Consuming Darkness

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    After a huge war between any and all nations that were self sufficient enough to go to war, which happened to be the fourth major war since cross-continent relationships started deteriorating in 3042, the world was engulfed in clouds, and the sun was unable to break through to the surface below. It would be more believable to say that nuclear warheads caused it. Truth was that a massive fracture underground caused by intense and repetitive explosions set in motion a very massive chain reaction of almost all known volcano's in the world. Many of the dormant or inactive ones were awakened due to the fracture, which dove deep enough to suck molten rock violently into them.

    [From this point forward, it is up to the first poster to decide which scenario is the starting point, or merge two of them for a more interesting survival experience. Once the first poster makes their decision, it is decided.]

    1. Days before the eruptions all around the world, the biggest nations threw all they had at each other, missiles, nukes, you name it, they destroyed what thy could, though a nuclear annihilation wasn't the reason the world fell into darkness. The warheads still did damage enough, and it wasn't without disastrous results. The survivors were scarce, and food was rather plenty, but with an amazingly high amount of it, there also games formidable mutated foes to balance risk and reward, and make survivors think twice before venturing out for a score of food. All across the world, mutated abominations walked the earth, and put in their place a good many unlucky people who dared challengtpe them. The story follows a group of survivors, trying to make their way through an abandoned shopping mall, whose layout has tripped them up. All the while, they have plenty a foe around most every corner, making their time there a big uneasy.

    2. After the explosions of one volcano too many, governments decided to use biological warfare, and since the clouds of erupted ash blocked satellite signals, and unspeakable interference with planes caused failures and crashes, it was reasonable the virus would spread. Of course, boats were still able to cross the oceans with no problem, and so the other countries would be destroyed also. Undead flooded the world and all its islands and continents, and before long, the world was, literally speaking, quite devoid of life. The survivors scavenged an old military base, established before the third war. The radiation in the area was relatively low, except for one major hotspot that seemed to travel with the wind that frequently brushed through the area. That, along with undead, bandits, and other dangers like crumbling buildings and near obliterated catwalks and the like, made for a rough search for things of use.

    3. All went to hell after the bombs and volcanic explosions, as things that weren't supposed to be discovered, were let loose upon a destroyed planet, and crippled societies. Various adaptations of vampires and werewolves alike, roamed the earth. Unlike the stories of old, the only problems they had with each other were when the fought over meals. This made for a hellish recon mission in a destroyed subway megastation. Quite like a small underground city, The Sanctuary, as many called it, was a megastation that was highly sought after as a defensible survival base. Officially and realistically, it wasn't perfect, due to its' size, as well as the many hundreds if air ducts across the underground facility. Still, a group was willing to go further in than any one person would like to admit.

    I hope people take a liking to this, and the ideas I've offered. I'll post an OOC soon.

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