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  1. Please don't let the title deceive you! I'm pretty sure most people on this site happen to be gamers right? Pretty much every gamer has encountered console war idiots and fanboys/fangirls. BUT that's not what this deceitful topic is about :P When it comes to gaming, are you Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, or PC? Or are you all of them? Or do you own more than one?

    I personally am Sony and Nintendo when it comes to gaming. I like Sony because of how well-rounded the PlayStation consoles are in terms of features and games and I like Nintendo because of how unique their consoles tend to be and because of their amazing exclusives. I've never owned a Microsoft console but I definitely have many fond memories with the original Xbox thanks to my uncle and some of my friends owning one. I don't own one because none of the exclusives interest me and I'd just be purchasing the same games I would purchase for a Sony or Nintendo console.

    As for PC, there are some games I enjoy playing but I don't think they count as actual games. I grew up playing games like Bejeweled and Blasterball 2. I love Burger Rush and Restaurant Rush and FATE is also pretty cool. Can't forget Pastry Passion! Basically I enjoy Match Three games the most.
  2. Sony has always had the largest number of games I enjoyed. I love tactical JRPGs, fighting games, and such. I even love the lamented Vitas because JRPGs, though I haven't bought the new one yet. :P

    But I've also always enjoyed Nintendo. There are two specific titles that keep me coming back: Kirby and Pokemon. Nintendo's handhelds have always been great in general.

    Xbox, on the other hand, has never interested me. I have nothing against it, but there were rarely any titles I wanted that I couldn't already get on the equivalent Sony.
  3. I'm a gamer, that likes to play games.

    Console War stuff is the most inane, insipid and dumb idea I've ever seen connected to the Gaming Culture. All it does it sets up a divide between gamers, and forces them to either act like pretentious elitist cunts or dumb morons without a fucking clue.

    That's my opinion.
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  4. the Console war's over. they don't try to outdo each other they try to compete on the same level. It's eh. I can agree with @Darog though. it is stupid and divides players. Personally I prefer handhelds and PC but I've never played on an XBOX because 1. I was raised on Nintendo and Sony, 2. I always thought the controller was weird and confusing, and 3. they never had any exclusive titles I wanted. All in all I prefer Sony and Nintendo and PC. I don't hate people for having an XBOX but I also don't say any console is better than another.
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  5. The title is a joke, for that very reason. This is just a survey of what you play.
  6. ...
    ... Just wow.
  7. I know this. But that doesn't mean I can't say something about it. Technically it's just a discussion about what we play not a survey. There's no data being kept. And anyways I answered the inquiry, I just started off differently rather than just saying what I like. *shrugs* that's just me though.
  8. I don't usually have a loyalty to a company, especially those that develop consoles, honestly. So far the only loyalties I have is to Platinum Games, Atlus and Arc Systemworks.

    I usually play mostly PC and Console Games, the occasional Handheld sometimes(Mainly for Freedom Wars and Persona 4: Golden, because these are two of my favourite handheld games
  9. @LunaValentine Oh yeah, I wasn't saying you couldn't talk about it. I just wondered if people were taking the title too seriously. I intensely dislike console wars myself. xD

    @Darog Yeah, I agree. I play whatever systems have the games I want to play. I can identify broad trends, but ultimately, the reason I've stuck with Sony predominantly isn't because of Sony. It's because of the proportion of Atlus, NIS, and King of Fighters games. :P
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  10. Today I play on Steam and PS4. I've been with Sony since the PS1. Use to have an Xbox 360 and I had the Xbox One for awhile, but sold it. okay. I had a Wii U for awhile, but again, it wasn't really my thing. So I just stuck to PC gaming and PS4.
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  12. I know that the topic's not supposed to be about that, but I agree entirely with this statement. I grew up during the hayday of Nintendo and Sega's console war bullcrap and that was seriously a bunch of shit like Sega printing ads saying that anybody playing a Gameboy needed to grow up, and I think one pretty much all but said they were mentally challenged. People take an irrational pride in the console they play (I see this shit with smart phones now; seriously, shut up. Nobody cares if you have an Android or an Apple) and they belittle other people because they don't share the same buyer's remorse. I automatically assume anybody who spells it Micro$oft is a 13 year old Sony fanboy, and likewise, if I see somebody write "haha, go play your gaystation" it's the same thing. Having an irrational hatred for whatever it is you don't own is fucking stupid and childish. The PC Master Race bullshit is also idiotic. Games are games, making fun of somebody for playing a console is pretty petty and lame.

    Anyways, I have a gaming PC, an Xbox 360, and a Wii U. I have no real appeal for the current crop of Microsoft or Sony consoles, and I'm debating what I have to delete off my PC hard drive to make room for some games I am planning to get later.
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  13. PC Master Race. All hail the Gaben.

    In all seriousness though? I might pick up a console too sometime, when I'm doing financially better than I am now.
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  14. Play$tation 4 >Xbone 1

    Really, I have both a Xbox 360 and a PS4. I don't really like PCs for the shooters; but I mainly play it for HOI 3, Victoria 2, etc.

    Those kinds of games, which wouldn't work on consoles.
  15. I used to like Nintendo the most, but then I became a collector regarding JRPGs title on muh PS3. Now I fanboy Sony(because most titles are released there) while still liking Nintendo. I wanted to buy a PS2 a long time ago, looked into a bunch of shops, but it was nowhere, so my friend convinced me to buy a XBox...urgh...urgh....URGH...Oh well at least Ninja Gaiden was cool. I still have to get my hands on a PS4 pretty soonish >w<"
  16. I was a PC Gamer long before I was console gamer.

    My sentiments on the console is synonymous towards movies and music: if it entertains me, it is worth keeping. Alas nothing is that simple, is it?

    I leaned towards the Xbox and Xbox 360 from that generation of consoles until this new generation when Windows tried that Big Brother shenanigans from E3 that time I was forced to convert towards the PS4. As a rule once a company tries to intrude the sanctum of my privacy I refuse to do business with it. Ever.
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  17. That was one of the big things that made me say "Oh, hell no" towards the XBone. Nothing like having a mandatory Kinect and an Always On function that basically got more and more creepy when I thought about it. It really feels like some consoles are moving towards a giant social angle and I can't say I'm thrilled about that, nor the amount of games that seem to be demanding to be online to use or require day one patches to download most of the game.
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  18. If that's the case and that will be the day gaming to me will die.

    Call me old fashioned, but I like it during the old days when gaming was gaming and not this gaming wanting to be another social media outlet.
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  19. There's a reason I've been digging up some of the old PC and Gamecube treasures lately. Don't need new games to have a good time!
  20. Amen to that.

    I still play Homeworld (the best game of all time IMO) and nearly had a geek-gasm when I saw they made a HD remake of it.
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