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    • The year is 2164.

      My name is Royce Elliot and I am a survivor by association, at least for the past four years. I've been asked to write down everything I know, and have lived through, before arriving here.

      Let’s start at the beginning of the end, 4 years ago. The first outbreak.
      You’d think a technologically advanced society like ours could handle a little virus. In fact, we could. We’d done it before. The difference this time around was that THE virus had corporate backing. It was designed to be a biological weapon. The first outbreak was caused by accidental contamination during testing. No biggie. The corporate hands covered it up as a new strain of the flu while they cleaned up their mess. What they didn’t count on, was for it to mutate so rapidly and so dangerously. Who was infected? Who wasn’t? We couldn’t even tell.

      Our advanced technology bit us right in the ass when we most needed it.
      By the time they figured it out, that the virus had spread among us without notice, it was too late. Suddenly people fell ill and started dying. Except, they didn’t stay quite dead. One bite, enough contact with their fluids and it was over. We threw all our technology at it, but only accomplished to destroy our surroundings. We destroyed a lot of our technology in the process. We were afraid and stupid, and not at all united. Each country did its own thing and later regretted it.

      Some genius and his squad in Scotland created a safe city they called Leven. To my knowledge then, the only of its kind. A city untouched by the living dead. Now I know better, but I digress. Leven remained intact thanks to the charismatic leaders. But they were all powerful in that city and power changes people. In their hands Leven became a dystopian society. A totalitarian regime.

      The regime controlled everything using fear tactics on the population. Feelings and artistic expression were outlawed. Citizens were required to take a daily dose of emotion suppressants. Citizens were content to exist to continue their existence. They did not realize they were not really living. We were a different type of Zombie in Leven.

      Thankfully I worked for the Technology Division, led by the aforementioned genius, and I worked directly for him. That saved me from the drug he ironically created, but it also saved me from Leven. He and his leader friend, Preston, planned to overthrow the tyranny but their plan took too long. The ideology was sealed and Leven could not be truly saved. Instead, we escaped, along with a couple citizens and refugees for whom there was still hope.

      Alas, during our escape and the storm that helped bring about Leven's end, we were separated. We have not heard from Preston Wiles or Nicolas Rio, but we did leave behind messages in case they are still looking for us. We, on the other hand, reached a safe zone in London from which we were soon kicked out. The child, Rosalina, turned out to be infected... we didn't know. We vouched for her and when she turned and killed a Londoner we were thrown out. A fisherman was nice enough to take us to the mainland, he said we wouldn't find another safe zone in the UK. We spent over a month near the shore because the mainland zombies turned out to be very much different from the ones we knew. Somewhere at the border of France and Belgium, we were found by a group of people that helped us out. It took a while, but eventually they came to trust us and invited us to Luxenbourg, a very large safe zone maintained by the allied forces of Germany, France, and Belgium.

      Luxenbourg is still beautiful despite the disasters that have befallen us all, but it is also a highly organized and meticulously kept. It is an ant colony in many ways. It has to be, considering the zombie mutations that have happened in the area. I'm more of an intellectual, particularly when it comes to organizational situations, and so I have been assigned to a position far away from the borders. I will be safe so long as this country stands. I'm not sure that the others will be so lucky. They've been in training as far as I've been told, although training for what? That I haven't been informed. Time's up. Back to work.

      Royce Elliott​

    • 3 Character Limit​

    • Your character sheet can be as simple or extensive as you wish. Most of the action should happen IC, but it would be interesting to know some details about your character that might be unlikely for us to find out through IC. Up to you.
      ✖ ✖ ✖


      Age: (No restrictions, but keep In mind that in case of a confrontation the younger ones, i.e. kids, are more likely to die D: )


      Origin: (For all we know you were a tourist that got stuck In Lux during the outbreak. Or, like Royce's group, you come from somewhere else. Mebbe, you've been here all along but that means you could be German, Belgian, or French too.)

      Occupation: (can be the occupation they had before outbreak if they're still being employed for those skills, or occupation in Luxembourg safe zone, or if they're new to Lux then your planned job in there)

      Appearance: (Picture and/or description is fine. No restrictions on pictures but if you're going to do a real person don't pick someone widely known.)



      Weapon: This is on the sci-fi side so no limitations here either, so long as you keep in mind that more technologically advanced weapons have a limiter. As in, most people are citizens turned soldiers, they only have a basic training and understanding of things so they're not going to engineer/invent/fix advanced technology on the spot. Unless, you were some sort of a weapon designer in your pre-outbreak occupation. *shrugs* Just keep things logical.

      Relationships:(Any connections to the other characters. You can add this as we go or pre-establish it by contacting others. I'm more than willing to help with that so PM me!)

    • >>>Summary of Events<<<
      Co-mod: @ItariChan

      I won't deny a character so long as they're internally consistent.
      Don't be a dick to other players even if your character is a dick.
      use gud grammahr
      So long as you keep things logical, you have free reign of this RP world.
      If you go a bit nuts I'll step in, but I'm not a control freak type GM.
      I'll be throwing things at you, and have a vaguely organized chapter-like deal going on.
      No mercenaries, assassins, thieves, and the like (unless it's a side-job/behind closed doors type of thing)
      Stuff from the Group RP AD
      Newly created RP... sorta. It's more of a Season 2 of an old RP but starting fresh and from zero. Storyline pretty much summarizes it all and there's relatively little info about this new one because I'm a believer in incorporating player ideas. Basically, and I sort of hinted at it, this RP will take place in an ant colony sort of safe zone where everybody works together and cares for each other. The particular family-feel comes from the fact that zombie mutations in the area have these people much more cornered than the typical zombie creation. Having said that, it doesn't mean that everybody is all about love and peace, on the contrary, survival life with the constant threat of a zombie breach pushes some into ruthlessness.... yeh. Ask away, make suggestions, please! It helps me give this more shape and lead it in the direction, more or less, that the group wants.

      Zombie mutations: Think resident evil, bio-mechas, uh... what's that other game with the- Left 4 dead.

      Weapons: I'm inclined to allow mechas since this safe zone is more extensive and we have the cooperation of 4 countries so resources should be enough to have and maintain a few mechas.

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ↷ ❜ATTICUS01 ♕× ESPINOZA ━⇣
    ⋮ ████████████████ █║▌███████████│█║▌██████████ █ ███ ◜
    :▇ xmale xxx:▇ x26 y.o. xxx:▇ xsioux x hispanic-american xxx:▇ xsoldier
    FULL NAME: Atticus Howahkan Espinoza
    AGE: 26 y.o.
    SEX: Male
    ETHNICITY: Sioux x Hispanic-American
    RANK: Unit 14, ID #20183: Response & Containment Forces (RCF)
    - elite branch of the armed forces that were created around the time of the outbreak
    - trained to deal w zombie hoards & resolve the situation when breaches occur in the city
    - has been apart of rcf for 3 years now

    "Rather tall" would be unfitting for a man like Atticus, who reaches a height of 6'3" and appears even taller still thanks to his lanky frame. He is of lean build, with a fair amount of muscle from living life as a refugee. His entire body is a canvas of pale skin, save for the yakuza-style tidal wave tattoo that encompasses the entirety of his right arm and the light splattering of freckles that dot his entire body. He takes on the appearance of a punk with his undercut hairstyle and menacing frown, one that rests perpetually upon his shapely, bowed lips. Many are often afraid to approach him because of the intimidating aura he exudes as well as his appearance, which screams sociopath. Above feral, hazel eyes rests a pair of thick and unruly brows with minimal arch, that seem to be constantly furrowed in a glare of some sort or in concentration. Atticus' nose, aquiline and noble, is long and sloping, with a thin nose bridge and a slightly flattened tip. Across his cheeks and nose especially is where the majority of his freckles have concentrated, though more can be seen dotting his chest and even fainter still on his forehead. They contrast greatly with his rocker exterior and give him a softer, human edge. His lashes are long and wispy, the object of envy of many females. His cheekbones rest high on his face but do not protrude very far, and his jaw is sharp and narrow, a diamond in shape. Both ears are gauged, a product of a reckless youth. Atticus keeps plain black ones in for now, not particularly enamored with the idea of letting them close awkwardly.


    - dad was hispanic-american, was born and raised in the good ol' US of A
    - mother was sioux native american. huge literature nerd
    - hit it off in uni, married & had atticus
    - lived in nebraska for a bit on the rez ???
    - atticus grows up a bad kid. does stuff against parents' will, commits small crimes which eventually grow to larger ones, gets p out of hand
    - grades tank so he turns to military as alternative since no uni will accept him
    - serves for a bit in the US before a US base in Luxembourg starts seeking ppl willing to serve there for the RCF. volunteers for position
    - is deployed to Luxembourg to kick zombie ass

    - standard-issue assault rifle given to all RCF soldiers
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  2. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]M[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]RGO[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]01[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]B[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]PTISTE [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]
    ◞★ AGE:[BCOLOR=transparent] 23 y.o. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]xx[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] ◞★ GENDER: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]female [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]xx[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] ◞★ ORIGIN: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]french[/BCOLOR]
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi can't help this awful energy! god damn right you should be scared of me!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi can't help this awful energy! god damn right you should be scared of me!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi can't help this awful energy! god damn right you should be scared of me!
    xxx001. `BASIC INFO !
    [BCOLOR=transparent]( occupation: wanderer / scavenger )[/BCOLOR]​
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Margo is something of a nomad; her restless soul could never permit her to truly settle down in one place for too long, let alone tied to a job she could care less about just to put food on the table. After she was evicted from her last official residence, Margo has been making her living off of other's generosity, moving from place to place, from couch to couch. She's held quite a few odd-jobs as a result, though none have lasted quite as long as her days as a scavenger, an occupation that is just as unofficial as it is unconventional. When old machinery is left behind, there is no doubt she'll appear soon after to pick through the parts in order to sell them off. It is through this particularly lucrative business that she has created something of a name for herself, whispered in the back allies of the city and underground. Most know that, if they do not wish to be over-charged at a fancy establishment, Margo is more than willing to sell what she has on her for cheap. [/BCOLOR]

    Having traveled so extensively means that Margo has become very well-acquainted with Luxembourg, reaching the point where she knows much of its major cities by heart. She knows its secrets as well; the kinds of dealings that go on behind closed doors, how with just a bat of one's eyelashes they could bring men to their knees, and that night is the best time of day to carry out one's unscrupulous activities and get away with it-- even if it means having to keep the watch off one's trail. Thus, the woman has become considerably cocky when it comes to measuring her own abilities, and even more so daring.
    xxx002. `PERSONALITY !
    [BCOLOR=transparent]([/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]tenacious | temperamental | coquettish | fickle | independent | crass )[/BCOLOR]​
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Margo has proved time and time again her absolute determination, be it in lucrative dealings to get money to put food in her stomach, in ripping jeans and tearing flesh while trying to run from law enforcement with parts in tow, or simply her unwavering will that today she will not die. It is exactly this tenacity that has permitted her for so long to survive, even if unconventionally, because she is unwilling to just give in. Margo may not live like a sovereign queen but she sure as hell lives, and will keep on living-- but that does not particularly entail staying out of trouble, either. The woman seems to have a penchant for it, as no matter where she is or what she does, it follows like a shadow, nipping at her heels. Perhaps it is her particularly sharp tongue paired with her inability to curb it or how prone she is to anger and ultimately acting upon it; the woman has made enemies, no doubt. Some of them she has managed to keep off her back with a few sweet-nothings and pretty smiles, whereas others she has made this same way. Just as she moves from place to place, Margo moves from lover to lover, and quite often, too. She has reached a point where her body no longer is a temple but a vessel to carry out what it is her fickle heart desires. [/BCOLOR]

    xxx003. `BIOGRAPHY !

    xxx004. `MISCELLANEOUS !
    [BCOLOR=transparent]A battered baseball bat with the words "Jason" scrawled atop the surface in messy, erratic black font.[/BCOLOR]

    Margo is a woman who tends towards the shorter side of average, standing at a none-too-impressive height of 5'4" when she is standing perfectly straight.

    has a compact, toned body w/ feminine curves
    dark, blunt bangs and choppy hair that ends a little past her chin
    plush, bowed lips
    doe-like brown eyes that are often rimmed w/ kohl and clumpy eyelashes
    arched brows; makes her look mischievous
    kicks around in combat boots and a bomber jacket, jeans are always ripped no matter what she does
    always has a band-aid on her knees, fingers, face, etc.

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  3. [BCOLOR=#008080]✖ Rómulo Seung[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#008080][/BCOLOR]
    26 Male Korean-Italian

    Black hair / Black eyes / Tall, lean, toned, and pale​

    He looks tall, proper and the perfect gentleman. He strives toward perfect professionalism, but his impulsive nature tends to burst out. He's actually quick to anger and sometimes bad mouthed. He's more of a body language type of guy. Rough, moody, and violent but hides it well. Despite this, the guy is pretty caring, just doesn't show it. Tsundere you ask? No way, ask him anything and he'll answer it. Boxers or briefs? "boxerbriefs" he'll say. Ask him the most inappropriate question in the middle of work... you bet he'll answer it. He can't lie when asked direct questions.

    He can be quite fearless when emotions take over, as well as incredibly intuitive. Although he's got no book smarts, and always struggled with academics, he has the street smarts to improvise.

    Bit of a clean freak, he tends to just stare at things he doesn't want to touch. Also has a surprisingly sweet tooth and caries sweets when he can find them.

    Was raised in Italy by his uncle, who was the brother of his father's lover... In other words not blood related. Nevertheless they had a father/son relationship. They barely survived as borderline members of the lower-class. Because of this Rómulo had to grow up quick, become a man, and help his uncle out much like an equal. At some point Rómulo decided to put his streets intellect to use for the wrong people because they needed the money. His uncle never found out that Rómulo started to live his years in the underground, hacking and programming for the bad guys.

    After the outbreak Rómulo, like most people, lost everything. Not long after, he was rescued by people from Leven where he put his skills to good use. After Rómulo's soul healed some, it didn't take long for him to reject Leven. He was dragged along by a group of rebels, but he thought them a better alternative. Going through withdrawal after stopping his daily dose of Leven's emotion suppressants caused his quick-tempered personality as it left him with the emotional maturity of a child.

    [BCOLOR=#008080]◉ Weapon ◉[/BCOLOR]
    Basic self-defense training provided by the Leven Regime.
    A pair of tonfa he found in London.

    [BCOLOR=#008080]◉ Relationships ◉[/BCOLOR]
    Preston Wiles - Cool Dude
    Nicolas Rio - Annoying
    Ronan Kearney - Nice but I don't get her
    Dallis Sterling - Fuck that Róró shit
    Saorise Kauffmann - Useful Kid but damn heartless
    Margo Baptiste - Hateful woman
    Atticus Sargent -
    Dale Beisner -
    Mihail "Indigo" Pavelovich - Damn good cook but he needs to grow a pair​

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  4. [BCOLOR=#29b314]Saoirse (Seer-sha) Kaufmann ✖[/BCOLOR]
    17 / Female
    Origin: Her father was German, her mom was Italian, she was born in Russia her first name is Irish xD
    Occupation: After arriving she was recruited into the armed forces and has been receiving training as well as working as a translator.


    Thick, bright red hair, Dark Green eyes, 5'2" (157.5cm) Skinny (but not lanky) and toned (Think kind of like a dancer/gymnast's body)

    Saorise is the kind of person who does things according to her own rules. She's slightly bipolar and get excited or depressed easily. Spontaneous and unpredictable, she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She doesn't like to be held down by rules and regulations. She used to be very childish, and although that side still shows up, shes matured a lot after experience being on her own and in Leven. She never went to school officially but knows a lot of high level math and science, but is pretty stupid when it comes to history, as she didn't like to study it. Most of time she moves based off of instinct, so she tends to move before thinking. Since she's stayed in many countries, she knows phrases from many languages, and will sometimes mix them into her speech. Her parents were war photographers, and due to the early and constant exposure to death and carnage, she doesn't think much of it anymore. Saorise is a synesthetic that sees emotion with color, which allows pick out liars fairly easily, but herself is a bad liar and tends to look away from the person she is speaking to when she lies. Other habits she has are cracking her fingers before doing something techie, and biting her nails when she's working on something difficult. She doesn't like to cry in front of others.

    She grew up with her parents who were photographers, mainly using war and poverty as their main subject matter and Saorise spent her whole life traveling across Europe in their van, exploring the rundown small towns of Europe, and occasionally Asia. They were a happy family, though poor, and were always cheerful. Aside from photography, her family made money by doing odd jobs in all the places they stopped at, which could be anything from doing garden work to performing in small pubs around town. Her parents were much like her, and the three of them were always eccentric people, who didn't care what others thought of them. Saorise was homeschooled since they were always on the road, and thus was able to study whatever she wanted. She learned from reading books, that she would buy and then exchange at pawn shops across countries. Besides her parents, she never had much interaction with many people. Since they travelled so much, her whole family were/are polyglots (master in more than 4 languages). When the zombie outbreak happened, nothing much changed about their daily life except that zombies were added as a new subject matter for photos and killing zombies became a daily past time. They also didn't have to worry about selling their photos since money wasn't really a necessity anymore. Her parents kept connected to scientist through the laptop that they always carried with them, and that was how they learned about Leven. They made it their goal to reach Leven and establish a base their before going out and continuing to photograph zombies, in hopes their photographs might help in research for a cure. A year and a half into the zombie apocalypse, however, their van was attacked in the middle of the night and Saorise's parents were turned into zombies themselves. After killing her zombified parents, Saorise packed the laptop, the SD cards containing their photographs, and other necessities and started traveling to Leven on her own. Since then nothing much has changed about her. She sleeps with a picture of her parents underneath her pillow.

    Nicolas Rio: Really tall mysterious guy that likes to keep everything a secret
    Preston Wiles: To trust or not to trust?
    Tristan Koyonagi: Goes with the flow, but he's pretty cool
    Ronan Kearny: Quiet, but knows what she's doing
    Rómulo Seung: First person she met in Leven. Kind of emotional
    Siemen Aalders: Ah good ol' Semen

    [BCOLOR=#2fc43c]- Extras Information-[/BCOLOR]​
    ◉ Weapon: She keeps a knife hidden in each of her boots. Lately she's been getting pretty good at using guns as well. Other than that, she just uses whatever she can find.
    ◉ She's afraid of birds because when she was little she got attacked by pigeons in Venice
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  5. [BCOLOR=#831ee8]Ronan Kearney ✖[/BCOLOR]
    25/ Female
    Origin: Leven/Ingram/Scotland
    Occupation: See bio below
    Her hair is an extremely dark black and hangs down to the middle of her back. Preston used to joke that it was a black hole. It's typically pulled back into a messy French braid or bun. When down, it falls in front of her face, and is generally unkempt. Her eyes are a light grey eyes and are always attentive to the world around her. Although the rest of her appearance might look lazy, her eyes are always focused. She's only 5'4, (162cm) but her limbs are long and she's very skinny, which can make her look taller than she actually is. She tends lapse between periods of anorexia and being underweight, though in recent years, she's been controlling her diet better. She's very pale, as she doesn't go outside very often (Though she does claim to open the windows in the summer and just lie in the sun on the floor). Although she appears fragile, she's not weak (You can't be when opening those pesky bottles of paint xD) and doesn't get sick easily.

    Ronan was always a quiet person. In fact, she is actually mute. It seems to be by choice, as there is nothing wrong with her throat, and she did occasionally talk when she was younger. She knows sign language and morse code, but usually communicates through writing. She's not shy, but not exactly outgoing either. She's introverted in the way that being around large groups of people tires her easily, and she doesn't like things like small talk (talking about things like the weather isn't worth the effort in her opinion). Also, because of her mutism, it can be hard for her to get along with people. Although she's a relatively calm person, she can also be quite spontaneous and moody. There are times when she will lie on the ground or her bed for days and not do anything, and other times when she will work endlessly for months on end. She's also extremely stubborn and it's nearly impossible to change her mind once she has made a decision. Since she was young, she has struggled with anorexia, but not because she's afraid of getting fat, but simply because she tends to forget to eat. Of all the things to do in the world, eating is very nearly on the bottom of the list. She rarely gets flustered or angered, though there are many small things that can make her very happy or excited, such as seeing artwork and receiving small presents. In addition to painting, she really likes flowers and animals and used to have many potted plants scattered around her home and also took care of the stray animals that happened to wander her way. While in Leven, she lived alone mostly, but was never lonely since she was often visited by stray animals as well as the occasional Preston (who is currently MIA). She would prefer to spend most of her time reading, painting or doing nothing, but these days she's been forced to work.​

    Ronan was once part of the same group of friends created Leven. Due to her mutism, her parents chose to home school her, so for many years she didn't have many friends. She moved to Leven when she was 10, and that was when she met Nico, who lived next door to her. Their room windows were across from each other, and she first talked to Nico through the window when he asked her why she didn't go to school. Though she was part of the group, she was, at the same time, not part of it. She was closest to Nicolas (and happened to be the first person to call him Nico because "Nicolas is too hard and long to write out"), and although she was relatively comfortable with all of them, being with everyone at the same time tired her out, so she often didn't participate in many of their group outings. In later years, her relationship with Joanna and Bastian began to decline. Joanna because she developed a very strong crush on Nico and became jealous of their close relationship, and Bastian because his overly friendly and charismatic (flirtatious) personality as well as his big ego just made it hard for the two of them to get along.

    When the epidemic hit, she helped the group overcome it and worked in the background to establish Leven, but never officially became part of the Leadership because she didn't like the idea of becoming a public figure. However, she strongly opposed the use of Prozium, and left the government background before it was implemented into the system. And so, Ronan became Leven's first rebel. It wasn't easy to leave. Joanna, Eris and Bastian were worried Ronan would spread rumors around the city that would deter the people from accepting Prozium, and so, didn't want to let her leave the Leadership where they could keep an eye on her. However, with a little help from Nico, it is now assumed she is missing or possibly dead. He helped her move the very edge of the city, in a rundown building (which she doesn't mind at all) that looks abandoned from the outside and was even able to give her electricity and running water. She isn't a registered citizen, and lives almost like a ghost. She only leaves her home when necessary, which is about once a month. She only leaves to buy supplies and meat. She doesn't need to go out for food as often since Preston has helped her raise a small garden behind her home and will also give her fresh produce from the fields. She's able to avoid Prozium checks because the officers never visit her home to perform the routine check (thanks to Nico), and she never acts suspicious enough to prompt a spontaneous one. Throughout the years she has managed to keep in touch with Nico and Preston, though she never saw Nico in person.

    After leaving Leven, they had a hard time finding her a job due to the fact that art isn't really needed anymore, but lately she's been helping the government of Luxembourg create propaganda posters, draw maps, as well as dealing with any other design issues they have.

    Nicolas Rio: Secret crush
    Preston Wiles: Childhood friend
    Tristan Koyonagi: Jellyfish
    Saoirse Kauffman: Heartless Baby
    Rómulo Seung: Angry man

    [BCOLOR=#831ee8]- Extra Information-[/BCOLOR]
    ◉ Weapon: She's received basic training in shooting and is quick on her feet, but prefers to do things that don't require actually running from zombies.
    ◉ She hates coffee and shoes.
    ◉ Raw whole fish freak her out. Those eyes.
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  6. [​IMG]

    The wishes I've made are too vicious to tell, everyone knows I am going to hell


    And if it's true, I'll go there with you...

    A twenty-one year old woman from Scotland, Dallis possesses the ginger hair and eerily translucent green eyes you may have expected. What you likely didn't expect, however, was someone quite so tall. Standing at 179 (179.832 to be exact) cm, and blessed with long legs, the woman has overheard many comments regarding her height. More often than not, they make her freckled nose crinkle up with a laugh. Since the start of the apocalypse, Dallis' style has changed a fair bit. In all the nonsense leading up to Leven, her fashion was limited to anything she happened to find, as well as the suspenders and vest she wore when all hell broke loose. She doesn't dislike the old clothing, but decided it was time for a change. Nowadays you'll find her in ripped jeans and one graphic tee or another, suspenders hanging from her waist. The piercing; that's fairly new. Upon arriving in Luxembourg, the first city she could actually settle down in for a while, the idea of getting a needle shoved in her tongue seemed strangely enticing.

    And you once said I wish you dead, you sinner
    I'll never be more than a wolf at your door for dinner,
    And if I see you 'round like a ghost in my town, you liar,
    I'll leave with your head oh I'll leave you for dead, sire

    Current: Working with Saorise in the armed forces and hating it. Unfortunately she needed to pull her own weight if she wanted to remain in the city.
    Before Apocalypse: Visual Merchandising Student.

    I know, my way through the night to your door
    You know, the blood that I'm owed is all yours
    The wishes I've made are too vicious to tell,
    The devil, already, he knows me so well

    If you asked someone to describe Dallis using a single word, they'd answer with self-serving. Dallis isn't incredibly interested in the greater good, she's just interested in her own survival.

    She possesses a rather dark sense of humor, questionable morals, and, of course, absolutely no empathy for others. Oh a kid died? That's great, we shouldn't of brought them with us in the first place. Years of crying after the outbreak has worn her down, and as a result she has a hard time feeling sorry for others, or even herself. She's not completely apathetic, experiencing her own emotions on a daily basis (though her default seems to be happy and carefree) but she is absolutely self-serving. If you want a kind soul willing to take time out of their day and pamper you, you're talking to the wrong girl. Regardless, Dallis likes to try and befriend everyone she can, even if she doesn't necessarily trust them. You need as many allies as you can get nowadays.

    The ginger can be brutally honest. She has a tendency of pointing out the ugly truth others try to avoid. Maybe she does it for the laughs, or maybe it stems from her nonexistent filter. Despite how uninterested and dense she may seem, Dallis is very observant, and will always comment on her surroundings. If someone is upset or angry with her, she'll make it clear that, despite being aware of their feelings, she doesn't give a shit. If the woman believes her group is being lied to, she'll throw caution to the wind and demand an explanation. These traits have a tendency to cause more trouble than anything else, but they sure as hell help when you need to make a tough choice. She puts an unbelievable amount of trust in her gut instincts.

    Admittedly, she's a very touchy person. Dallis likes grabbing peoples hand, tugging on their arms, resting on their shoulders. All of it. Classmates would often poke fun at her and her friends, asking if they were dating because their hands were locked together. No matter how hard they tried, her friend's couldn't escape her grasp. After the apocalypse, and her pals got their skin teared to shreds, Dallis spent her time alone. I mean, people weren't strolling the streets looking for a hug. On occasion she'd catch herself latching onto Preston's arm. She tends to use Scottish slang and jargon that others don't understand, but will assume they know the meaning unless they specifically ask for clarification. Has developed a habit of rubbing her nose.

    It's too much to discuss sober, I know
    Just why you think,
    That you need an anaesthatised mouth to
    Say all those bladed things

    The area in which Dallis was born lacked female children. There was only one other girl who lived in the development, and her house was a good 60 yards away. So, not wanting to spend her days alone, she started to mess around with the boys. Not in a sexual way, but in a way where she would join them as they wrestled, rough-house with them, and play in small rugby matches that usually ended with her being harmed in some way. Regardless, she enjoyed it. Her scrapes and bruises were a sign of her ability to survive the toughness of Glasgow boys.

    When she turned nine, she started to play football. Her height was both a strength and a weakness; she was fast, but she couldn't do much if the ball was passed through her legs. The sport was just for fun, but looking back she's glad she played. She gained stamina and endurance during that experience, and those two things were rather handy in the current situation.

    In secondary school she was less enthusiastic about sports, and gradually levitated towards interior design and architecture. During class she would doodle store designs, office designs, even park designs. She scraped a B in most her classes by copying down the notes her friends actually took. Her grades were above average, and that was good enough for her.

    The virus started around the time Dallis graduated, and she never got to do more than tour the university she planned to attend. She has no idea what happened to her parents, but she assumes they have long since died. While her parents were sitting in their Glasgow family home, she'd been discussing dorm life vs. sorority living with her friends. A casual meet-up at the nearby cafe turned into a bloodbath, and the woman ended up covered in her pal's brains. It certainly wasn't a pleasant experience.

    So dirty and fighting the urge to vomit, the girl staggered along the streets, sprinting away from brain eaters and attempting to ignore the screams of the less fortunate. For a while her days were spent rummaging through the belongings of everyone who had passed, before returning towards her current safe house; often some sort of trash pile or another. There wasn't much else to do but keep on walking, searching for any sign of zombie-free civilization. Music kept her occupied, but her phone quickly ran out of juice, and few places still housed electricity. She couldn't sing to herself, because she would simply end up dead.

    Later, she came across another living human in the countryside. She was looking for supplies in a small marketplace, anything to help her get by, when she heard someone. Dallis assumed they were a zombie, and they did the same, but before either attacked they realized the other was indeed alive. That person was Preston Wiles, and meeting him started her off on one helluva ride. Meeting stuck-up assholes, heartless teenagers, chill peers, and braniacs that gave her headaches just by standing nearby.

    Time is always harder on the quiet days,
    Brings back up that old sacrifice,
    You cost me more than I ever knew before,
    And looking back I can not deny

    If she can shoot it, she'll love it. Honestly, just give her a gun and let her fire away. She's always wanted an RPG, but that's probably not something you casually stroll past during the apocalypse.
    Glock 26, almost always tucked between her skin and waistband
    SA80 Assault Rifle

    I don't know where I've been
    And it's been such a long time
    Since I really saw the difference
    Between you and I...

    Saorise Kaufman:
    Cute, heartless little sister she never had.
    Rómulo Seung:
    Victim of teasing and nicknames.
    Tristan Koyonagi:
    He's a pretty cool guy.
    Preston Wiles:
    An admirable old man, and nickname victim.
    Ronan Kearny:
    Well, they know each other.
    Nicolas Rio:
    Never had a chance to talk.

    And I don't know where I stand,
    Faced with a cruel world,
    I'd say everything points to
    The disappearance of the girl...

    Dallis loves giving people nicknames. Rómulo is Róró, Preston is Prissy, and she has a habit of giving Saorise a variety of flattering pet names.
    Though it takes plenty of hard-alcohol to get her drunk, it hits her hard, and the woman's been known to pass out drooling or blabber about various unrelated topics...so I guess she's not too different, huh? She likes challenging recruits to drinking competitions, cackling manically when victory comes.
    Her birthday is March 26th.

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  7. [BCOLOR=#000000]Preston Wiles ✖[/BCOLOR]
    29 Male Scottish-born British-bred

    White-grey hair / Gray eyes / Average height and athletic body​

    No matter the situation he’s always using a bit of dark humor to deal with things. He’s an honest man and a hard worker with a good heart. He was the heart of the group, the one that balanced everyone out. He picked on everyone indiscriminately and got away with it. He dragged Nico out and made him talk; he always made Joanna pout and relax; he had a way of deflating Bastian’s ego without hurting his pride; and he always made Eris laugh while they argued at the same time.
    He’s very chill and spiritually strong. As soon as he got the chance he went back home, taking some tokens from each of his family members, which dangle from a leather thread around his neck:

    -His parents wedding rings. Proof of their union and love.
    -A 23 year old’s silver bracelet his girlfriend had given him. (Preston wrapped it around the leather cord).
    -A 21 year old’s hollow wooden gauge. His piercing pride since Preston never had one of those.
    -An 18 year old’s colored beads that together formed a little rainbow. They meant a lot to him. He hadn’t even had the chance to tell their parents he liked men.
    -A 10 year old’s diabetic tags. Made him feel like a little soldier which helped him deal with the disease. (Name on tags in case anyone happens to see them: Collin Wiles)

    As far as Preston knows, they still live in him and are always with him.

    Ingram Castle City, Scotland. That’s where the Wiles couple decided to move to in order to start their family. Then again it wasn’t so much a decision for the British couple as it was an order from Mr. Wiles’ company.

    Preston grew up in a loving environment, but being the eldest brother of 4 boys had given him a bit of a wicked humor. His parents had waited 6 years to have their second son, so Preston became like a third parent to the kids that followed while at the same time remaining a kid at heart.
    The Wiles’ home somehow became headquarters to the friendship trio: Preston, Bastian, and Eris (Future Leven Leaders)

    Given Preston’s personality and ease with younger boys, it wasn’t surprising that he’d immediately befriend the little genius that skipped grades. Granted, the boy didn’t seem to care whether Preston existed or not, but Preston was Preston and young boys where his teasing specialty. Even more so when he realized a girl was crushing on Nicolas pretty hardcore. She was older than him too. Before long, Nicolas was part of their trio and by default so was Joanna. By then Preston had become so good at reading Nicolas’ poker face, though he still wasn’t perfectly accurate.

    Nicolas Rio became a constant presence in the Wiles household, even after he’d skipped more grades and left them behind. He was there more often than anyone else, sometimes bringing his friend, Ronan, who also joined the crew.

    They were all grown up when the epidemic came.
    As soon as the first break-outs occurred the government told everyone not to leave their house. Preston and his family obeyed and the first days everything seemed deadly quiet outside, but it wasn’t long before moans and screams reached their ears. At some point Preston and his father would venture out to get food while his mother and brothers collected water from the morning dew.
    One day they came back from a venture, sadly to find a mob at their house. They couldn’t go anywhere near it and survive. Still, they tried because they couldn’t tell if they’d gotten inside the house. Their family could still be alive, but only his father found out if they were. He managed to get into the house, but before Preston could follow he was dragged back by Bastian who pulled him away to safety. The group gathered and together, behind a wall of debrish, they found Nico. And so it began. Leven’s creation began.

    But Leven is gone now, probably. Preston and Nicolas were separated from the group and they continued to travel together.

    - Extra Information-
    -One industrial piercing on his left ear. A simple bar that goes across the top of his ear.​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]◉ Weapon ◉[/BCOLOR]
    Axe & knife expert by way of experience

    [BCOLOR=#000000]◉ Relationships ◉[/BCOLOR]
    Nicolas Rio - Little Brother
    Rómulo Seung - Weird good looking guy
    Ronan Kearney - Friend I feel protective of
    Dallis Sterling - Survivor Pal
    Saorise Kauffmann - Kid that's growing up too fast
    Margo Baptiste -
    Atticus Sargent - (planned: fellow soldier)
    Dale Beisner -
    Cedric -
    Mechanic -​

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  8. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]✖ Nicolas Rio ✖[/BCOLOR]
    25 Male Mexican

    Black hair / Blue eyes / Dark Skin / Very tall​

    Someone that goes straight to the point. He's direct and dry and can be very sarcastic. A very smart individual. He easily keeps his feelings to himself and has a very good poker-face. Although he’s the mastermind behind Leven’s creation, he didn’t anticipate the extreme it reached.

    There’s not a whole lot more to say about his personality. He’s just that simple, or complex at the same time.

    Nicolas was born in a rich Mexican family. He inherited his grandmother’s blue eyes but that was it. Everything else about him screamed of his mother, except perhaps for his height.
    His family’s company specialized in the design and manufacturing of various technologies, as well as research. It was no wonder that Nicolas became interested in such things at a young age since he always followed his grandfather around. He was an only child, but when he had the choice of moving with his grandfather to Europe he chose to go.

    In Ingram Castle City, to his grandfather's surprise, Nicolas made a friend. The neighbor Ronan. She didn’t mind that he could spend hours working on a computer or building something without so much as a glance at her. In fact, she was the same except her attention went towards a canvas. They understood that part of each other and so they could be friends without having to talk much.

    School went by fast for him. He just wanted to be done with it so he could do bigger and better things. It wasn’t until he met Preston and his friends in class one day that he really began to look around. Look at the present instead of the future. Preston cracked him open and dragged him out with such ease he wasn’t surprised to meet the kind of family he had the first day he went to visit.
    In that house he’d felt like a sixth Wiles. He was teased and pushed and punched on the arm, then hugged and fed, then sent home with leftovers before he even realized what had happened.

    Then the epidemic hit.
    They were told to stay indoors. Nicolas didn’t listen either. He was planning ahead. At the time his grandfather was stuck at the company so Nicolas could only hope for the best. Instead of running towards him or running away, Nicolas spent the first days of deadly quiet running around from empty building to empty building. Every once in a while he encountered zombies but their numbers were small and he could easily out-smart them.


    Building after building suffered an explosion that tumbled them down. They crumbled like dominoes in a circle until the circle closed. Then Nicolas waited. He waited for them, because he needed them to do everything else he couldn’t or didn’t want to do himself.

    And they came.

    And now he's put an end to what he helped create, and walked away. For the past half-year he's been traveling with Preston, looking for a new haven.

    - Extra Information-
    Likes skulls
    Mostly wears black​

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]◉ Weapon ◉[/BCOLOR]
    His Brain

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]◉ Relationships ◉[/BCOLOR]
    Preston Wiles - Brother
    Rómulo Seung - Fun to mess with
    Ronan Kearney - Childhood Friend
    Dallis Sterling - Acquaintance
    Saorise Kauffmann - Acquaintance
    Margo Baptiste - (planned: Does not believe in personal space)
    Atticus Sargent -
    Dale Beisner -
    Mihail "Indigo" Pavelovich - (planned: Sofia Pavelovich was my colleague)
    mechanic -​

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  9. wip

    [BCOLOR=transparent]⋮[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]♛[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]◜「 [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]meet[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] ANSON[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]。[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]BEISNER[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]»[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent].☆☆☆☆☆⠀⠀⠀//////////⠀⠀⠀[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]don’t you ever tame your demons!⠀⠀don’t you ever tame your demons![/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]age .twenty-seven[/BCOLOR] ⠀⠀⠀ [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]gender .male[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] ⠀⠀⠀ [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]origin .german[/BCOLOR]


    head medic


    like 5'10" or sum shit
    leanly muscular, nothing spectacular but he's fit
    ya kinda have to be in a post apocalyptic society tbH
    scruffy platinum blond hair that falls into his face, he tries to keep it short but forgets to cut it a lot
    green eyes with light flecks of gray, long blond eyelashes that you can't see unless ur rly close
    hollowed cheeks, angular jaw, sloped nose, soft thin lips
    perpetual circles under his eyes that look like bruises
    pale skin that's cool to the touch, smooth and soft
    his hands are kinda scarred and super calloused to where his fingerprints can barely be picked up
    dude dresses in nice but very plain clothing; nothing beyond dress code
    collared shirts he rolls up to his elbows, a rotating cast of ties, slacks, idK
    very clean-cut & neat but keeps himself plain and relatively unnoticeable


    [BCOLOR=transparent]anson's first impression with most people is that the man is very polite[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]he's a soft-spoken and gracious individual, a bit on the meeker, modest side[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]as a result, he[/BCOLOR]
    attracts common civilians, who are often charmed by his quiet grace and gentle elegance, they feel close to him because he's not haughty and distant. to them, he's thoroughly human and they feel like they can confide and trust in him that being said,
    [BCOLOR=transparent]on the other hand, this very same disposition tends to be overlooked by the ambitious and dangerous and isn't considered a serious threat, they either act condescending towards him to put him in his place or offer him a cool, distant regard[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]that being said, he's not[/BCOLOR]


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  10. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=#333399]× M i h a i l " I N D I G O " P a v e l o v i c h ×[/BCOLOR]

    XXV |||| Russian || Chef

    "Ибо тайна бытия человеческого не в том, чтобы только жить, а в том, для чего жить."

    "The secret of human existence lies not with s t a y i n g a l i v e, but in finding something to l i v e f o r ."

    [BCOLOR=#333399]× A P P E A R A N C E ×[/BCOLOR]

    Lanky || Light Blonde || 173 cm || Dazed Look || Oversized Coats

    [BCOLOR=#333399]× P E R S O N A L I T Y ×[/BCOLOR]
    The most immediate words that come to mind are m e l a n c h o l i c and s o m b e r but neither are particularly kind adjectives, nor are they wholly accurate. Mihail is a bleeding heart underneath hooded eyes and a tattooed chest. He's been in a state of emotional turmoil ever since the outbreak. Hell, even since before. The zombies have been a perfect catalyst for a deep-seated depression to take hold of the sensitive soul within. He'd rather not fight. He might not like people all of the time, but to see the world reduced to such barbaric ways weighs quite heavily on him. Mihail realizes he is never the most useful man in any room. He wears sadness on his sleeve, but it's better spent there than letting it bottle up.​

    [BCOLOR=#333399]× B I O G R A P H Y ×[/BCOLOR]
    Mihail was born in Murmansk to an alcoholic mother and a sex-addicted lawyer. He was their second child, and while both parents tried their best every once in awhile, Mihail found himself drawn to and inspired by his older sister Sofia. She was a kind soul in a world that had already taken on a shade of grey for him. His father squandered their paychecks on expensive weekend business trips with whores, while his mother would go out and leave the children alone whenever she felt herself sobering up. Sofia went out of her way to stand up for Mihail as he began to express an artistic interest in cooking and literature. She, herself, impressed her parents with a scientific mind and proved mentally tough enough to balance studies and providing for her withdrawn little brother. Under her supervision, Mihail developed into a rather soulful young child, shielded from his dismal home life. He found his true passion in cooking, preparing exquisite meals for himself and Sofia so he could greet his usually-exhausted sister with something warm and inviting whenever she arrived home.

    Once Mihail began to search for a university to attend, Sofia had been offered a job in the UK as a researcher. With his sister gone, Mihail had no buffer against his parents, who disapproved of his desire to become a chef. He decided he would leave Russia to pursue his culinary passion in France, having gone out on a limb and receiving a generous scholarship from one of the French institutions. He hasn't been home since.

    His college years were uneventful. He proved incredibly apt at his chosen craft, maintained a few close friendships, and generally felt the effects of malaise. He wasn't sure what to do with his new freedom and he felt more and more alone as the years went on. Upon graduating, he managed a tour of Europe with money he'd saved up while working odd jobs in and around campus. Mihail ended up in Luxembourg, gainfully employed at a nice local restaurant as a sous chef. Everything seemed to be going well until the outbreak.

    He heard nothing from Sofia. He lost his job. Well, more like his bosses lost their lives and he got to use his cleavers for more than just tenderized meat. He packed up his knives and tried to get himself to safety. That's been the majority of his time ever since he encountered his first zombie. It's been a lot of running, a lot of panicking, and a lot of wiping off his blades. It keeps him up at night. Even though he's found others to survive with, others who are making a big difference in the fight against the seemingly unstoppable tide of destruction, it remains a daily struggle.​

    [BCOLOR=#333399]× W E A P O N ×[/BCOLOR]

    Knives, though not always professionally.

    [BCOLOR=#333399]× O T H E R ×[/BCOLOR]
    • Mihail was always called Misha by his sister. He can't bear the sound of that nickname any longer. In fact, his birth name still sounds much too much like a parental admonishment.​
    • He took his nickname from the first French restaurant he worked in, called Indigo's.
    • He dislikes spicy food. Cooking it, eating it, doesn't matter. It gives him terrible heartburn.
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  11. I'm considering joining ^^

    Anyone up for their character having a little sister?

    If not, that's perfectly okay.
  12. It'd be hard with my characters since they're all from different places, BUT we could certainly plan for a sibling-type relationship. I'm open to it. But two of mine are M.I.A. atm and the only guy that's going to be in Lux is not an easy guy so the relationship might be a bit rough D:

    Someone else might make a better offer if they're willing. =)

  13. [​IMG]

    〈〈 Céᴅʀɪᴄ ᴀᴄʜᴀʀɪᴀʜ Dᴀʜʟ 〉〉

    ⸢ 28♂ ⸥

    [BCOLOR=#000004]Cédric is Belgian born. As such, he’s a speaker of mostly German and Dutch. He has a very hard time with English. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]ᴄᴄᴜᴘᴀᴛɪᴏɴ [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004]Former farm hand in family business. Currently he’s still trying to find where he belongs in society as most of his work isn’t exactly advanced. Mostly he tends to get jobs in carpentry or masonry. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004] Aᴘᴘᴇᴀʀᴀɴᴄᴇ [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004]Notably, in safe areas he likes to throw off his shirt. Given the fact that he spent most of his days shirtless before it all hit the fan, it’s out of habit. There’s a certain discomfort when it comes to that. Naturally being from a family of ranchers he has quite the build, leaning more to being very muscular. It is the body of a worker, someone who uses their hands to do everything instead of relying on computers or others to get things done. Willing to get down in the muck even to do what’s needed. As such, if he has dirt on him have no surprise as he lacks in caring for his appearance. In addition, his wardrobe is awful.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004]Finally, he has many ways of showing his love of his horse. An example being his two tattoos. One tattoo is located on his upper back, as well as a tattoo in Japanese he thought said brave horse in small script . This can be found going down from the middle of his radius to the ulna on his right side. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]ᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004]Rancher boy is very hospitable, as well as is a very hard worker. He’s someone who keeps constantly trying with an undying determination when he puts his mind on something. This doesn’t mean he’s always in a very good place though. He’s a hesitant person in some cases, as well as one of easy influence from the past. Cédric doesn’t particularly want to lose anyone he cares for. Then again, who does? He also has the problem of just going blank in action. His memory of certain events simply disappears. It’s unsure if he’s conscious or not during them, as he’s yet to remember any time that takes place happening. There very much so is a heart that is guarded. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]He has that sort of farmer boy vibe about him. A very active person if there is a chance to be as a believer in work hard, play hard. Especially as he loves the outdoors. Or at least how it used to be. He “ain’t” too much of an intellectual, but proves to be smart in his own way. Although still incredibly dunce-like on many things, including being very slow. Especially when it comes to technology, as he has no idea how to use majority of it. There are a lot of values geared towards home and family, as well as good food. A person with high regard of manners and refuses to cuss. Finally, there is a more willingness to act before he thinks. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t always think things through, it’s just less likely for him to debate over it. He’s a rather normal acting person mostly. Not always nice, not always mean. Everything fluctuates as humans tend to. Most of all he focuses too much on the past. Reflecting on nostalgia rather than facing what’s going on around him fully. Or even rather than trying to figure out anything to do with a future. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]Given that his cranium got kicked by a cow as a child, his brain isn't totally there. Evidence of brain damage persists to this day. This includes: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004] Unconsciousness [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004] Inability to recall the traumatic event[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004] Confusion[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004]Difficulty learning and remembering new information[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004] Trouble speaking coherently [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004] Unsteadiness/ Dizziness[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004]Lack of coordination and problems with vision or hearing[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000004]Cédric grew up on a ranch. It is here that he milked cows, tamed horses, and cut the crops. As a place that has both livestock as well as orchards. Mostly fruit trees as well as a field of tobacco. The crops used the animals as a sort of natural fertilizer, and the animals ate them in return to help them grow. It’s a dated process, but one that has been used since farming has existed. There’s only a few ways to improve how it works, as nobody has really looked that deep into the industry. Well, aside from those who want to put out food of poor quality for the masses for profit. His mother didn’t like that though, so they were free range despite the many offers. After all, their business was mainly dealing with animals. It had started out as only a horse stable.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]It was a simple life. When he wasn’t tending to the animals and picking fruit he was busy out on his horse Maxwell or playing with the animals. To be honest he wasn’t interested in growing greens. There wasn’t excitement in it for him, and thus lacked any resemblance of a green thumb. Since he was a kid he’d been messing with the cows in particular, as he felt that perhaps they could become a super animal. All that was needed had been for them to gallop as fast as a horse and you’d have the ultimate resource. Something that can both feed you, quench your thirst, and was a form of transportation. Even if they could be a bit on the smellier side. His favorite cow to work with was Marie. Man, she was a doozy. So furious but so caring. At least that’s what he felt she was, as to him animals had feelings, as well as personalities. Even science proved it, since they even say that cows get sad when they’re lonely. That’s how he took it as, when hearing such a thing. Surely something that can get lonely and depressed has to have more to it. In fact, every single animal had a personality. Even if they seemed similar. He just knew it. Although he wasn’t of course always on good terms with the animals. He remembers coming home with a headache. Apparently Marie clopped him in the head, so he went to the hospital for a while. At least that’s what his parents sad. He doesn’t recall that happening. Not the type to think they’d lie about something like that, he and Marie were at odds and ends for at least a month. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]Later on in his life they made the risky addition of expanding by alpacas. Which was at first a bit scary as the whole thing began a mess. A few managed to get lost for good, while others straight out tried to escape. It took a while to really get a handle on them. Although not long after they’d successfully got to the right place with caring for them, the end began. In the night horrible sounds came from the barns, naturally his mother went out to check it. Cédric by her side. They used the flashlight and in the darkness appeared a fidgety man, his father. He was trying to eat the livestock alive as he bit into their flesh with relentless force. The sheep shrieked as it was attacked. All the while his mother was freaking out and asking what was going on. He began to come near her while the sheep seemed to go off to find other animals. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]Cédric doesn’t remember how it happened, everything feels so blank from there. The next thing he knew he’d let out the horses. He and his mother escaping right on two in a panic to get away. That was until suddenly the mustang his mom rode suddenly went crazy. It kicked up and dropped her flat on her back. They hadn’t notice the bite mark on its leg (which made him quickly check that his own horse was in fact as safe as it had believed.) It began to pummel her, stomping onto her as it tried to reach her for a bite. Without even knowing, it had managed to infect her through the saliva. Cédric got off his mare and managed to take down the horse, then picked up the passed out mother and placed her on the back of his own steed. He spent until the next day riding in hope to find help. He looked everywhere, but everyone was in panic or was unable to be found. He ended up deciding to stop and let the horse rest for a while as he cared for his mom. That was until everything blacked out again. The only thing he can recall was the sound of his parent and a pounding sound with a few chilling crunches. [/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000004] Ⱳᴇᴀᴘᴏɴ [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004] He owns the shotgun his family used for purposes in which I will not speak of. He also has a hammer hanging on the wall at home. Previously used for rocks and such back on the ranch. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000004]ᴇʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴsʜɪᴘs [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000004]M a x w e l l × D a h l -
    His horse that he’d made the escape from home with. Of course it is kept hidden, it’s a struggle to keep it both safe and undetected. A big fear is that someone will get to it, especially an infected. Every time they meet a point is made to do a full body search. At least once a day Maxwell will be groomed as best of his ability. Granted, there is no way for him to really take care of the mare without all the right tools. It’s the only thing he has left from his past, aside from his weaponry and daydreams. Maxwell is named after a song that played from one of the albums his father listened to. It was a confusing English but with a fun rhythm. Although some songs were in German that he could understand. He rather liked those musicians.[/BCOLOR]

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  14. That's fine ^^ If no one takes the position I will just make a second character that will be her sibling. Is the rp in dire need of a certain gender?
  15. Will do. I'll hopefully have them up by tonight.
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  16. My second character, a lass by the name of Vera, needs a little sister. I'm thinking she comes from a big family. If you're okay with that setup, and collaboration via PMs, feel free to jump onboard. I'll post her up probably by tonight. She's going to be something of a mech pilot, to the extent that the setting allows.
  17. That's fine with me! What nationality were you thinking of making her?
  18. [​IMG]
    Monsters that live inside my head at night are all right cause they can never compare to the ones that live outside.

    2'5" | 30 lbs | Hair goes to her waist

    Nadia Fairchild

    8 years of age


    American - Chicago

    Nadia helps out where she is needed in the safe zone.

    [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]Personality: [/BCOLOR]
    When Nadia is around people that are not her family or her close friends, she is normally seen as shy and reserved. She is closed off to people she does not know very well and tends to become shy. To add to that, Nadia is very loyal to her family and the people she calls her friends. She would do anything to protect them and keep them safe, even if that means putting herself in harms way. She is very self-less and tends to forget about her own well-being at times. Once given a task, Nadia will become focused solely on that task and will not give up or relent until she is satisfied with the end result. To that extent, she is also a perfectionist and is very reluctant to proclaim her work is perfect to her standards. She is a very neat and organized person coming from a family with three to four siblings. Her bed is made every morning and everything is orderly and in its respective places. She also does not like other people touching her things, especially her diary or photo album that holds pictures of her family. Thankfully, her OCD ends with herself and so she will not go around telling others to organize their things or make their bed. If they want to be messy so be it as long as her things are tidy.

    Despite her being closed off to other people, Nadia likes to help people and will offer to help if she can manage to pluck up the courage. Nadia also does not trust very easily and won't offer much about herself even if asked. Nadia is also Ambidextrous, which means she is both left and right-handed. She tends to switch between them, not really favoring one over the other.

    To the people she is close to, Nadia is seen as a happy girl. She hates being the center of attention and can become quite flustered when put in the spotlight. She blushes easily and cries even easier. She also does not like for other people to see her cry, she has a bad habit of bottling up her emotions and problems; instead putting on a brave face and acting like nothing is wrong. She is a very good listener if someone needs to rant and is not very easily angered herself. As all children can be, Nadia can be very stubborn and does not ask for help very often, especially around people she is not close to. However, if she feels comfortable around someone, she might ask. Maybe. She is very independent.

    Despite all of this, she is still just a child and displays child-like tendencies such as being too curious for her own good or being frightened of scary things.

    [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]Biography: [/BCOLOR]
    Born the youngest of the family, Nadia's parents seemed to show more favor to the little girl more so than her other siblings, doting on their youngest child. Because of the age gap between Nadia and the rest of her siblings, the girl always seemed to be one step behind them. Nadia had been born premature and with a weak immune system to boot. This resulted in Nadia being unable to run around and play outside like other children her age, her parents constantly fearing she would fall ill. Despite her limitations, Nadia loved her siblings dearly, Vera in particular. Nadia had always looked up to and admired her eldest sister. This admiration only grew when Vera joined the military. Sure, Nadia missed her when she was gone but she was proud of her all the same.

    Being the youngest, Nadia was always cast in the older siblings shadows. But she didn't let this bother her and instead focused on doing activities that she loved. At a young age she became interested in drawing, doodling away on scrap pieces of paper while laying on the living room floor. As she grew older, her drawing skills improved to such a level it surprised her parents and they began planning to enroll her in a drawing program when she grew old enough. When it came time for the long-prepared family vacation, Nadia was over the moon at the thought of spending time with her big sister who had been away for so long.

    But then the nightmare began. The even is still fresh in Nadia's mind and haunts her nightmares. The day everything went to hell, Nadia had seen some pretty flowers from afar and had wandered off to get a closer look, separating herself from her family. The next few moments were kind of a blur. A man had grabbed the tiny girl and tried to...bite her. Then Vera was there, knocking the man away from her. Everything else fell into place like domino's. Her family save Vera became infected and Nadia could only watch in horror as her elder sister was forced to end their lives. Nadia tries not to let it show around Vera, but that one event gives her nightmares. But despite her restless nights, Nadia gets up every morning with a smile on her face. She had to be strong. For Vera.

    A small dagger she found along the way. She barely knows how to wield it. The blade of the knife is able to heat itself, hot enough to eventually boil water.


    To Be Added As The RP Progresses
    Nadia was born mute and knows sign language. She also owns a stuffed teddy bear named Mimzy and her sketchpad and coloring case.
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