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  1. ( I'm sorry. I'm terrible. *slaps ducktape on my mouth, muttering in a muffled voice* Ah sherp nao. (translated: I'll stop now.)
  2. (YES. PLEASE. That would be fantastic. Seeing as I'm having the absolute opposite problem of the one that Miss Grey is having which is the problem of me having trouble NOT posting incredibly long and OVERLY detailed posts because I love caffeine and and and and I need to write wuuuuurds and things runonsentence FTW!!!! *fist pumps and clears throat* So story in one post is good. And I just realized that I posted this AFTER Shadow had already posted the story in one post. I'm a genius.)
  3. ( Hellooooooooooooo?)
  4. ( Hello? You guys still there?)
  5. (I'm here, but I assumed it would be his turn to post. He has been absent for three days, though. Must be away again.)
  6. (*runs into thread, carrying coffee and muffins for everyone. And an apple for Shadowheart* Howdy folks! Sorry I took such a long intermission. I've just been going over some things these past few days and consequently I haven't really gotten around to roleplaying. Ya'll know how it goes. So! Before we resume, I had a question for Miss Grey. I noticed that the thread is listed as a "ModSCI". As I sat around and pondered things, as clueless individuals such as myself often tend to do, I found myself wondering: what is the SCI element of this story? Are we working our way up to it?)
  7. (Well, as long as nothing occurs to change this into something too unrealistic, it'll turn out correctly. So this would be something being worked up to, yes. I think just this long introduction of things is just that, an introduction, I'll have something happen soon enough to shine a little light on the issue. It's just been a bit of socialization and normality thus far. As annoyingly childish Wren's been, she has some kind of reason. That applies to the subject, maybe Alice, too, I haven't much clue about her character's likeness. Mystery's good sometimes, though, so there should be no issues.)
  8. ( still didn't post anything to reply to.......*turns up three days late--with starbucks. Heh, But yeah, it will move on to the more futuristic parts soon. I gotz the plans and the blueprints. And some bacon, but that's mine, so you can't have any.)
  9. (Canz I have some bacon afore you kill meh? Iz my last wish.)
  10. ( No, no you may not. But continue telling us of your actions. It's the last thing you'll ever do, anyway.)
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  13. ( Where's the old man? Can't go any where without him...)
  14. (I haven't a single clue.. I guess everything's at a standstill for now. I should start another thread, maybe... )
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  16. Hello and welcome to your shiny new Out of Character thread! We don't allow purely OOC posts in the In Character areas, so your posts have been moved here. Feel free to use this thread for chatting and yelling at your friend to post! (I hope he turns up.)