Constructing a Meaningful Relationship.

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  1. When the work day ended, it was a sign for celebration. Having toiled endlessly on at least a dozen computers day, due to all of the new employees who wished for a seat among those who knew computers inside and out, Alex was having a hard time even concentration on her coffee, which steamed warmly and gave her a sense of security in an uncertain world. Of course, her rent payments were behind by two months due to an incident she was not even responsible for, which involved some drunk teenagers torching her living room within her apartment. Work wasn't able to raise her pay, and thus, she was stuck in a loop of almost always being in debt to her landlord. How she hated that man with a seething passion.
    Now, with her attention set on the coffee, she began to drink it at her own leisurely pace. There was at least one thing Alex looked forward to while sitting here at the coffee shop. She hoped for one of her colleagues to arrive, though it was understandable that they'd not arrive so early, especially if work was ever so demanding. Alex's mind wandered, to a time which was long past, before snapping back into reality.
    This was one of the times per day she could actually have a normal conversation with another decent human being, which was always a treat.
  2. Nicole was wrapping up for the day. Wiping a sheen of sweat away from her forehead, a construction helmet swung by her hips as she reentered the company building. While a tad different from others, they had employees sign in and sign out at a swipe pad near the manager's office. She supposed it was for accountability. With a recent scandal of constructors cheating at a rival company, she was hardly surprised.

    While construction was her passion, her current position was but a stepping stone to what she really wanted to do. She wanted to go into architecture. Blending traditional and contemporary together, she had taken any opportunities she could find to submit a portfolio to other company's and even her own. The dream was to make a name for herself and become independent. However, that was still a ways away.

    Walking into the locker and quickly changing, she splashed her face with cool water in the bathroom before walking back out. Dressed in a pair of jeans, boots, and a dark blue blouse, she swiped out as she made her way to her car. As the sun pulsed over her, she took out a pair of sunglasses and quickly covered her blue eyes. Her hair was already tied back into a ponytail as it was usually.

    She stole a glance at her phone. "Crap." She was already late for her daily coffee with a certain someone.


    Pulling into the lot of the coffee shop, Nicole quickly parked her car as she reached over and took her purse. Locking the sedan behind her, she walked into the store and looked around as she spotted Alex. Smiling, she pushed her sunglasses up and quickly made a detour and ordered a chilled latte. Paying with a credit card - her budget tight as it was - she made her way to Alex as she took a seat.

    "Hey sorry. Went a bit overtime today," she said. "Have you waited long?"​