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Hey everyone! I'm currently constructing a plot, but not getting very far. I do have something that might be of interest and am wondering what everyone's thoughts are about it. I can't seem to decide the time setting either, modern, fantasy, or both?

Humans walk among the world at first glance, but if one should take a closer look, one will be able to perceive the true form of the heart. A fine line is drawn between the human eye and the spiritual eye, for in one’s heart evil or good can emerge from human form.

Everyone has a level of ability called Sight to see the true hearts of people. In secret, there are more races to be seen, and once perceived, never again will one see that person as human, but as their hearts reveal themselves to be.

What might be lurking in your heart?

Input is great! Thanks in advance. ^.^
I like it. It sounds really interesting, and I think I could use my character Masa for this.
This sounds interesting ^.^ I think that little bit up there could really make a great story.
Thanks for showing interest! ^^ I'm gonna try and cook something more out of it and hopefully there will be more input from others as well.
Sounds cool! Let's do it!

If you really want to spice it up, you could go for a high fantasy kind of thing, where the only way to really kill any parahuman races is to use magic, there's a war going on between the various races, etc.
How about some friends get dragged into the war? Like, they all are the key to ending it. Maybe even have one become corrupted and join the darker side.
Woohoo cliches! What do you think, Swan?
Yes, this is a cliche! What isn't now-a-days?
Not enough. We could make it more original by having the "corrupted" friend be right all along. About everything.
Yes. I can see Masa being that one too... she is good at figuring out what is right and what is wrong.

And GOD I have a sugar high...I hate it when I do... AHHH!!!
Last night was awful... my sugar high kept me up past 3 in the morning!
Thanks for guys your input!

Not enough. We could make it more original by having the "corrupted" friend be right all along. About everything.
I do like that idea as well as being flexible with the change in character's hearts to become corrupted or become purified.

Thanks also for being so patient! I have been busy cleaning up the house and getting my Grandma over to a care home, but I will be straightening out this idea right away and add it in my original post. ^.^