Consequences of Curiosity

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    Silvana was a young dryad, full of youth and vitality, along with an almost insatiable curiosity that could rarely be sated. She had been beginning to flower and bloom into a ripe young woman that would go on to serve her forest in the way all the elders did. Of course, this was hundreds of years off, as all the younger of her species were free to do what they pleased with their lives, which usually involved energetic explorations of themselves and their home. Unfortunately, Silvana had taken her exploration to an unprecedented level.

    One fine spring day, the deep brown eyed woman ventured out from the safety of her forest, where she could hide safely, and gone to investigate the open plain that surrounded her homeland. At first the sheer vastness of the place had been fascinating, but as the lightly tanned creature ventured further from her forest, a sense of longing began to seep into her. Silvana nervously ran slender fingers through brunette strands, that happened to be struck through with various shades of green. The girl with the pointed ears had been about to turn back to her home when a sudden blow to the back of her head knocked her out in one.

    Upon waking, the now dazed dryad found herself amidst noise she had never known. The hustle and bustle of the city frightened her, and Silvana rapidly tried to get to her feet, though unfortunately she failed in this, as both her wrists and ankles were tied securely together. The finely crafted dress of foliage had been replaced with a beige smock, though of course she had not noticed this, only the stench of far too many humans. There were many in the darkness with her, a room that happened to be a covered cage. Her eyes were wide with fear, and grew only more terrified as slowly the others in here were removed by men who growled in her own tongue. Apparently they shared that, if not their values.

    In time, the girl was dragged into the light, the rope around her feet cut in one sweep, as the slumped body was pushed into the sandy arena, where some choice information was given to the audience, "A true rarity. An unspoilt dryad, or forest nymph. No older than her early twenties, she will make a pretty ornament, or even a useful worker." The bids came in thick and fast, as something as special as a dryad - particularly one so young and obviously untouched - were hard to come by.
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    Dion took a long drag out of his cigarette as he slouched back into his chair, waiting for a pretty little lady to catch his eye. Most of the little creatures were not to his liking; too large or too small, not enough curves or just not right for him. He was getting bored and the man who ran these things, Jack, seemed to notice as he was rapidly picking up the face. Everyone in the room knew that Dion had a handsome sum in his pocket and would easily pay it out if he saw something that caught his eye.

    Life in the woods had taken its toll on his body and he simply wanted a little pixie or nymph that would satiate his desires. Usually when he shifted from his primal wolf form back to his normal human-like presence, his cock was erect and his body was in need. And what werewolf would not enjoy having a sweet little thing around to toy around with? It would like candy for a child, really.

    Dion rested his big hand underneath his chin as he watched the little ladies, some part fox or with a little tail on the back of her behind, get auctioned off. The rest of the men in the room looked cruel and rather unmerciful. Though Dion definitely wasn't the cuddliest teddy bear, he certainly did not fancy beating his little toy to a pulp. As long as she filled his desires and didn't try to run, she'd be in for a lovely time.

    He only had bid on one little creature and even she didn't capture his attention. But as the next little one with pointed ears and a sweet figure was brought to the sandy area, his brows rose. Jack looked a little excited as Dion began to bid, noticing her sweet figure and mane of brown curls. She looked a little out of it, but Dion would be sure to care for her if she was out of health.

    He bid the others all the way to the top, and when he had won by making the final, he took a drag of his smoke, as though it was small change for him. Then he stood and left, knowing that the little nymph was all he'd need.
  3. Once each lot had been sold, they were herded around to the back, where money would change hands, and the newly acquired slaves handed over to their masters. Silvana did not resist the men that handled her, and stood as docile as any lamb, unlike some of those around her. She was not a girl without fire, but the stark contrast of this, compared to her home in the woodland had thrown her somewhat off kilter. For the time being, the little nymph was focused only on processing all this noise and commotion. Maybe when she had adjusted to the setting, she would be better able to stand up for herself.

    Silvana did not have to wait long for her new owner to come around to collect her. The exchange went without any issue, which was actually a rarity. Usually those that frequented the slave auctions were more than willing to attempt to swindle the slavers that ran them. But Dion was not nearly that petty, and so the coin was simply handed over, as his prize was also given to him. Her arms remained bound, a length of rope functioning as a crude lead, this was placed in the hand of the wolfish man, though Silvana didn't really pay attention to this.

    The mahogany haired girl did wish to look at the man who had apparently valued her so much, but she only managed a momentary glance. Her natural reaction was to fear him, and all these people that had so brutally ripped her from all that was familiar to her. The stench of this place was rancid,a stark contrast to the sweet clover scent that fell off the girl herself. She had an earthy smell about her, but it was the clover that most tended to pick up on. She smelled of this all over, though thankfully it wasn't too overpowering.