The place that people can make shit up in a moment. So, I think that they have every right to question it. The audio could be fake as he tried to get more viewers, but it backfired on his ass. Or, the audio could be real and this case should be investigated. If they found evidence that proves that the abuse was real, then the abuser should be changed for, well, abusing someone.

    I also think that their relationship is terrible and they both should leave before it gets worst. You can call me out on my scepticism, but I am the kind of person who looks at the evidence before doing/saying something.

    EDIT: And this is in no way of a personal attack towards you.
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  19. @Gwazi Magnum It's mostly that you're posting what could very well be the audio part to domestic abuse on a site that's used by teenagers and directly embedded it into your post, more than a potential lolgd cryfest.

    @The Spectre
  20. I didn't pull it from the obscure depths of the Internet or anything. It was something found directly on YouTube and already shared by both DramaAlert and Phillip deFranco. Both channels with over a million subscribers. So, even though I was doing this to spread awareness it already stood a decent chance of being shared any ways but with a more severe reaction like you seem to be worrying about. At least this way it started off on a serious tone.

    Plus, I did hide it in two different warnings (Thread Title and Spoiler) so people knew it was something serious.

    But yea, I get the potential risks and reactions involved. Which is why regardless of that stuff I was (and still am) watching this thread closely. Though people have been very civil about it so far, even if that's more due to shock.
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