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  1. There are three different kinds of characters we need to establish. There's Numbs (humans), Kinetics (the lower level telekinetic beings), and the Constructs (basically the guys in charge). I haven't made a set year for when this is all taking place, but the story we're doing would start, I think, sometime after 2050.

    New Chicago won't be divided between Kinetics and Numbs right down the middle. The living spaces overlap: vast towers next to small structures.


    This is what the Kinetic part of the city looks like (roughly).


    Numbs would live in something like this. Just get rid of the Chinese writing and make it brown.

    Kinetics and Constructs don't wear conventional human clothes. They decided to go simpler. They wear long stripes of cloth wound around their bodies and fastened in place with rubber pads. White with black padding is very popular. It covers most of their bodies.

    Character Sheet:

    Status: (Numb, Kinetic, Construct)

    Characters I already have in mind. We can each play any of these we want:

    Cliff Ledger (call it)
    Regent (the Construct who runs New Chicago)
    Callico (Regent's daughter/potential love interest for Cliff)
    Sopa Ledger (Cliff's older sister)
    The Ledger's father
    Desco (Callico's very brief boyfriend. Dies early, don't worry about him)
    Cliff's friend. Anti-Construct (no name yet)

    I have info on each of the characters I've mentioned by name. If you have questions regarding them, PM me.