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  1. [​IMG]
    Flight Recorder found on Kepler-22B

    Journal 01 (plot): We had no idea of knowing what would be on the surface once we had finally landed. The United Nations assured us that this planet, Kepler-22B, was a lifeless rock once the rovers scanned it. That was the last thing we heard before going into cryosleep. The truth, however, is a bit more complicated than that. Our ship was the Perseus-7, one of the most advanced carriers in the galactic fleet. Perhaps we should have noticed sooner, but it's not common for a valuable carrier to be sent on a research mission. We were fools to follow that signal. We were told that the surface had enough resources to prevent Earth from succumbing to another energy crisis. After all, that was the entire point of the Interstellar Colonialism Project. Kepler-22B was the first big target for terraforming, since we had already colonized Mars, Luna, and Venus. I'll try to speed this along. This planet is not safe. For those listening to this, avoid all contact with the Kepler 22 System at all costs. No rescue mission, no supply drop, wait... what was that sound?----*static*

    Concept: It seems as though you've earned a job promotion lately. The year is 2119 AD. You, the player, are an employee for the Virgo-Corporation, an organization that sells territory on distant exoplanets. As part of your promotion, you get to work on the E.S. Hydra, a massive research vessel designed for reaching the farthest solar systems imaginable. Normally, it's only the 'best of the best' type to serve on this ship. Nevertheless, Virgo needs your talents, and they need them quickly. A distress beacon was found on Kepler-22B (the recording was sent for review back on Earth) and now you and a crew of 7 others must investigate what happened there. If all goes well, then you'll only spend 10-15 years away from Earth. After all, wormhole technology is expensive. All we can say now is good luck.

    Hydra (open)

    Surface Outpost (open)

    Perseus-7 (open)

    Ruins (open)

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  2. Hello! I'm very interested in this! But I do have a question though: What are the available job positions you have in mind for the crew of the E.S. Hydra?
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  3. Excellent question! So far the positions are:
    1. Pilot & Co-Pilot
    2. Engineer (possibly two or three of them)
    3. Science Officer
    4. Surveyor
    5. Security Officer (basically a marine)
    6. Captain
    7. Communications Officer
    8. Medical Officer

    And thanks for showing interest! I also accept idea propositions!
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  4. Okay, I'm thinking of reserving the security officer position then, if that's alright with you? :) Now I do have some other questions in mind:

    - Will there be a mixture of humanoid/alien crewmembers or are you just wanting everyone to be purely human?
    - Secondly, will there be a Synthetic/Android on board that is owned by the company? Like it's protocol for every registered carrier to have one or two.
    - And lastly, what I'm getting at from your first post is: the crew will be stranded on the planet and they will eventually find out what happened to the landing party from the recorder, and I'm also assuming they're about to be hunted by a predatory-like, unknown alien species. OR, maybe the landing party could actually be the mutated creatures themselves (if you want to go that route). They might of found a nest of eggs while surveying the land, maybe in a cave or something along the lines of that, and all hell breaks loose... kind of like a crossover between Doom and the Alien franchise (if you've ever seen them).
  5. I'm all for Security Officer or an engineer.

    Definitely keeping my eyes on this RP.

    Edit: fffff- literally less than a second too late
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  6. I am planning on having humanoid alien crew members, however, I will select a random character (unless they don't want to follow through) to be an android posing as a human. And yes, the crew will be stranded. This entire storyline I made after watching Alien on television. :P

    The actual predatory alien itself is where the problem is. It will be very Xenomorph-like, but that's all I can reveal now.
  7. Alright, understood.

    I can change mine into being a Co-Pilot or Science Officer. It's no problem.
  8. Nah, wouldn't do that if you have your heart set on it.

    Stranded on an alien world. Hunted by something that they're incapable (or simply unwilling) to kill..

    Sounds like a few parts of my old Dark Heresy campaigns!
  9. Now I want to know more about Dark Heresy... ;_;
  10. Warhammer 40k Tabletop game. Like DnD.
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  11. Before other people join up:
    -Should I include a medical officer role?
    -Does anyone have any ideas for the alien(s), such as feeding habits, reproduction, etc.?
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  12. Of course! Medical officers are right up there with security officers when it comes to having common sense in these situations!
    • "Don't touch the alien life form!"
    • "Quit trying to catch it!"
    • "No! Sex is not an option."
    • "Please stop trying to sedate it."
    • "Wash your hands after touching that thing!"
    As for the ayy lmao..
    It all depends on the planet.
    Maybe it survives on moss/fungus/massive bacteria colonies the size of cars underground away from cosmic radiation. Perhaps it has some ludicrously complex reproductive cycle; egg, larva, hydra, cocoon, molting, budding, etc. the list is endless.
  13. XD
    Hopefully everyone follows your precautions. The first and third are the ones I might have trouble with.
    You've given me an idea with the radiation and fungus, though. *looks for thinking cap* Time to begin thinking! *thinking cap is actually a face hugger*
  14. I agree with Windsong, we should definitely have a Medical Officer position available. And I also like the idea of the alien(s) living off moss/fungus/massive bacteria, and its reproductive cycle.
  15. Bonus points: the fungus/moss/whatever spreads horrifyingly fast in conditions ideal for humans.

    Super bonus points: that shit is like liquid stem cells and is supremely valuable

    Hyper lightning ultra thisisgettingdumb: it only grows because the alien cultivates it with its waste or something
  16. I don't want it to be too similar to the Xenomorph, which is why I like these ideas. In the meantime, I think I'll call it a Manticore (just to give it a name; has no resemblance to the actual Manticore). Maybe it reproduces like a fungus, absorbs radiation to grow, and kills for sport?
  17. True.

    Personally I'm all for it being kind of a haunting secret. Never really getting described or talked about directly. Maybe just little tidbits like 'whip tail flashing around a corner' and stuff.

    BUT. This is your RP after all. We're just in it.
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  18. I suppose the predator alien can wait. ;)
    So, would humanoids work as crew members? It would be cool if some of them were monstrous in appearance, while others would be more human.

    EDIT: Hang on, I will need the presence of someone who I already know will join. @Neko_Green
  19. Diverse crew. Racial tensions.

    What's not to love?
  20. That's totally fine! I'm down with that but I'd like to keep my character to be human though, if that's okay with you guys?
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