Conquest of the Four(A Chunibyo style PvP+PvE rp)

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  1. Info on style.

    This rp is inspired by Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Sha! For those of you who haven't heard of it or are unfamiliar with the concept, it chuuninyou is also referred to as "middle school syndrome." They kinda forge a persona of themselves. Generally these personas are very much like anime characters, and... You know what, it's a little difficult to explain, so I'll just show you.

    So as you can see, it's all just an over active imagination which makes for over blown fights.


    This will take place in a large Japanese city named Iwato.

    I might draw up a crude map of the area, but there are a few places that will be very frequently visited:

    The Schools
    Onigami Academy: A rather preppy and costly private school. It is the best school on the area, and is filled mostly with top students. However there are quite a few slackers here. This is home of "The Disciples of Oni"

    Junkiru Senior High School: A rather average school. The majority of students in the city end up here. It's well known for the massive amounts of clubs present at this school. Being in one is compulsory, though you can be in more than one. This is home to the "The Guild's Alliance"

    Kaburi School of the Arts: A school for the creative minded. The school has an extensive music, art, writing, drama, sewing... You get the point. This is home to the "Order of Ethereal"

    Umigawa Senior High: Another school similar to Junkiru. However, the difference between the two is that they focus on sports instead of clubs. While not compulsory, due to the large number of sports available, the majority of students are in one. This is home to "The Hall of Valhalla"

    Common Hangouts
    Iwato Mall: Just about everything is here. This is actually a massive outdoor shopping center and a mall in the center. It's got just about everything that a teenager would want to do, and more.

    Central Park: A moderately sized park in the center of the city. There are several forested trails and a lot of play grounds. Highschool students are often seen here.

    Iwato Station: The train that connects the city to the nearby village. Students often take trips to the beach, so it's usually a common place to hang out.

    The Goal
    There will be other goals as time goes, but for now...

    You are fighting for territory. There will be 11 territory's available for conquering. If I draw up a map it'll include the territories. I'll go more in depth later but yeah.

    So some of you may be scared of character death due to the PvP aspect. I can assure you there is NO POSSIBILITY OF CHARACTER DEATH EVEN IN DEFEAT. However, I will be making a ranking list. And there may be some benefits the higher you are on the list. SO you are competing between the schools but also between other players in general.

    So that's about it for that. There will be PvP and stats involved in the fights. This is an INTERMEDIATE TO MODERATE RP. That means at least two paragraphs per post. One liners and a few sentences will not be accepted. Anyone interested?
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  3. I'll eat.
  4. Id like to have a minimum of eight players, but twelve is my goal
  5. Aahhh reminds me of my childhood where I'd swing around sticks and pretend I was some great hero saving the world. And by childhood I mean 2 years ago. And by sticks I mean my sword. And by great hero I mean badass evil overlord and by saving the world I mean slaughtering thousands of imaginary humans with every swing of my great weapon.

    I think this might cause some problems though because PVP will end up as Absolute Attack/Defense fights even more than they usually do. At least they'll be funny this time, however. So, who's going to make the dull realist character who beats them all with a ladle to bring them back to reality?