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Many countries, like Israel and Germany, have obligatory military service for young adults. The idea is, as a citizen of that country, you owe a debt to that nation and should serve for a minimum of some years in that nation's military. Most of the time, this service is returned with premium citizen rights and privileges. The right to vote, free education, etc., etc.. Other times, it's simply your duty to fight on behalf of your people and country, as is the case with Israel.

The United States has this policy during times of war, the primary example seen during the Vietnam conflict.

Do you agree in obligatory military service? Why, or why not?
We used to, but the government changed before I came of age. My first ID was a big black military book complete with (blank) service record, (again blank) list of firearms I'm cleared to use, and at the bottom it said "too young to sign" and had a picture of a baby. One well of a thing to see when you're a teen.

In some ways I'm for it, in that it makes a country more prepared to defend itself and becomes a clear right of passage (our drinking age is the same age that you'd have gotten drafted). If other ways I'm against formalized standing armies to begin with.
I'm not for it unless it's in a situation where there really isn't a better idea. I'd rather have people who are cut to kill other people rather than just grabbing everyone I can.
Won't affect me in any shape or form. I'm not allowed to serve in the armed forces because of preexisting autoimmune disorders. I'm against the draft, it is an unfair policy that effects the common man more than it does the politician or rich man.