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  1. The waves beat harshly at the shore as Alexandria rushed across the beach. She knew the dangers of being this close to the ocean with Damia close by, but the gravitational pull that she felt to the core of her being kept her on a fixed path. The sky was blackening quickly despite her attempts to control her mood, the fear was overtaking her and if she wasn't careful she would weaken the suns link and she'd never find him.

    A large mansion came quickly into view and she instantly knew her destination lie within. "Alexandria!" Damia's voice rang across the sand just as a large wave struck her side. He was closing in and if something didn't happen soon there was a possibility that he would catch her and take her back to that wretched place, back to the cage and to the medicine that weakened her link to mother Earth. Sensing her panic Earth hardened the sand under Alexandria, allowing her to run faster. The waves smashed against her small form, threatening to drag her under with every break. Turning away from the water Alexandria ran up the sandy hill and burst through the front door of the mansion, collapsing onto the floor in exhaustion.

    She felt, rather than heard the door close behind her and sighed as she felt the warmth of Sonny's arms encircling her. Finally she was safe.

    Throughout the world the other ambassadors would feel a gravitational pull driving them towards that very beach in Maine, making them want to be close to the sun, the very center of our universe. It was a dangerous endeavor, as the good and bad would both be attracted to the pull from the suns ambassador.
  2. Hayley wasn't sure what possessed her to come to the beach, but she sure did come.
    She cleaved trails across the terrain in her sheer velocity, effulgent flames trailing behind in sluggish cataracts. At least, sluggish in comparison to her.
    Her rapidity did not allow her to halt when she dictated. She divorced the waves as she slid over the top, falling into the crevice below. The frigid salt water compressed against her.
    "I shouldn't have worn my best clothes to this, should I?" She asked herself. She abruptly stopped this talking when water flurried in torrents into her mouth.
    She glanced up. The sun had suddenly adopted an immense stature, almost as prevalent in the sky as the sky itself. Her mouth unhinged in awe, and the salt water was free of the abyss.
    She decided it would be best to return to shore. She paddled her stiff legs-
    And was denied of any mobility. She was stationary, beneath the sun.
    She worked her arms and legs into a panicked rhythm. To no avail.
    Although her optimistic self would not admit it, she was drowning.
  3. Eloise ran away from home at the age of seventeen. The reason why she ran - ah, well it was a stupid one. She resented her parents for keeping her locked up for all those years. They treated her like she was evil, dangerous, and destructive. They treated her like some sick child and she hated that. So Eloise had simply ran away when she couldn't take any more of a their bullshit. It was a coward thing to do, but she couldn't help it. She should have faced her problems head on instead of running from them.

    During her two years of absolute freedom, Eloise traveled all over the nation. All the way from L.A. to New York City. She came and went as she pleased and if she ran into any trouble she could easily defend herself. It was a simple life. But all of that changed when she felt the dire need to move up North, to Maine to be exact. She wasn't sure why she wanted to move there, but she just had to. So, after a week or so of traveling, she found herself on a sandy beach with the sun bearing down on her. Eloise was led to believe she was alone, until she saw a figure flailing in the water.

    Pure instincts kicked in, Eloise threw her backpack on the ground, kicked her shoes off, and began running towards the drowning figure. She assumed she was making a big scene, but none of that mattered now. It was her duty to protect others, like how soldiers protected civilians. The girl then dove into the water. The cool water pressed against her light brown skin, causing a shiver to run through her body. But even so, she swam on. She clamped her hands onto the redheads shoulders using some of her strength, she hauled the other girl onto the beach. "What the heck were you thinking? Did you just like walk right into deep water? Christ, you nearly got yourself killed. The name's Eloise by the way."

    The short girl pulled her long dark hair out of its holder before squeezing all the water out. She was absolutely soaked and not too happy about it. At least she saved the girl from drowning. Eloise stared down at the girl, her fire red eyes giving the girl a once over. "You alright? You did just nearly drown."
  4. Hayley grin wryly. "I wasn't drowning. I was just stationary, treading water and struggling." She gazes up into the heavens. "Hm, the sun is... very alluring this evening." She reaches out and balls her fist, as though she can capture its conflagrant incandescence. "Beautiful."
  5. Lucky knew he was being drawn toward the beach. Oh, he didn't mind it in the least - in fact, he was very curious - but he'd wandered free and aimless since he was fourteen. Suddenly wanting to go to a beach he'd never heard of in a state he knew only by association with the Red vs. Blue character (a tragic badass if ever there was one) was curious when he stopped to think about it, and he had plenty of time to think. In a way it felt like destiny, or what he always imagined destiny to be: A pull in a certain direction, not irresistable or inevitable, but constant, like gravity. Gravity was, of late, something he knew a lot about.

    These thoughts were chased from his head soon enough by the sight of two girls on the beach, both fully clothed and dripping wet, looking like they'd just come out of the sea - and none too comfortably. He hurried over until he was standing a few yards away and asked in a helpful tone "Hey, you two alright?" He leaned on his staff, looking them over more thoroughly. They looked to be just a bit younger than him, one with dark skin and hair, the other fair with red hair. Lucky always seemed to notice hair first. Both were short, maybe five feet in height, with slim builds and fiery eyes. He couldn't help but notice they were also very pretty, and so promptly stopped looking them over in favor of simply watching their faces and waiting for a reply.
  6. "Yeah, well, I define that as 'drowning'." Eloise did have to admit, the sun seemed to be brighter than normal. Shrugging her shoulders, the small girl turned around and walked back to her things. The least the girl could do was say thanks for saving her goddamn life, but Eloise didn't say anything. The red head seemed like an airhead anyways, so she doubted yelling at her would do anything. Once she got her shoes back on, she grabbed her other things and turned towards Ms. Airhead. "Well, as it seems I'm soaking wet thanks to you, I'll be going n-" She was interrupted by another voice - a distinctively male voice.

    Eloise turned around, giving the stranger a once over. He had brown hair with a orange tint and very bright orange eyes. He was also leaning on a staff of sorts, she was unsure if it was a weapon or not. When she decided that he wasn't going to hurt her, she then spoke. "Oh, I'm fine. Just soaked from saving this girls ass, who was drowning not less than five minutes ago." She jabbed her small finger at the red head, who seemed to be still staring up at the sky. God, did she have brain damage or something? "I don't know about her though, there may be something wrong with her. I wouldn't doubt it." Throwing her backpack over her shoulder, she walked up to the stranger with her hand extended. "I'm Eloise, nice to meet you. By any chance do you know if there are any places near by where I could possibly dry off? I frankly have no idea where I am." She felt a strange feeling that she had to continue down the beach, she felt as if something was there waiting for her. But despite the urge to leave them, she waited for the mans answer.
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  7. "There's nothing wrong with me." Hayley grunts indignantly, quickly returning to her jovial demeanour. "I just have an optimistic outlook on life." She stares up. "You can't deny it. The sun looks very enticing." He glances toward Lucky. He's unkempt, looking as though he walked through a cyclone. But he has a certain charm to him. She extends her hand. "My name's Hayley. You?"
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  8. A light blond haired girl was wondering further down the beach from the trio behind her. She could however still hear them she noticed the mansion in the distance. Ice swirled around her as she picked up the pace ice giving her a better grip on the dampened sand. She did not know why she was being drawn to this one particular place from her home in Alaska. Her parents understood and did not question her need to go they simply let her walk out the door with a backpack full of clothes and money she had saved up during her job. Now the pull was getting stronger and she had the need to move faster to the mansion on the sandy hill. She ran needing to be there even more now and she couldn't explain why she needed to be there she just simply needed to be there. Frigid air surrounded the young woman as she walked up the hill of sand then the steps of the mansion giving the door a few knocks.
  9. Hayley, not waiting for Lucky's response, glances up at the mansion, and spots the girl. "It's perplexing, so many people congregating in the same spot..." She notices the aura of frigidity around the girl, and decided to investigate, trudging up the dunes to the manor.
  10. These two were certainly an interesting pair. The fair one, Hayley, seemed remarkably easily distracted. Just as Lucky was reaching out to shake her hand, she looked away at the nearby mansion and walked off, leaving him with only a blank look. Shrugging, he turned to Eloise instead and spoke to her. "Well, that certainly happened. Anyway, my name's Lucien Charlemagne." His London accent slipped as he spoke his name into a native French one, then returned immediately afterward. "To answer your question, I'm afraid I'm as new here as you are. Honestly I'm new to America entirely, only got here a couple of weeks ago."

    He glanced after Hayley curiously. "She has a point. Normally meeting a few people isn't odd, but I'm guessing you have no connection to her, or to that girl by the manor house. In fact, if I had to guess I'd say none of us here know each other. You were drawn here, same as I was - wanted to come to this beach, but didn't know why." Now Lucky smiled at Eloise. "Care to come see where this little road leads?" He gestured at the manor house with his staff in a 'right this way' manner to illustrate the offer.
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  11. The large door opened moments after a knock resounded through the large home. In the door stood a tall man who had opened the door. His blond hair was bleached nearly white and he had one blue eye and one yellow, the yellow one flickering like flames. He appeared to be in his mid to late twenties, older than all of the other ambassadors. A smile immediately lit up his handsome features and he took a step back. "I'm so happy that all of you could join us." His eyes flickered back and forth, silently counting the few who had amassed and a small look of didisappointment crossed his features at the very few he could see.

    Suddenly a small red head appeared at his side and she smiled. "Hi, I'm Alexandria and this is Sonny. I'm Earth and he's-" Sonny's hand on her shoulder halted Alexandria mid-sentence. "You're going to overwhelm them before we even get them inside." Alexandria went quiet and nodded. "Please come in." Sonny intoned. Almost as if on his cue Alexandria moved further down the hall and beckoned them to follow her deeper into the mansion.
  12. Jonathan was in a rather good mood despite the fact that he had no idea where he was or where he was going. Well, he did know he was somewhere in Maine, since he had had a strange urge to visit there for quite some time now, but he had long since lost track of where exactly in Maine he was now. Not that it mattered much to the young man, the fact that he might be utterly lost did nothing to unnerve him. Somehow, he just knew which way to walk to reach a destination that might not even exist and he was simply crazy. However, that was something to worry about when he found this place he somehow knew the way to.

    Shifting the backpack he had flung over his shoulder, Johnny skipped along the sidewalk as he enjoyed the rays of sun that warmed his cold skin ever so slightly. He had always been the person to enjoy chilly weather more than a hot summer day but a warm ray of sun was a welcome change every now and then. Jonathan shielded his eyes with his hand as he glanced up at the sky, it was like the sun itself was calling out to him, telling him which way to walk next. Maybe he was indeed crazy.

    Johnny was brought out of his musings as he found himself stepping out of the simple and safe sidewalk and his feet carried him towards what seemed like a beach. A small grin tugged at the corner of his mouth as his blue converse barely sunk into the sand. Walking on sand felt rather weird after the sidewalk but it didn't take Jonathan long to get used to it. However, what was under his feet was trivial. He could feel it, he was close to where he was supposed to be. Stopping dead on his tracks, the young male turned his head to look out at the glimmering sea stretching out below the sun. It was a rather beautiful and calming sight and Johnny found himself just staring at it as the chilly breeze from the ocean ruffled his dark hair. was this it? Was this where he had wanted to be for what seemed like years?

    Tearing his eyes away from the sea, Jonathan let his gaze roam around the rest of the beach as he searched for anything that would explain why he was there to begin with. Everything that he found was the fact that he wasn't the only one who was on that very seashore. He could spot few people slightly further along the beach. Before he could decide whether to approach them or not, a girl with a bright red hair separated from the group of three and as Johnny followed her path with his gaze, he spotted a manor not too far away. Perhaps answers could be found from within that building. However, Johnny was in no particular hurry so he took his sweet time trotting along the shore, enjoying the fresh air.
  13. Then nearly white haired girl smiled and followed Alexandria further inside, "My name is Caelian, I usually go by Cae though and I am Mercury." she looked back at the others that had finally caught up with her and then turned away. "I am going to take a shot and say that Sonny is the Sun, because I have an odd pull towards him to be around him." She looked at Alexandria for confirmation. She pulled her long nearly white blond hair over her right shoulder playing with it as she walked further inside; the air stayed slightly cooler than the temperature of the house so Cae kept her distance from Alexandria so that she wouldn't get cold.​
  14. Eloise let out a laugh at the sight of Haley leaving him hanging. She expected nonetheless of the airhead, after all she was distracted enough to walk straight into the ocean and sit there before letting herself drown. She glanced over at the man who introduced himself. He then told her that this was his first time in the country and he didn't know where he was either. She guessed he was from either London or France with the way he spoke. "Well Lucien, since this is your first time in the states, welcome to the land of overpriced gas and a shit ton of debt. Enjoy your stay!" The dark skinned girl said, a grin gracing her lips.

    At hearing his next words, Eloise nodded. "You're damn right, this isn't just a coincidence. I have no connection whatsoever to Ms. Airhead over there either. I just simply walked up to her while she was drowning and saved her life." She was surprised to know that he knew she had been drawn here as well, it was rather strange to be quite honest. But if he was right, then they were all drawn here for a specific reason and Eloise had a rising suspicion that it was because of her power and the fact she was the embodiment of the red planet, Mars. Glancing to where Lucien was pointing his staff, she nodded once again. She hadn't noticed the large mansion in the distance, which was quite odd since she noticed everything. "I'll gladly accompany you to that mansion. Come on then." Eloise pushed his staff out of the way and began marching up the sand dunes to the mansion, expecting him to be following behind her. In a matter of minutes, she arrived at the mansion door. She gave it a couple knocks while waiting for Lucien to catch up to her.
  15. Lucky chuckled as Eloise pushed past his staff. "Hey, careful with the staff," he said jokingly. It was durable wood and had survived some pretty rough stuff, but he was very fond of it. He followed Eloise along the beach, matching her marching pace with a long stride. This girl was quite the character; clearly the type to take action rather than wait in the wings. He could respect that, especially since such people made for great stories. No doubt she had a tale or two of her own to tell. He would have to make a point of asking her later on.

    He caught up with her just as she was knocking on the door, admiring the mansion. "Plenty of good stories happen in places like these," he remarked. "Plenty of bad ones, too. What do you think, haunted mansion? Secret supervillain lair? Co-ed beach party summer house?" He paused. "Nah, not this far north. Heh, maybe if we're lucky it'll be something out of a manga. Or it could be one of those hockey-mask psychos with a chainsaw and a hook." Lucky scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Now I think about it, places this far from society almost always get a horror story. They have the worst reputation."
  16. Hayley shook Sonny's hand firmly. "Delighted to meet you!"
    She turned and did the same to Alexandria. "And likewise to you."
    She giggled almost maniacally, and as she did, embers leaped on her shoulders in an animated jig. "So what's the significance of this place that we're all drawn here?"
  17. A young silver haired man, tall, clad in a open black jacket, white shirt and a fitting blue tie climbed a small sandy hill. He could already hear the sound of heavy waves and birds, but what took away his breath as he finally reached the top was the smell and view of the sea. Standing atop that hill by the beach, the wind kindly swayed his clothes in a greeting. He felt out of place, yet he had come. Drawn to this very location by forces he couldn't explain. It bugged him, he thought. More than he wanted to admit. But the wind, smell and view was a fresh experience from his usual visit to the local library. The endless sea that disappeared into the horizon reminded him of the world of literature. He smiled, perhaps for the first time since he had come to America.

    Looking down he spotted another young person in the distance, walking along the beach. Where could he be going? He asked himself before he spotted the mansion further away. 'Fair enough' He mumbled and with a jump forward, gilded down the sloping sand hill. He was going to have sand in his shoes and pants, however right now he didn't care. Where the stranger kept to the shore, the silver haired boy stayed along the hilly land. And unlike that young man taking his time, he didn't. He soon passed him, but with a good distance between them.

    Without looking back, or even given the other person a bit of attention the young man hold a steady pace. For some reason he wanted to get to the mansion before the other, but right now it seemed easy enough. But it didn't last long before his breath grew heavier, as the sand made his steeps harder. He didn't look like a person did a lot of sport either, nevertheless he wasn't about to take a break. Soon enough, he reached the mansion and literally stumbled into a group of other people. He trembled for a moment, taken by surprise. They had not spotted him yet, but he wasn't sure if he should call them out. He didn't belong here after all. He decided to lean against a wall, catching his breath while keeping an eye on the folks by the door.
  18. Kicking the sand every once in a while, Johnny made slow progress in approaching the mansion. From the distance, he could see some people had decided to have some kind of gathering in there, which made the young man doubt whether he should approach the building in the first place. However, what was the worst that could happen? It wasn't like the people were homicidal maniacs that would slaughter any wandering passers-by on sight, right? At least they didn't look like cold-blooded killers. From the distance, that is.

    Jonathan's thoughts were interrupted when a guy, probably around his age, passed him by from further away. The man was rather weird, to be honest, with his silver hair and suspiciously formal looking clothing. The guy seemed to be in a hurry as well, which might have been why he didn't even glance at Jonathan. Perhaps he was one of the members of whatever secret society may or may not be gathering in the mansion, at least he was heading that way. Johnny picked up his pace slightly so he could keep up with the stranger but he made no effort to catch up with the guy. However, sand was rather annoying to walk on and if he didn't know any better, Johnny would have though some vicious wild creature was chasing the poor guy judging by the pace he was hell-bend on keeping.

    In the end, Jonathan managed to somewhat keep up with this stranger who seemed to be on a verge of collapsing when he reached the manor. Ignoring the people gathered at the entrance of the mansion, Johnny walked over to the silver haired boy leaning against the wall of the building. By the looks of it, the guy was heavily out of breath. Jonathan cocked his head slightly in confusion before opening his mouth to speak, "You alright?" Honestly, he was more intrigued than worried. Maybe the guy had asthma or some medical condition. "Do you need anything or...? Oh! I think I have some water here." Slipping the backpack he had been carrying off his shoulder, Johnny started digging through the contents. It didn't take him long to find the half empty water bottle he had with him and he offered it to the stranger with a small smile on his face, "Here. It might not be cold anymore though but I hope that's fine."
  19. Sonny opened the door mere moments after closing it to reveal more of the motley crew that had amassed. He said nothing and only beckoned them inside. Although under normal circumstances such an action by a stranger might seem odd, the need to trust Sonny would already be present in the ambassadors and it would hopefully make his task easier.

    Alexandria nodded to Caelian and smiled. "I think his parents had a sense of humor without even knowing just how funny they were being. That's why all of you were drawn here. Sonny can exert a magnetic pull on all of us and he's much more experienced than any of us could ever think to be at this point. He has almost complete control over his power." She said enthusiastically. Coming to the second door on the right she carefully opened it and stood just inside the door to a massive sitting room. Five couches sat in a semi circle all facing the door and Alexandria gestured to them. "You can sit anywhere you like. Sonny wants to have a meeting with all of us, but there should be more of us coming."
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  20. Hayley's face momentarily sours at having her question neglected, but cordially accepts the invitation to come inside. "Is there anywhere I can get changed?" She queries "I don't fancy walking around in a sodden school uniform."
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