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  1. [​IMG]
    Flight Recorder found on Kepler-22B
    Journal 01 (plot): We had no idea of knowing what would be on the surface once we had finally landed. The United Nations assured us that this planet, Kepler-22B, was a lifeless rock once the rovers scanned it. That was the last thing we heard before going into cryosleep. The truth, however, is a bit more complicated than that. Our ship was the Perseus-7, one of the most advanced carriers in the galactic fleet. Perhaps we should have noticed sooner, but it's not common for a valuable carrier to be sent on a research mission. We were fools to follow that signal. We were told that the surface had enough resources to prevent Earth from succumbing to another energy crisis. After all, that was the entire point of the Interstellar Colonialism Project. Kepler-22B was the first big target for terraforming, since we had already colonized Mars, Luna, and Venus. I'll try to speed this along. This planet is not safe. For those listening to this, avoid all contact with the Kepler 22 System at all costs. No rescue mission, no supply drop, wait... what was that sound?----*static*

    Concept: It seems as though you've earned a job promotion lately. The year is 2119 AD. You, the player, are an employee for the Virgo-Corporation, an organization that sells territory on distant exoplanets. As part of your promotion, you get to work on the E.S. Hydra, a massive research vessel designed for reaching the farthest solar systems imaginable. Normally, it's only the 'best of the best' type to serve on this ship. Nevertheless, Virgo needs your talents, and they need them quickly. A distress beacon was found on Kepler-22B (the recording was sent for review back on Earth) and now you and a crew of 8 others must investigate what happened there. If all goes well, then you'll only spend 10-15 years away from Earth. After all, wormhole technology is expensive. All we can say now is good luck.
    Surface Outpost

    « »

    Originating Planet: Earth
    Population: 14 billion
    Behavorial Patterns: Unpredictable

    Originating Planet: Gliese 581g
    Population: 3.7 billion
    Behavorial Patterns: Nonaggressive, mostly nonverbal (can vary among individuals)

    Originating Planet: Tau Ceti e
    Population: 400,000 (home planet devastated by nuclear war)
    Behavorial Patterns: Distrusting, easily offended

    Originating Planet: Kepteyn b
    Population: 20 billion
    Behavorial Patterns: Sociable, easily frightened
    Character Sheet
    Appearance (picture or description):

    1. Pilot & Co-Pilot
    2. Engineer
    3. Science Officer
    4. Surveyor
    5. Security Officer (basically a marine)
    6. Captain
    7. Communications Officer
    8. Medical Officer

    Co-GM: Windsong
    1. No godmodding whatsoever.
    2. No harassment of any kind to other players.
    3. Please use common sense! No, you're not going to use that Organ Destroyer Rifle/Nuke Launcher to crush your foes. Weapons will be rare, and ultimately, useless against the real threat.
    4. All Iwaku rules apply.
    5. Romance. Is. Not. Here. I'm sorry, but love is difficult to find when stranded on a distant planet and hunted by an unknown creature. But who am I to judge.
    5. Yes, characters can die. You can RP as a survivor from the Perseus-7, granted that you obey the following rule to a higher degree.
    6. DON'T DESCRIBE THE CREATURE! This may be a bit confusing. We're talking about a predator that is highly proficient in stealth. If you do see it in full-view, it's the last thing you'll see. If you wish, you can describe other things about it, such as claw marks, injuries on cadavers, etc. (We're also trying to maintain tension)
    7. Please inform me if you wish to make multiple characters, or have any ideas you wish to share.
    7.5- As a side rule, the creature's nickname will be 'The Manticore'.
    8. If you choose to play as any of the non-human races, you are welcome to provide their history, mythology, or anatomy so long as you tell me beforehand. I decide everything else on humanity. *evil laughter*
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  2. First for getting alerts.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Appearance (picture or description):
    Name: Kofrune "Rune" Insyvic
    Age: 82 Earth Years (biologically, still a young adult)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Xendak

    Personality: Kofrune is rather timid for his species. He's overly cautious on most occasions, and tries to avoid other Xendaks. When around humans, Kofrune prefers to be called by his more Earth-like name, 'Rune'. However, much like the rest of his kind, he is slow to trust strangers or other people in general, sometimes even using ship equipment for monitoring his fellow crew members.
    Occupation: Co-Pilot
    History: Prior to the first Kepler-22B mission, Rune was born on the Xendak homeworld, Tau Ceti e, in 2037 AD. At the time of his birth, Rune was among the first to witness the near-destruction of his planet. The great Xendak Civil War resulted in the loss of billions to nuclear fire. Being no stranger to difficulty, he lost his family due to various radiation illnesses. The Xendak race had practically nothing in terms of space exploration or galactic expansion (due to frequent conflicts), so the war brought their population down to a meager 400,000 (practically endangered compared to other races). That, and the slow reproduction rate of his people made living on Tau Ceti e nearly impossible. Once the Nelurr had discovered Rune's planet, they were quick to show mercy on the devastated Xendaks. Even to this day, onlookers of the war acknowledge the species' hostility as the cause of their downfall. Rune himself managed to earn a living on a Nelurr capital ship, quickly learning the intricacies of space travel, as an unskilled engineer. Over time, he managed to work his way up to shuttle pilot. His expertise advanced at an unprecedented rate, gaining the attention of the human-run Virgo Corporation. Humans had only arrived on the galactic scene recently, at least in Xendak years, and they were quick to establish their dominance in dozens of systems. Although his race was saved by the Nelurr, they changed their preference to humanity solely from their randomized aggression, a stark contrast from the other, docile races. Rune impressed his human employers greatly (as few humans could ever see a Xendak) and soon enough he was asked to serve on the Hydra, a ship he only heard of in whispers. Feeling ever-so-honored, the young individual was swift to accept the position.
    Talents: Vast knowledge on piloting smaller ships, attention to detail, memory skills
    Weaknesses: Paranoia, social awkwardness around humans, radiation sickness (needs to keep medication around)
  4. NAME: Samantha Bailey

    AGE: 29 (Pre-cryo sleep)


    APPEARANCE: Bailey is a tall (1.8m), thin individual. Narrow shoulders give way to stick-thin arms that end in long, spindly and delicate fingers. Her rib cage, as a result of her stretched form, is well defined and is often outlined through shirts. Thin, pale brown hair remains kept in a neat bun that rests at the base of her neck, keeping her forehead clear. Beneath her forehead rests a delicate, undefined brow that curves into a soft nose. Harsh pink lips hang above a pointed chin and her eyes are a nondescript brown color. For one having spent more time away from a sun's solar radiation, her skin remains quite dark, more a smooth nut-brown with no real affiliation to any one race or ethnicity (a result of a highly mixed gene pool on most human-owned planets).

    RACE: Human

    PERSONALITY: Samantha, 'Sam', has developed around a life of solidarity born out of the nature of her birthplace and occupation. Though capable of interacting with others, it is not a task she enjoys performing for extended periods and often she will communicate with more hand gestures and other nonverbal communication more than speech. Her exchanges with others, verbal or not, are brief and to-the-point (and quite dry), though she is prone to using harsh sarcasm when unwarranted.


    HISTORY: Sam was born and raised on a traveling asteroid miner with an orbit that ensured it would only see two or three planets every standard Earth year. In the low, artificial gravity required to make conditions on the ship at the very least workable, she developed an elongated form and low bone density that make her quite frail on Earth-like gravity levels or higher. While on board the Armstrong, Sam was familiarized with all the workings of the aged mining ship, but quickly fell in love with piloting the ungraceful, ugly slab of metal through the stars. When she was nineteen, Sam's father lost an arm in an accident while loading a slab of ice into the Armstrong's cargo bay. Unable to continue working, he retired to working the logistics of the vessel. When her mother was exposed to a reactor room's radiation, Sam resolved herself to find a means to pay for the new medical costs and took up a position at Virgo, a position she has kept for six years unto the present.

    TALENTS: Maneuvering large and small spacecraft in narrow spaces, basic first-aid, basic understanding of reactors and how to repair them, certified cryo-technician.

    WEAKNESSES: Physically frail in any gravity higher than .5 G - the higher the gravity, the more her muscles have to strain to keep her upright. Antisocial. Agoraphobia born of being raised in a tight, confined space.​
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  5. Will be able to get up a CS a little later tonight!

    EDIT: I take that back, sorry guys something came up tonight. Tomorrow I've got plenty of free time soooo watch this space.
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  6. Ooh, I think I'll reserve a spot, which I can fill out l8er tomorrow!
    (May I inquire as to the duties of the surveyor?)
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  7. A surveyor's job is to analyze the geography of a given area. If you pick that option, luckily for everyone else, you get to do the most exploring!
  8. Sorry for the silence! I'll have a sheet up before the end of Sunday!

    Looking forward to this for sure!
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  9. Name: Jrl'na Ksrt [jurl-nah kiss-urt]

    Age: 175 - the right side of middle age for a Y'unkeh.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Y'unkeh

    Height: 2.45m

    Weight: 300kg


    Jrl'na exhibits many of the traits characteristic to his race. Slow but meticulous in his thinking, Jrl'na will never rush into making a decision, but calmly and logically come to what he deems the best course of action before moving. It is very difficult to unsettle even a timid Y'unkeh, and Jrl'na is far from timid. His manners are always impeccable - perhaps aided by the fact that his voice box does not necessarily have to adopt the tone of his emotions. The slow, unflappable alien has been fittingly described before as "The most polite boulder you'll ever meet."

    Occupation: Medical Officer


    Born on his peoples' homeland of Gliese 581g, Jrl'na was as self-assured in his youth as he is today - a source of pride for any Y'unkeh parents. After finishing Juvenile Education, he knew exactly what he wanted to do: help people. The galaxy is not always a peaceful place, and his heart always went out to the many who suffered even as he lived a life of peace and comfort. With his calm and focused demeanour and unflappable nature, Jrl'na was perfectly suited to the life of a medic.

    While he was content for a time to simply tend for the problems of his own planet, Jrl'na's empathetic heart always aspired to bigger things. He began to travel the galaxy at the tender age of 50, taking contract's with any ship that required a medical officer, effectively being able to help both the inhabitants of the ship and the denizens of any planets they came across in their travels.

    Having been a resident of earth for the last two decades, Jrl'na was more than happy to accept the offer of the Virgo Corporation. He views it as a chance to explore more of the known galaxy, and as a bonus he might even be able to help the lost members of the Perseus-7 along the way.

    Talents: Medical expertise across a wide range of sentient species and other life types; logical; calm and steady in even the most extreme of situations.

    Weaknesses: Slow to act; an inability to improvise or think on his feet; has difficulty thinking outside the box.
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  10. Name: Victor Hodge

    Appearance: Hodge is a human male of above-average proportions, in most aspects. He has a husky, dense frame; the kind of hard, slabby muscle which requires no maintenance and never degrades into fat. He's built like an oak tree, with a broad torso, long, thick arms, and muscular legs. His hair is cropped short, military-style, colored black as pepper, with a dusting of salt being the only testament to his age. Hodge's face is masculine and angular, with blunt edges and little in the way of attractiveness. He's got a scruffy beard, not too long, not too short, the same salt-and-pepper color as his hair. His eyes are a dark sky blue, and he's got relatively pale, rough skin.

    Age: 43

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Personality: Victor Hodge has a dry, grating personality, with a hint of distance and a preference for solitude. His military upbringing and the nomadic nature of his life has made it hard for him to make close friends, and as such, he tends to stay on the right side of distant to any he works with. He has little to no sense of humor, and would much rather have everyone keep to themselves than share small talk and life stories.

    Occupation: Security Officer

    History: Victor Hodge was born to a soldier, on a small military base located on Mars. His mother was a native local girl who left the newborn on the steps of the base. Taking it upon himself to raise the child, Hodge's father raised the boy on the base until he turned seven, at which point his platoon was set to move out. From here, Victor was taken throughout the stars, on various ships, various planets in various systems, never making permanent friends, learning all he could from the soldiers he traveled with.

    By the time he came of age, it was only natural for Hodge to become a soldier. Serving for a time in the Terra's intergalactic navy, Victor found he was.....missing something. His father's teachings and those of his friends had caused him to expect a bit more......action. Adventure! Not sitting around on a back-of-the-lines frigate, doing nothing! Resolving to find an exciting cause worthy of him, Hodge became something of a mercenary, traveling the stars in a jury-rigged mercantile vessel he had bought from an old crone on a waypoint station.

    Since taking up the mercenary trade twenty years ago, Hodge has, again, grown tired of his current lifestyle. The occasional border war on a backwater planet, land dispute with local corporations, or assault on isolated pirate locations now lacked.....substance. Searching again for a cause worthy of him, Hodge finds the Virgo-Corporation's well-paying job as good a plan for future retirement as any.....

    Talents: Forty years of growing up with killers, soldiers, and warriors from across the stars, coupled with his hulking frame, paired along with his prior combat experience, make Hodge a capable fighter. He's more than suited to subduing unruly crew members, to say the least.

    Weaknesses: Hodge has no skill with people, and social situations aren't his strong suit. In addition, machinery and any device more complicated than basic appliances annoy and confuse him.
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    Edit: I really wanted to play an Ork Engineer. But that might seriously detract from the seriousness of this RP.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Appearance :
    Name: Thomas (Tommy) Walker
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Race: Homo Sapien

    Personality: Laid back and aloof are two of the best ways to describe Tommy without directly calling him lazy. It's what most people see about him when dealing with him outside of an engine casing or when not suited up and engulfed in the vacuum of space or knee deep in radioactive ship fuel trying to repair a leak.
    There's nothing lax about his work when it comes to pride and craftsmanship. No job is too minor (unless it really is) when it comes to making sure whatever he's assigned to is working at maximum efficiency.

    Occupation: Engineer

    History: A born spacer, his mother was a housewife back on earth and his father, like his father before him, and so on and so forth was a mechanic and engineer. It only fit that his boy would find his way into a toolbox at an early age, dismantling his toys and rebuilding them over and over again until it was second nature. Around the age of fourteen he was given an old automobile and a pile of scrap parts for his birthday, there'd rarely been a teen happier to see a pile of half-rusted greasy scrap. By the age of sixteen he'd already clocked thousands of miles on the vehicle despite it's near ancient combustion engine.
    When the time came he was all too quick to sign up for work aboard a local station orbiting earth. Beginning at the bottom as custodian he soared through the ranks until finding himself a comfortable position that suited him perfectly as an engineer, maintaining everything from life support to the station's hull against micro-meteorite damages. That and he didn't have to put up with many people.

    Talents: Mechanical knowledge comes to him quickly. All it takes is a few minutes of him watching something work and his understanding is enough to dismantle it, which only adds to it.

    Weaknesses: Not the greatest at dealing with authority, thinking they lack the common sense of the lower ranks. He also can't grow a plant to save his life.

    Optional: Tommy often works in hazardous environments, requiring a suit that's both sturdy and mobile.
    Big Yellow (open)
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  13. A question just hit me: Are we a crew that has worked together before? Or were we chosen from all around the company?
  14. And an extension of the above question: how long will we have already been travelling when we jump into the scene. I mean, 10 - 15 years is a lonnnng round trip. I imagine we'll already be more than used to each others' company either when we start or pretty quick off the bat.
  15. ...Virgo needs your talents, and they need them quickly...

    Probably handpicked and thrown together.

    ...then you'll only spend 10-15 years away from Earth. After all, wormhole technology is expensive...

    Probably all comes down to whether stasis sleep is used.

    Not a co-GM, I just love trying to help answer shit.
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  16. Technically, this will be our first time serving on the Hydra. But if you'd like to involve other characters with yours' history, i.e. longtime friend or such, that's perfectly fine.
    I'd also like to thank @Windsong for answering this question. These 10-15 years will be spent in stasis, but if we all approve, we can have our IC interaction take place before cryosleep.
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  17. If everyone else likes this idea, I'll go along with it, but I'm also thinking that perhaps the IC can start after awakening? That way, we'll all know each other's names at least. It's just that I've seen a lot of group RP's stagnate before they even really begin because it takes a couple of weeks just to get through the whole 'I'm called [x]. What's your name?' types of posts.

    If our characters were introduced pre-cryo and had a little bit of small talk, then we start upon awakening at the end (or thereabouts) of our journey, we'd still have the meat of getting to know each other to play around with without having to deal with that awkward first bit?

    Just my 2 cents, like I said we could just as easily do pre-sleep! Whatever everybody's down to do!
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  18. I'd be down for Krimp's idea of being professionally (but not personally) introduced before the actual roleplay portion. I, too, have witnessed RP death at the hands of semi-boring small talk, so this seems pretty reasonable. I doubt the Virgo-Corporation would just shove everybody in the space craft and put us in the cryo tubes before even telling us each other's names.
  19. All good ideas. Now, before we begin, there's one last thing that needs to be settled. Should we:
    1. Wait for the empty roles to be filled by other players?
    2. Make multiple characters before starting? (completely optional)
    3. Begin now?
  20. I'd personally prefer not starting now, I don't think I'd be able to post at all tonight, maybe give one or two more people a chance?
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