Connected Swords: Path of Light

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  1. I was thinking about starting a story about a man who trains a woman in the art of sword fighting. As training lingers on through the days, the man starts to notice that the woman has some type of powers. She is unable to tap into the powers on her own and only something special can help the woman awaken the powers. I will give more details later. so if you are interested, reply to this message or send me a pm! ^_^9
  2. sounds fun, who would you be playing?
  3. i will gie all details in a pm
  4. umm... okay, nvm then
  5. hmm....alright. ^^9
  6. are you still looking for a partner for this?

    I might be interested if you are,.. and if I could play the female role.
    I'm really bad at playing the opposite gender
  7. Sure ^^ sounds good