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  1. ☆ Welcome ☆

    I'm Midnight Capricorn and it's nice to meet everyone, I've been currently roleplaying on iwaku for about a year now but have been roleplaying for a lot longer then that, Let's see I started roleplaying when I turned nine years old and I'm nineteen years old now so....around 10 years give or take a few months in the summer when I had a school. Hmm what else is interesting about me, I'm a college student (don't be scared away) amd only tale classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Roleplaying stats
    ☆ I do both genders
    ☆ I do fandom rps as well as original ideas
    ☆ I tend to post 2 - 6 pargraphs
    ☆ I participate in libertine roleplays
    ☆ my favorite genres are: romance, bedevil , fandom, feudal era , science fiction, yuri, historical, pregnancy, mafia based, orphanage, fantasy, modern day, school based, academy based, magical girl , libertine , yaoi
    ☆ I dislike: gore , over complicated plots or pairings, violence, bathroom play, long character sheets

    quick tip: when it is something such as vampire / human / demon / undead bride / hunter / etc etc it means vampire x human , vampire x demon and so on and so forth

    vampire / human / demon / princess / pirate / angel / dark angel /moon goddess
    human / werewolf / half demon / fairy / mad god / goddess / human
    demon / human / princess / pirate / angel / dark angel / devil's daughter / summoner / slave wanting to rebel against it's current master
    princess / prince / knight / butler / maid / goddess / pirate / healer / phoenix / warrior from another time
    pirate / princess / angel / goddess / dragon woman / anthro wolf / dark goddess / pregnant dragon
    angel / princess / dark angel / devil's daughter / goddess / dark god
    moon goddess / sun god / demon / gargoyle / prince of the shadow's
    clockwork doll / goddess / dark god
    dragon / rider / pregnant dragon / mate / knight / protector / guardian / god / goddess
    student / teacher / transfer student / male student disguised as a girl or reverse / principal's daughter or principal's son
    arranged marriage / starting a family

    Black Butler
    How to Train your Dragon
    Harry Potter
    Final fantasy 7, 10 , XII , XIII-2 , XIII
    Dragon Age 1, 2 and 3.
    Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3
    Rise of the Guardians
    Studio Ghibli
    Once Upon A Time
    Pitch Perfect
    The Hunger Games
    Kingdom Hearts

    Death Note
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Law & Order: SVU
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Steven Universe
    Precure Series
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  2. What is this? Not only does it stretch out my thread. But I wasn't even asking for all this information
  3. Oh really? Strange.

    I suppose I must have read that first one wrong. Regardless, the spoiler tag should have kept the opening sample small enough to keep your thread minimal. : )

    Good luck in your RP hunt.
  4. Still searching for partners​
  5. Im typing on my tablet so my my posts might be a bit slow and hard to read.
  6. Still searching for partners​
  7. Still waiting for partners.
  8. I be interested
  9. You pmed me before and it didn't work out, because of me not playing dominant roles, you pmed me again and it never got started because of me not being interested enough.
  10. Oh you name changed
  11. yes it has.
  12. Still waiting for partners​
  13. Still waiting for partners​
  14. updated my search thread and added a few things.
  15. Still waiting for your responses
  16. Hey there! I'd be interested in rping with you, if you're still searching for someone. I like a lot of what you suggested for original ideas, and couldn't help but grin at a few of your listed fandoms.
  17. would you mind messaging me please?
  18. Still waiting for your partners​
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  19. Still waiting for your partners​
  20. Still waiting for partners​
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