Constructing a meaningful relationship.

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  1. Howdy!
    I'd like to present an idea I've had, recently. It all began when fairies and fantasy collided...
    okay, okay, nothing like that, for now. For now, we have this. I'd much prefer this to be of the female und female variety, so that'll probably leave out... 99% of people who look around here. Damn. Anyways.

    A pair of work colleagues, one in the more technological department and the other within a more physically demanding department, who are both within the same hard labour construction company, have a little thing going on. They never see each other save for on the spot work meetings, and they also attend the same coffee shop each morning and evening before and after work. They work five days a week, the weekends off unless someone needs to be covered, and they are generally hard working.
    Now, we can begin this at the coffee shop or perhaps after work one day, where they finally meet in a much more formal manner, rather than the on and off thing they have at the coffee shop. A total of seven hours a week they spend together, currently, unless one or the other changes that.
    I'm willing to elect to be the physically capable one, but if you'd like to do that, by all means say so.
    I hope this brings an extra flavour to your day, or perhaps even mine! Haha... Let's hope there's one or two people willing to do this, else writing this out would've been for nothing. I've been there many times... Anyways. Yes.
  2. I'm very interested in this! If you haven't found anyone yet, just send me a PM.
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Thread Status:
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