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  1. The cold air stung as he was pulled free. There was a certain smoothness to his movement. It was elegant, efficient, and entirely cold. He was certainly not ordinary. Those sharp features and razor sharp edge defined his purpose. The black that coated him gleamed in the moonlight. From head to toe he seemed to be covered with patterns that seem to shift. They glowed with an uneasy brightness. A steady dull pulse of light that followed some unheard song.

    The surroundings seem to pass by at incredible speeds. Although he could not see, there was an innate sense of where he was and what was around him. A small bubble of influence that he inherently knew was reality. The time for his purpose was drawing close as the the surroundings slowed to a halt. There were walls around him. He was inside some building. He felt the breeze of the cold air behind. He must have came through the window.

    The pressure built around him. It was a familiar feeling, one of coming dread. He knew he had to perform the duty required of him. It was his only purpose so far, and he had done it so many times before. It was a cold kind of ecstasy and guilt. How many times had he felt the warmth of life cover him. That feeling of fire intermixing with his cold hardened self. But at the same moment, he would feel a pain so cutting and sharp, his would mind scream in anguish. Such is the fate of his kind. Those who were cursed to perform what was needed.

    The moment was at hand. He felt them. Their heartbeats were soft, almost indistinct. He could almost see their chests rise up and down. The pressure was now almost unbearable around him. He knew what was coming next. The bliss and agony would begin anew.

    Their hearts no longer beat. They were now silent, vanished into the dark room. It matched his own. The warmth of their lives slowly faded from his body. And soon he felt colder than ever. He felt each droplet hit the ground as he hovered above them. With one fluid movement he swung for a moment and stopped. He was instantly dried. He finally heard the first words of the night, "You've done well, Nerivim. Its time to go back to sleep."

    Nerivim was gently caressed back into his scabbard. It was his home. It was the only place that could hold him. It was cold, dark, and there was never true slumber within. He could hear the screams of the ancient past to the soft utterances of the newly ended. It was a prison of his own making for the sins he could never redeem. Nerivim would have laughed if he could. This age was no different than before. There would always be a need to kill. The hope for the silence of true death would never come for Nerivim. He was a blade of the finest steel, blacker than night, sharper than any razor, and colder than death. He knew not how he came to be or how long he was like this, but sometimes in the deepness of his soul, he felt he had a life. The memories were sparse, but he hoarded them like jewels. The feeling of sunlight. The sight of green. The touch of a gentle hand. These things kept him sane. They were an anchor to some distant unknowable past. But he did not touch them now. He was not worthy.

    Beyond the confines of his prison, he could almost hear, "Two are slain, but we have so much more to kill." The feelings of dread resurfaced. It was so long since Nerivim felt this corrupted. There were so many wielders, but this current man's ambition and evil surpassed them all. Nerivim may be one of the most powerful weapons known to mankind, but his true potential will never be unlocked by a man of this caliber. This man will never hear the voice of Nerivim and thus will never truly wield him. Nerivim wondered how long before he finds a new wielder. Perhaps a girl. He probably hadn't had a female wielder in hundreds of years. A strange kind of tiredness washed over him. The prison was definitely working it's magic. He began to sleep and the screams were as terrible as he first heard them.
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  2. Shallow breaths, contracted lungs, pounding heart, rushing adrenaline. These symptoms are often associated with the "fight or flight" response. These were feelings of dread that she was not allowed to have. It was why she was subjected to these tests in the first place. They forced her to eliminate her fears. They locked her in a room for days at a time if the results she produced were not to their satisfaction, then tried again and again until she got it right. Either she conquered her fears, or she learned to mask them for the sake of her sanity. She couldn't really question her caregivers. They provided all of her basic needs and in return she provided them with the perfect test subject.

    They shunned mercy. If she was told to kill something, or someone, there wasn't much room for discussion. It was just... done. She was once placed into a room with a man, who she was told had committed a terrible sin (most likely to influence her decision to carry out her orders), and was instructed to get rid of him in any way she pleased. She took the easy way out. Putting the man into a choke-hold and waited until the life edged out of him. He struggled of course. He was bigger than her, sturdier than her. However, she found a way. She brought him to his knees in the swiftest and most efficient way, leaving her plenty of leeway to wrap her arm around his throat and constrict his airways. It was easier in the sense that she didn't have to cause him so much pain. The thought of stabbing him to death, watching him bleed out and struggle to cover his wound made her stomach clench in the beginning. It was, after all, her first official kill. Eventually, taking the "easy way out" was no longer an option. They began to specify the level of intensity and complexity in which she took out her next victim.

    Brazen Siebel. Her name would have almost spoke the truth about her if she didn't show the amount of restraint she did towards other human beings. Boldness, shamelessness, strength. She was bold. She didn't start out that way, but it took over time. She certainly showed strength, not only physically, but mentally as well. Who else could have taken the amount of torture she had? Unfortunately, shamelessness continued to be troubling for her. She couldn't help but feel some sorrow for the people that she laid to rest. It wasn't their fault that they had the misfortune of being chosen to be a part of her caregiver's experiment.

    Here she sat in a corner, her arms wrapped around her body. She desperately tried to calm her nerves, so she could move on and get out of the hell hole.
  3. The man had no particular name. There was once a name he was given, but he had long discarded it. People knew him by so many since he first began his career in blood. Nowadays he was simply known as Jack. This was not chosen but earned by one of his previous employers. He was compared to Jack the Ripper. It was a silly name, but it fit in it's own terrible way. Jack stared out the window of his car. The driver was doing his best not to look at him. He didn't mind. Not many people can look him in the eyes these days. Perhaps they unconsciously saw the monster beneath the skin.

    Jack felt the familiar weight pressing against his side. It was still cold to the touch even under all his clothes. His hand moved underneath his dark coat and grabbed the hilt of the weapon. He had chanced upon strange blade during one of his 'sessions'. Jack had played with all kinds of edged weapons from kitchen knives to long medieval swords. He did enjoy early days with a box cutter. Those were some of his finest work. However, all of these did not even come close to what he had now. "Nerivim," was apparently the name of this weapon. It did take a bit of effort to find the right info broker, but it definitely worth the hours of torture. This weapon has never dulled, rusted, or even come close to breaking. For fun he had completely pulverized someone into a bloody pulp with the sword. There wasn't even a single scratch. It was certainly unique.

    The car finally stopped, Jack left it with a smile. It was a small detour but he had to follow his employers orders. The facility was gray, rectangular, and was made with entirely straight lines. He didn't like it at all. It was too ordered for his taste, but the owners were interesting enough. Jack walked in and was greeted by a man and a woman, "Greetings, Mr. Jack. We were told of your arrival. We are pleased to welcome you to our humble abode." Jack sniffed at the words. The white walls and sterile enviroment irritated him. The color red would have definitely improved it, but he couldn't kill these two. At least not yet.

    "Just show me the girl. Our employer wants to see the quality of your work," Jack snarled. The couple merely smiled and began moving towards a hallway. Jack followed without another word. He didn't want to be here, but he had a job to do. They passed several doors as they continued on. Each room had a slit where Jack could see a variety of equipment ranging from medical to more nefarious ones of torture. He could see how they could continuly churn out their little monsters.

    Finally they stopped at the door at the end of the hallway. The man opened it with a flourish, "And here is our finest product yet. Intelligent, obedient, and will kill effectively and efficently." Jack examined her closely. She was in the corner, hands wrapped around herself as if freezing. She seemed entirely too small, but he was quite a tall man himself. And small things can be as deadly as anything else.

    "Is there anything wrong with her?" Jack asked promptly. The woman grinned, "There is nothing wrong with her at all. She will be a perfect killing machine. We guarentee it." Jack noticed the woman was holding her hands together a bit too hard. Jack grimaced and spoke in a cold tone, "Tell me the truth or I will be displeased." The couple looked at eachother and seemed to communicate without saying a word. "Okay...," the man conceded, "She may have a bit of a personality issue. We haven't quite gotten all of her hesitation to kill removed yet. But I assure you she will become the ultimate asset. She may delay for a moment, but she will kill in the end."

    Jack knew his employer would not be pleased but he just wanted to get out of this place. "Fine. I will see what she is capable of. Lets call this a trial run," Jack spoke as he entered the room. Jack's footsteps resounded in the small room. The couple behind him seemed to be afraid of what he'll do. Jack grabbed the girl in the corner at threw her towards the center of the room. He entered a fighting stance and yelled, "COME AT ME, LITTLE GIRL!"​
  4. She sat in silence, listening to what she could only assume was her caregiver's footsteps moving across the harsh flooring. The hard beats of their feet echoing down the halls. Brazen didn't know much about what happened outside of the small, monotonous rooms that she was thrown into. The only time she was able to see what the building looked like beyond the metal doors was when she was rotated from room to room for her next test or if she needed to use the bathroom and to eat. Her caregivers were grooming her to be a specific way. They didn't want to take the chance of her being influenced by any outside forces. She never met another person, seen another person, barely was allowed to even talk to her caregivers. Brazen couldn't pick up any bad habits that might jeopardize years of work. Then she would have to be disposed of.

    Her head rose to the door. "But I haven't finished my test yet..." Her whisper was barely audible. Not that it mattered much. She could hear the sound of their steps, one after the other, coming down the hallway in her direction. However, there was something different this time. There was a third set of feet. Someone chose to accompany them this time. Brazen wished that she could say that she was relieved, that maybe she was finally going to get out of here if someone were to see what they had done to her, but she knew they weren't that stupid. They wouldn't let someone willingly walk into their home and put their 'research' out in the open for all to see. So it must have been someone close to her caregivers. Something that new what they were up to.

    After a few moments of dreading the encounter, they finally opened the door to the room that she was kept in. A man following her two caregivers. They conversed among one another, but she didn't pay too much attention to what they were saying. She didn't care. She just wanted out. From what little she did hear, they were talking about her. More or less if she was defective. It wasn't until the third man approached her that Brazen's nerves took full flight. He grabbed her, threw her to the center of the room and beckoned her like a dog to fight. Simple enough. She'd done it plenty of times when asked of her. Yet her hesitation to do so was obvious. She stumbled. With nothing but her bare fists she charged at him. She ducked down and aimed for his legs. His kneecaps more specifically. With a harsh enough kick, she could bring him down before he would have a chance to bring her down with him.
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  5. It was laughable. Certainly she was quick. Jack saw the smoothness and efficiency in her movement. The way her body tensed but relaxed right before. How her leg muscles pounced as she leaped closer. However, he had seen these tricks all too often. Although her reaction was certainly quick, There was a hesitation to attack. He saw it as plain as day. Even if she acted immediately, Jack knew it wouldn't have been enough. Her eyes telegraphed her intent as much as her bodies motion. The kick seemed to be a good one. It had the necessary power to take down most people. The way it was angled must have been meant for his knees. An excellent choice for a fight with such a height difference. Jack respected her choice in attack. The strike was clean and precise. It was too bad he was merely too experienced. He had seen how a human's body can move and even the movements beyond the capabilities of normal bodies. Whether by magic or technology he had seen people attack with much more speed and ferocity.

    Jack sidestepped with cold precision. His hand scooped up her leg by the ankle with ease. He could have broken her leg right there with his other arm. It would have taken little effort, but it wouldn't be wise to annoy his employer as much as he wish to. So he just stepped in and lifted her leg higher and twisted, putting strain onto her hip muscles. "Nice try, but you'll need to work on your presentation. I've seen shows much better from smaller," Jack spoke mockingly. His jacket was slightly ajar from his actions, showing a dark outline within.

    Nerivim felt his wielder's bloodlust. It seemed quite common nowadays. He wondered if his wielder would kill everything in his sight. Certainly seem to act on his impulses more often than not. It was disgusting, but he had no control over the actions of his wielders. Nerivim certainly had done worse. Nerivim awoke slightly, his sphere of reality grew outwards from his body through his scabbard. The room was quite small and there was only two people within, his master and someone else. He focused on the new person. It was a girl, young and for some reason dazzling to his non existent eyes. Her existence seem to be an oddity. The way Nerivim saw the world certainly had no concept of light or colors, but she shone slightly for some reason. He would have tried to reach out to further discover more, but he couldn't. Nerivim was not fully awake. His body was still mostly asleep and powerless. Certainly he had a degree of consciousness, but it was nothing like if he was truly awake. He was sure his current wielder would never wake him to that point. Nerivim accepted that fact and merely watched the interplay between his wielder and the girl. It wasn't good. She was clearly outmatched, but it seemed like his wielder wasn't going to kill her. He felt slightly reassured for some reason.

    Nerivim never wanted to kill, but it felt so good to feed. It was not necessary for his survival for he accrued quite repository of life within his small frame. No, there was just a deep gnawing hunger to always take take take. It was endless and unrelenting. He had known others whose hunger stripped their minds and reduced them to mere tools of death. Perhaps it was better to fall fully into the hunger. To not remember and relive the nightmares he so often had. However blissful that would be, Nerivim knew it was utterly wrong. He could never stomach such deeds not while he still had control over himself.

    It seems his wielder currently had the girl in a hold, he wondered what she would do next. Nerivim never considered why he didn't go back asleep. He usually did so quickly if there wasn't any action going on. The light from the girl seem to pulsate, drawing him to watch more closely.
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    Brazen screeched at the sharp pain she felt in her muscles as the man before her stretched the bounds in which her muscle movements were allowed. She cursed herself for the slight pause she took before going after him. That was the mistake that just caused her to lose the first attempt. What she didn't understand was why he didn't take another jab at her. Even she knew that when you had the opportunity like this to completely immobilize your opponent, it shouldn't take a second thought of consideration. You take your chance. He was toying with her. Mocking her. That was evident in his words as he taunted and insulted her abilities. Frankly, she didn't appreciate it. Being stuck in that house for most of her life because of people like him, yet they have the nerve to insult her. "Prick." She muttered under her breath. Without any hesitation this time she set aside the pain she was in and used her other leg to kick him at his ankle closet to the leg in his grasp. With a crack, his ankle twisted at a strange angle and he released her. She fell the remainder of the way down to the ground with a thud and a small grunt. She backed away from him and rose to her feet.

    She wasn't sure charging at him again was the best method here. It clearly didn't work the first time and if she wasn't careful, even with the difficulty of walking he now had, it wouldn't be hard for him to overpower her. He was too broad of a man compared to her petite frame. He was unlike the people that her caregivers brought to her before. Sure she had met her share of skilled people, but his level of expertise was beyond theirs and that worried her a little. What she did notice was the weapon sheathed to his side. If only she could get her hands on it. It would make this encounter go a lot smoother. She was best with hand-to-hand combat, but Brazen knew there was no way she could win this with her hands alone unless she took him apart bone by bone the way she did to his ankle not seconds before.

    She stared at the man in front of her. Waiting for him to get up.
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  7. (Its fine take all the time you need.)

    Jack was amused to the point where he wanted to kill her so badly. Her kick to his ankle was surprising but, he dealt with worse. He began laughing as he rose from the ground slowly, uncaring if she took another strike. After standing up he noticed his foot was actually twisted. With a sharp sound, he twisted his foot and realigned his ankle. The pain was good. Nothing like a good sharp pulse to wake him up at night. The girl had backed off, seemingly hesitant to charge once again. Jack casually straightened his jacket, once again hiding the dark blade beneath.

    "She passed," he spoke. The two caretakers seemed to be relieved. Jack glared at the girl. He turned back to the couple, "The money will be sent the usual way. My employer will be pleased." Jack passed by them and was out of the room, leaving the girl behind. "Make sure she is ready leave in 1 hour. We'll be making use of her tonight." Jack continued, a throbbing pain echoed within his ankle. He would definitely need to kill her after this job. His employer won't be pleased, but he could always get another one. The urge to deal out pain and death was too strong to contain. Jack smiled wickedly as he entered his car. The drive nodded in understanding. Jack sat and pulled out his phone, "I got the girl. We can begin tonight." A voice responded and Jack's smile grew wider and much more menacing, Really! Now that will be much more fun." It seems there was a dangerous man at the target location. Someone he knew. Nerivim slept soundly within his sheathe, dreaming of the light of the girl.
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    The man stalked out of the room, keeping an eye on her as he did so. It wasn't the type of look that someone gave you if they were threatened by you. One that said "If I look away she might come after me." It was more of a look that would seriously kill if there was a sharp blade on the end of it. Clearly he didn't appreciate the kick to the ankle, but she was pleased that it gave him some level, however small it was, of discomfort. While her back was to him, Brazen had a certain smugness cross her face. She didn't produce the results that she would have liked. Meaning, him lying on the floor in fits of pain, but it will do. Something for him to remember her by the next time he decided to mock her. "Make sure she is ready to leave in one hour." She heard him say to her caregivers. "We'll be making use of her tonight." Tonight? She walked further into her room and away from the door. What do they want from me? That thought bounced through her mind over and over as she wondered about what they will have her do -- what they'll need her 'ready' for. It wasn't long after the man took his leave that her caregivers followed each other into the room.

    "You heard the man. We need to get you ready." All of a sudden, Brazen became brave.

    "Do you normally do what other people tell you to? Like dogs. Woof!" She teased them. It was a stupid mistake if any. She knew better. It was always best to keep all opinions and thoughts to herself at risk of punishment. However, they didn't take the bait. They just continued to prepare her for what was to come later on that evening although they showed a great amount of resentment for the comment. She knew she would regret it later. Apparently what she had to do tonight was something they needed her in good shape for.
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  9. Jack didn't appreciate the wait. It was dull enough just sitting in the car. Staring at the back of the driver's head made him want to snap it, but he didn't because he was a professional. He could always kill on his own time which currently belonged to his employer, though he might have to change that soon. It has been quite some time working with one employer. Jack wondered if he should kill his employer also. It would be a challenge. The Man with the Hat certainly had some pull and power. Jack will have to play with the idea a bit longer. His hands clenched in anticipation while his mind stirred with the possibilities.

    The girl came a little under an hour. It was cutting a little close. Jack's anger rose a little bit as he saw her. She was wearing white one piece dress one. And he could not believe it, but she also had little bit of makeup on, enough to brighten her glaring face. "You made me wait just to pretty her up!" Jack screamed in rage.

    The woman spoke a bit nervously but smugly as if she was presenting some fine golden gun, "Why of course! She is our finest specimen yet. You can't expect us to lend you her in rags. You would expect us to hand a finely tuned gun in a bag or a sword in bubble wrap."

    Jack wanted kill her now. Gut her open with his blade and spill her guts out. Then most likely force them down the man's throat. That would probably cover the girl's stupid dress in red and that would make a better presentation. However, he was a professional, so he pushed the rage down, and said quickly, "Fine get her in the car. We've wasted enough time as it is."

    Jack gestured rudely for the girl to hurry into the black SUV. When she finally entered, he tapped the driver's shoulder to get going. The driver complied immediately and drove. Jack looked back at the couple smiling not like parents sending child off, but like a salesmen succeeding a deal. It was utterly disgusting to Jack. Certainly he considered himself a sociopath, but this couple was completely psychopathic. He had killed his fair share of them to, so he knew their tendencies.

    The girl was sitting on the other side. She didn't seem to be afraid, but Jack expected that. It was probably a good time to debrief her before he had to waste time later.

    Jack began, "Okay, lets be brief. You're probably confused on what you're suppose to do. It's simple Just follow your orders and don't fuck it up. We'll be infiltrating a compound. Within this compound there will be a sealed box. Your mission is take this box and bring it to us. Easy right? Hell no. They've got security measures made to lock out even the best. And even worse most of it is magical. Thats where the problem is. We got people much better suited for this than you. Hell even I could do this mission. But this damn system is focused to detect people who has used magic or is touched by it. Magic is damn hard to get rid of. Maybe a good cleaner can do it, but not completely. Residual magic is a bitch to deal with and we just don't have the time to do that. In my line of business you either get augmented or utilize a lot of enchantments so most of us are out. So thats where you come in. You haven't touched the stuff. Your facility is made to crank out little killing monsters that doesn't even have a single magical circle of protection. You can bypass all of that magical shit like a ghost. Now for the physical security, thats where your training is going to push through. They have men of the highest caliber guarding this box. I could easily take them out, and since you got in a good hit on me. Your probably only going to be half dead when you finish. Thats it. If you can't do it your dead. If you won't do it then I'll kill you myself. Did you understand that, little girl?"
  10. Brazen hated being "dolled-up", as her 'mother' put it. She never had to wear this type of clothing or this layer of make-up before, but this one time dealing was enough for a lifetime. She'd much rather be poked and prodded at with needles. The woman scrubbed her roughly to remove the dirt that Brazen had accumulated from sitting in the cell for a couple days, to the point where her skin was rubbed raw. She pulled on Brazen's hair to loosen the knots free. She wasn't tender-headed, but it was rather annoying. It was uncomfortable. The dress was something she could handle though. It made her movements light and flowy, just like the skirt of the dress. It was rather pretty. It was a shame that it would be messed up tremendously before the night was over, that much she could tell. At the moment she wasn't sure if they were really just showing off their handiwork, their experiment, or if they were simply trying to win over the man that came earlier by throwing a pretty little thing at them like a prize that needed to be won. It was honestly degrading and Brazen knew that it wouldn't work. Men like him didn't need a woman to comfort him.

    Once ready, she scurried along with her caregivers, following closely in between the both of them. They wanted to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't make a last minute decision to bolt. Brazen kept her head lowered and stared at her feet as they approached a car that she assumed would be taking her away to do whatever it is the strange man had planned for her. She had a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach, but ignored it. She just wanted to get it over with, move on and forget this whole ordeal once it was done. The man was standing just outside the vehicle, no doubt waiting on her and her caregivers. As the three neared, the man's face turned into a fierce scowl. "You made me wait just to pretty her up?!" He yelled. Her caregivers immediately flinched and nervously spoke while Brazen just studied the man and his movements. Her eyes ventured down. She wanted to see the weapon that he carried with him. She barely got a glimpse the last time, but she was curious. She wanted to know what rested at his side.

    When the man gestured for her to move and climb into the car, she did as he asked. Pointless to put up a fight she couldn't win. His level of experience was beyond hers, she was sure of that. She also figured she could learn a lot from him in a way. She wasn't going to ask him outright, but simply observe him. However, he wasn't what she was most concerned with. It was that damned weapon strapped to him. She'd never held a weapon specifically made for the purpose of taking another life, only the household tools or any makeshift items that she could use to get the job done. There was also something about this one that intrigued her so much. She wasn't entirely sure what it is, but if she could just get her hands on it, she would probably find out.

    The man began to explain to her the exact task at hand. The basic idea being to break-in, take something, and get out in one piece and with no harm coming to the item she would be trusted to protect. However, it wasn't quite as simple as that. As he stated, there were guards. Brazen was unsure of the number, but the way he talked made it seem like way more than she could handle. She was a tad worried, but didn't let her face give anything away. She wasn't really prepared for large groups of people trying to kill her. The most she'd ever dealt with at one time was five. Obviously she came out alive. Although, she didn't come out without a few scars to hold onto the memory. As he spoke about magic, she went through fits of confusion. While she was locked away, she was never exposed to it and rarely heard anything of it, so needless to say she was ignorant about the words coming out of his mouth. From what he was saying though, that's a good thing. She didn't need it. In fact, she needed to be completely void of it. Brazen nodded her head in understanding at his ending question before looking out the window. She watched the buildings race by as the car pushed forward. It felt like a long car ride. He never spoke once he was clear on his business with her so it was quiet.
  11. The drive was long and silent. Just the way Jack liked it. He always hated the screaming whenever he drove. It was good that he always carried duck tape in his personal car for just that purpose. He looked at the girl once more. She was completely still and staring out through the window as if entranced. It was good she didn't need any duck tape, but he wondered what so great to look at out there. They've recently left the countryside far from the compound and entered the city. It was dark, and the familiar night time lights were bright as always. It seems tonight was a good day to kill.

    They arrived at a modern looking office building with clear glass, sharp curves, and simple design. Jack got out and didn't bother to see if the girl was following. The driver would escort her from behind. He passed the front doors, glared at the secretory, and continued further in. The inside was decorated with same simple modern design, however the walls were painted bright colors of orange, green, and purple. The decoration was sleek and there were many colorful plants placed occasionally in the hallways. There were many men walking around the place. They were dressed in suits, but they didn't seem like office employees with obvious bulges in their jackets. Some even had some swords sheathed in plain sight. After going up the stairs for a few floors, Jack stopped at an interesting door. It had an oriental design of bamboo and paper. He slid it open with surprising care. "I was told show you the girl," Jack said impatiently. He pushed her in and closed the door behind her. His voice sounded behind the door, "Bah I don't have to deal with her until later. Better get something to eat." His loud footsteps faded as he went further away.

    The room was designed differently from the rest of the building. The floors weren't solid linoleum, but straw tatami. It was large enough to fit perhaps a hundred people. There were weapons hanging on the walls, and stands carrying more, ranging from swords, spears, to axes. All seemingly sharp and deadly to the touch. The entire atmosphere felt like a dojo of sorts if you ignored the strange small jagged symbols covering the every orifice not hanging a weapon. In the center was a man sitting on the floor facing the entrance with small table in front of him. He was comfortably viewing papers. He wore a simple black suit with a white fedora with a green feather. On his face face was glasses and his hair was black, but showing some signs of graying.

    "Come here and sit across from me," his deep gentle voice beckoned the girl as he also gestured towards a pillow on the floor. He looked to the girl's side and said, "Papers." Out of nowhere the driver seem to appear beside the man with the hat, handing over papers. The driver reappeared next to the entrance just as fast, bowing towards the man with the hat before leaving the room. The man with the hat scanned it with some interest and looked up once more at her, "So I read here your name is Brazen. Quite the name if I say so myself. Although I'm not much of a namer myself. You can call me Hat if you wish. Or perhaps grandpa. I might be old enough for that." He seem to chuckle at his own little joke. "It seems we have some business to discuss, but first how are you doing? It must be quite confusing to be thrown in from your old home into this situation. I believe you must have questions."
  12. Brazen followed along, trying to keep up with the stranger's strides as he pushed through the front door of the building and into a lobby. She was having a bit of trouble keeping up with his quicker pace as his legs were a lot longer than hers, bigger steps means more distance. Her small frame could barely compensate for that. By the looks of the driver who was only a few steps behind her, he was having the same trouble. It was quite obvious that the man was impatient and persistent. It was easy to tell that he was ready to dump the young girl onto someone else as quickly as possible, banishing his troubles for a little while. He didn't want to be bothered with her and that was just fine with Brazen. It wasn't out of fright that she desired to get away from him, why be where you're not wanted? She felt sorry for the poor girl on the receiving end of his harsh looks as the walked through the lobby area. She immediately flinched and looked away. Pitiful. It was probably the way she was brought up, but she learned to stand your ground no matter how scared you are. To look away in fear is a sign of pure weakness. Though on the other hand, Brazen completely understood. He was a frightening man in appearance alone. She wasn't sure as to the full extent of his fighting skills, but she was sure he packed one hell of a punch.

    She didn't bother to look around, to view her surroundings. Honestly, she didn't have a care in the world. She simply kept her eyes glued to his back the entire time they walked through the room and to the stairs. After a few flights of stairs, they finally stopped. She couldn't see around the broad man, so again she didn't bother to see what was in front of him. It wasn't until she was ushered and pushed through the door ahead that she finally snapped back to the reality of proceeding with caution. She didn't know where she was. Brazen needed to make sure that no one was going to hurt her. There was no way she was going to be killed before she got the chance to escape her dreaded fate in that putrid place she had no choice but to call home. Her senses were on high alert and her eyes danced around the room. As far as she could tell, there was no initial danger. However, looks can be deceiving.

    She particularly paid attention to the new stranger she was once again thrust upon unwillingly. When he gestured for her to come sit with him, she did as she was instructed without a word. She listened as he spoke to her. "So I read here that your name is Brazen. Quite the name if I say so myself. Although I'm not much of a namer myself. You can call me Hat if you wish. Or perhaps grandpa. I might be old enough for that." Brazen's face was flat and her response reflected her expression.

    "Hat? Seriously?" Silence probably would have been the best in this situation, but she didn't exactly want to hold her tongue. It wasn't her fault she was passed around like she was sick with the plague. "Please skip the formalities and get to the point. I don't mean to be rude, but I don't think I'm here to make nice with you, grandpa." The word was foreign on her tongue and albeit rather odd.
  13. Grandpa Hat smiled at her words. Hat spoke, "I see you are a woman of brevity. Very well, lets discuss why you are here." He adjusted his white hat and continued, "I'm not sure what our mutual friend Jack has told you, but I will be thorough. You currently belong to me by contract. This means every cell of your body is my property. I do find this to be distasteful as I usually seek out willing talent, but time is crucial. I do not expect you to like this arrangement. So I will make a deal with you. If you complete this mission to the best of your ability, I will release you completely. You will finally own your own fate. I will make sure that your 'caretakers' will have no say in your future." The driver entered the room again. His hand now carrying a platter with two steaming cups. "Ahh it seems our tea has arrived," hat said, gesturing for the driver to place it on the table. The driver complied, placing both cups with a machine precision. He left the room the same way.

    Hat drank his tea with pleasure and spoke, "You should try it. Its quite pleasant and soothing. Its probably not as bitter as you may think. Now let us continue." He put down his cup, "I believe Jack spoke to you about magic. You may be a bit confused as it is often a hidden thing in this world. Certainly there is much use of it, but not commonly. You won't find the normal population of the world actively using magic. It is us the men who live in the shadows of this world that magic has much uses for. It is quite the capable tool. But it seems we may have been a bit too reliant on it. And that may have brought upon this current circumstance. Your purity of spirit, untarnished by magic's touch is a fortunate find. I do have to applaud your caretakers techniques. I've seen similar practices create beings such as you with modern magical techniques, but your caretakers. They have applied no such means and was still capable of creating a specimen like you. I find it most fascinating. Certainly we should dig deep into the roots of our own physical realm instead of seeking the realms of the unknown. Ahh it seems I have digressed a bit too much. As I was saying you are key in the coming mission. The current magic used against us is quite powerful. I have already lost a few of my capable agents. The spellwork must be quite excellent, but it's detection system however powerful is flawed in one way. It does not care for those who has not utilize magic. I do believe Jack has told you this. However, he may have mislead you in one aspect. It is true you must recover a certain sealed container, but that is not the only way to do it. There is also the option of disabling the magical system itself which may prove to be a task much easier than retrieving the box. I will have Jack explain it in more detail, but that is likely the better option. We already have strike teams in place. Jack himself will be at the site overseeing operations. All you have to do is find the box or break their system. It is actually quite simple. After you do that you may do as you like. Perhaps you may want to consider staying in my employ. I certainly have need of your talents. So what do you say. Do this simple thing and be free or die a foolish death?" His curious eyes awaited her answer.
  14. ((I'm very sorry for being so late :/ I never realized it would be so hard to get 8 character sheets done in a week >.< I will make it up to you(: I'm also disappointed in myself, this is incredibly short for my tastes o.o))

    Listening carefully to his words, Brazen made sure that she understood each piece. Perhaps she's just being used and thrown away, but any promise to be let free is better than nothing and when it comes down to the choice of death or going back to that prison -- let's just say she'd rather choose the former. As sad as that may be, she'd rather know her definite end rather than wait day in and day out for her body to give way or for her caregivers to get sick of her. It was more exhausting than the tests that she was put through. However, what this man said also struck a nerve. "You applaud them for what they did? It seems that I'm quite unfortunate to be the odd one out. On both ends of this. The things those wretched people did to make me a tool that obeyed everyone's beck and call. Then literally thrown to the lions. I'm not ignorant Gramps. It's not like I'm given much of a choice though. Can we please get this over with? I'm tired." Just for effect, she faked a yawn. She was feeling quite testy today. Like she needed to poke at everyone's nerves. As much as she would have liked to push further, she chose to close her mouth and cease all comments. Even if she were to die trying to retrieve that box, she wanted to soak up whatever time she had out in the world instead of being locked up for bad behavior. She paused for a bit and studied the man's face. Butterflies erupted in the pit of her stomach, but they weren't the kind that you get when you were confronted by your crush. It was her nerves. Her body warning her against something.

    She silently wished for the stranger, who she now knew goes by the name of Jack, to return. This man made her feel unsettled. At least with Jack, you knew how he felt. Grandpa had a certain something about him. For once in her life, she felt a bit of fear outside of her tests. It was odd, sure. Though, it was almost like he was sickeningly too sweet. As if he was putting on a show for her and at that moment she regretted opening her mouth at all to say anything other than "yes, sir."
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  15. Mr. Hat chuckled at her bravado, "If that is your wish. It seems our friend, Jack is here." The door slid open and it was Jack.

    Jack was satisfied at least physically. There was as still a deep hunger within him that could never be fully satiated, but he often made do with what he had. Jack stared at the man with the hat and the girl. They were having a little tea party it seemed. He had seen stranger with the man with the hat and much more bloody. The man with the fedora just nodded towards him, and Jack got the message. "Girl follow me. Its time to finally do your job." Jack turned and left. He walked casually back through the building to meet with the driver at the entrance. Jack never liked the driver. That man slips from his attention too much. People who can avoid being seen are dangerous. Jack killed dangerous people. Jack pushed the girl into the car. It was going to be another annoying drive. He got in and the driver started the vehicle. Jack decided to wait a bit before debriefing her. He needed some time to think. The car moved out of the parking lot and into the city. The drive was going to be longer. There was food set up next to the girl. It was pretty generic. Just burger and fries. It seems the driver didn't get anything fancy. Not that Jack cared anyway. He stared out into the distant night sky. The city beckoned him. He could almost feel the pulse of all those sleeping hearts. There were so many victims just waiting for him.

    Nerivim woke again. His wielder was thinking bloodthirsty thoughts again as usual. Nerivim extended his sphere and once again felt the light of the girl. She was still as bright as he remembered. It seems his wielder hadn't killed her yet. That was odd but he was also glad. It wasn't often someone was able to spark him awake. Her brightness was also another thing he comforted Nerivim. It had an alluring quality of warmth. Something he had not felt in so long. He wondered what her purpose was. Why does his wielder need her. He usually never questioned his wielders actions or even cared half of the time. Only when he was being wielded did he ever notice. All that killing and bloodshed. He remembered it all. It was like a never ending nightmare. He would have shuddered at the thought, but his cold metal body was incapable of even that. Nerivim just ignored his wielder's thoughts and focused on the girl. The brightness of her light pulsed rhythmically and he watched in contemplation.
  16. Brazen had never been so happy to see someone enter a room in her life. Most times when her caregivers walked through the door it was to administer another test. The last time Jack entered her room she ended up fighting him. However, now she couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. The man that sat merely a few feet away from her gave her the creeps and she could honestly say in that moment she'd rather be locked in a room with Jack and his weapons. She blew a sigh of relief, yet quickly recovered. She couldn't show any signs of weakness around these two men. They were two that would exploit those weaknesses. She rose from the floor as Jack spoke to her. "Girl follow me. Its time to finally do your job." was the only indication that she needed to move her feet. Brazen wanted this whole ordeal to be over and done with as quickly as possible. She followed the man out the way they came and made their way back to the driver. Silence. She favored the absence of noise. It allowed her to think properly with no distractions. Unfortunately, she didn't have much to cloud her mind with. She didn't care to watch the outside world as they drove in the car. She had no use for such petty things. Brazen just had a job to do. That was it. There wasn't much else to think about.

    A little ways into the car ride, Brazen started to put a little attention towards Jack's sword. Her eyes darted back and forth between the window and the weapon. There was something interesting about it which was odd seeing as she'd never really seen the weapon in the first place, but it intrigued her nonetheless. She'd never held an actual tool built for taking another life before. She wanted to obtain it. Hold it in her hands. She didn't care for how long. "Where did you get it?" She broke the silence and nodded in Jack's direction, towards the sword. She was curious and if there was a possibility of her dying today she might as well. "I would like to hold it."
  17. Jack was annoyed and covered the sword with his jacket, "This sword is none of your business. It something I have killed to obtain. So unless you feel like doing the same, your not getting it." She was such a stupid girl, asking for what she has no right to. Nerivim was his to kill with. The only way this little girl can come close to touching it was when her throat is being slit. Jack imagined it. The quickness of his hand. The surprise in her face. The poor attempt to cover the wound. It would feel so good. Jack's bloodlust almost passed the precipice of his control, but something instantly stopped him. The feeling of pure cold went through his body like a chilling wind. "What the hell? Never mind. Its about time to debrief you further. And eat the damn food. If you fail because you were hungry, I will kill you."

    Jack reached in his jacket and pulled out a rolled sheet of black paper. He laid it out and it just hung there in the air. "Damn, what was the incantation again." The driver spoke some strange syllables and the black paper ignited with glowing blue lines. The lines moved and grew, forming rectangles. The rectangles slowly replicated and began moving out of the paper until it was becoming a single large building. "This is the structure we are attacking. We are coming in from this side." He pointed at the one point in the blueprint. "You are going to climb up here and enter from this window. Sounds simple right. Well it is, but not for the rest of us. The entire building is covered in runes that kills upon touch. So you better hope that you don't have a trace of magic on you or zap your a dead girl." Jack grinned, and continued, "From there its up to you to figure it out. We can't penetrate the barriers and place and have no freaking clue whats inside. The only good info we got is that the physical security is light, because they their traps easily turns on their own men. Thats how fucking dangerous their magic is. So got it? Enter, get the box, or blow their fuse. It should be real obvious. Big glowing thing. Probably covered with runes and talismans. Hell, its probably floating and shit. Shouldn't be that hard to break either. They can't put barriers or it will hinder the output. If you do manage to break it I'll come in and do the rest of the job and get the box myself. If you die while breaking the conduit, even better. Thats all. You'll get a weapon once we reach there. Which should be soon."

    Jack spoke some other syllables and the building disappeared and the paper fell back onto his hands. He rolled it up and put it in his jacket once more, revealing Nerivim's black handle once again. He returned looking out of the car's window. Not caring what the girl did.

    Nerivim felt magic being used. It was simple divination. Very contained. There was absolutely no power leaking from the paper. The creator must be very skilled indeed. He however could not see what it was. The reality of the physical world was too blurred and difficult to observe, but it seems his wielder was showing the girl something with this divination. Something she was suppose to do. He wasn't sure. Its been so long since he tried to figure out the intentions of others. It was just an endless dream from one wielder to another. The girl's brightness persisted and he realize he has been awake for quite the long time. This was definitely odd. He wasn't being used to fight right now. There shouldn't be a reason for him to be awake. Was it this girl? That had to be the only answer. Nerivim had to consider it further.
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  19. Brazen barely paid mind to Jack and his seemingly overprotective nature towards the sword that lay rest in its sheath. It was the sword itself that she had her eye on. The only thing in that car that she had any real interest in. She'd never held an actual weapon before and she could barely fight the overwhelming feeling she had to reach over and pry it from him. However, if she were to do something like that it would be seen as stupid. He was bigger than her and in some ways more capable than her... stronger. She needed to make sure that if she were to go against him, that she was thoroughly prepared to face whatever was necessary in doing so -- that included the consequences. Some of which she wasn't sure a sword was worth obtaining for. As much as she would have loved to hold it's hilt in her small hand and wield its power that it would provide her over others, she had to be careful. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it, so when he told her to shut up, mind her own business, and eat her food, she wordlessly obeyed. She stuffed her mouth full so void the temptation to speak out that she was only curious and that she wasn't hungry. She choked down her food and washed it down with whatever drink was provided.

    She kept her eyes trained on him as he moved about in the car. The driver up front gave him what he could not remember and only a moment later did a 3-D depiction of a building map appear in between the both of them. Brazen weaved in and out of a daze as she tried to listen to Jack, but let thoughts about the sword and what she could do to take it from him cloud her mind (and possibly her judgement). From what she did gather, it was simple enough with all of the dangers in the world. Brazen's eyes met him after he turned away, figuring that they were done with the conversation, but she wasn't quite ready to end it there. "You're going to kill me after this, aren't you?" She finally asked the question straight out. It's something she already knew the answer to, but felt that she needed a for sure confirmation of it. She wanted to be able to fully accept her fate, even if she was going to die fighting her way out. She was determined to keep her life, but this was on the sheer possibility that she wouldn't.
  20. Jack chuckled at her straight question, but he answered honestly, "Personally, I would. But that man with the damn hat has different ideas. He wants see if you can manage this. If you can he'll try to hire you on. But thats his business. I was ORDERED not to kill you for no reason. However if you do decide to run or do something stupid like joining their side. That gives me ample reason to kill you. I have no problem with that plan. Please give me that reason to kill. You're lucky the driver is here. He is another check to make sure the job gets done, so I can't even kill you and said they had done it. Oh well. Its not likely you'll survive in there anyway." With those words, he stopped talking and looked out.

    After several more hours, they had finally reached the target. The building was off in the distance and resembled exactly as the magical blueprints showed. "We're getting off here. Can't just drive in through the front. They got rocket launchers," Jack joked and jumped out of the truck, not even bothering closing the door after him. He began to walk a path that would lead to the back of the building. The driver closed the door and waited for Brazen to get out. His eyes were dark and almost seemingly had no reflection from the moonlight.

    Nerivim knew he was on the move. He could feel his wielder growing exited in anticipation. There would likely be killing in the future. His wielder always felt this way before he began. The light of that girl followed behind his wielder. What role did she have in all of this? Nerivim's own awareness did not cover enough of reality to grasps all of it's meanings. The vibrations meant to be words did not reach him. He could only feel and sense. His wielder's emotions were as loud as anything else, but they were basically set to blood frenzy and boredom. Thats why this bright girl was so fascinating. If he focused hard enough he could touch the very edge of her. Not enough to feel, but enough to know the warmth that emanated from her spirit as if matching that brightness. He felt soon something would happen. Something that would change much. Nerivim never payed much attention to prophecy or premonitions, but he trusted his instincts and that was all he had anyway.
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