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Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Romance, I'm open to almost anything. Just feel free to ask. If I'm not comfortable with it, I will calmly talk about it. Otherwise, I'm all over the spectrum.
Looking for more RPs. Would prefer someone who is consistent who would at least post once a day. We all have lives, though, so every couple or few days is okay, too. I would just not want to be waiting several weeks for a response. I would like someone who is literate and would post more than just a couple of lines. No god-modding my main character.

I prefer playing the female and seeking a male for a (F x M). I will do libertine, but I want plot over smut. Always plot. I'm not crazy about canon characters, but I don't mind doing RPs with a base off of an anime, game, or movie. As long as I'm familiar with it, I wouldn't mind the idea of it. Shoot me some pairings you may be interested or plots and we can discuss it.

I have preferences for action with a possibility for romance. I've done mafia, pirate, medieval fantasy, and slice of life high school. I like ideas and trying some new things, so feel free to PM me. I'm always looking.

Thank you.
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