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  1. Congratulations on your Untimely Demise, Which Eventually Led to you Becoming a Ghost!
    (IC) (OOC)

    "As human beings, we all have this instinctual fear of death - or, rather, what comes after death. Some say that there are alternate realms that one gets categorized into (sometimes there's just a single world). Others tell us that we'll be alive again before we know it, a blank slate to start all over again, like recycling.
    And then we have the rumors that these are all lies. There is no 'other world', there is no recycling, there's just us, our soul, and the rest of this dying world. Spirits, entities, ghosts... they're all words that invoke a presence that isn't 'alive' in terms of the living. Some of these can be nice, a warm push in the right direction, or perhaps that fuzzy feeling you get right before you fall asleep. Others can be quite a hassle, the occasional though which leaves you with nothing but a sense of dread, or 'accidents' that happen at certain places during certain times..."
    Genre(s): Supernatural, Horror

    . . . . . . . . . .


    You're dead. You've died over a century ago, and have now returned once more to the world of the living.

    ...Well, not really, because you're a ghost now. A ghost who, for some reason, is forced to work under this lazy, sarcastic, throw-caution-to-the-wind type of guy who calls himself your 'supervisor'? Anyhow, this guy gives you jobs, varying from '' go get me some grub '' type of jobs to ''hey go kick these ghosts out of my town'' jobs.

    And in return, you're provided with a place to stay, along with all of these other random strangers you seriously just met. But, at least you get one of those nice apartments featuring a large dining room, living room, and a full, separate kitchen...all to yourself if you so choose. It's nice and a'l, but sometimes you can't help but shake this apprehensive feeling that something's going to go very wrong, very soon.

    But whatever, you have all of eternity to worry about that stuff after all. It's time to focus on your most important mission yet.

    Finishing up your favorite TV show.

    "...Of course, it kind of sucks once you figure out that the only way to become a ghost, is to be hand-picked by some higher-leveled being most of us never get to meet."
    - A victim of fate
    Here's an Intro, because I can:

    A small crowd of people awake in a dark space, the smell of earth and wood very much present. Nobody knows why they're there, nor do they recognize one another. All are quickly pulled from their confusion by a very loud voice.

    "Ah, finally, some fresh meat, or - er...sort of."

    A man stands there, no older than late twenties, wearing what seems to be jeans, a solid burgundy colored shirt, and a blue jacket. Some people winced at the classic 1990's grunge style of clothing, but at least this man rocked it, with his blonde hair barely brushing his shoulders in a casual way.

    A few wondered why he looked this way, but it was pretty hard to focus on something apart from the sudden fact that he was semi-transparent, clothes and all.

    "Anyhow, hello there young ones- "

    A small voice tries to intervene, saying that they're actually 102 years old and that they were, in fact, most likely older than him. A flash of light, and a now-irritated voice continues, interrupting the last bit of the elders words.

    "NO, I do not care what age you say you are, for as of this moment you are all newborns compared to me- which reminds me, CONGRATULATIONS!" The man (well, close enough to a man) claps in a burst of enthusiasm, leaving the others in the room to wonder what exactly is going on.

    "Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Oh wise and noble glowing person in front of us, please say. What is our purpose of being here?' "

    The space where the crowd stood was silent.

    "Jeez, tough crowd." He clears his throat, eyeballing several individuals before continuing.

    "First off, you should all know that you're dead." Almost instantly, a hand was raised, stopping whatever rude comments were about to erupt. "Yes, you all have my condolences, but before you all start yelling, I think you should also know the one thing you all have in common.

    Each and every one of you died in the year 2012, on December 21st, at midnight.

    Now, while you all died of different causes, it doesn't change the fact that each and every one of you are now equals in this world, as the newest generation."

    "Newest generation of what?"

    The same voice from before called out, the feminine warmth of a grandmother ringing in the silence. And once again, a flash of red briefly pulsed - or perhaps it was simply a very reddish-orange? Clearly, it meant that whoever this stranger was, was clearly unhappy with being interrupted.

    "Well, call us whatever you like. Spirits, entities, specters, phantoms, wraiths - really, the living have so many names for us, it's hard to keep track. But for your generation, I think the most popular term was ghosts."

    The hush over the crowd quickly disappeared as they began to murmur amongst themselves. One comment was heard over the rest, the sound of a young man's sarcasm unnerving.

    "So what, we get a second chance? I don't know about you guys, but I think I'd prefer staying dead than being undead."

    Within the second of the last word being heard, a small croak filled the air, eyes filled with fear as the people closest watched him grab at his throat. It seemed to be that this one was choking, but nobody moved a muscle to help. "It would be wise of you to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing productive to say." The crowd quieted again, watching with uneasy gazes as the man from before took a deep breath, before lowering his hand, which had raised just before the boy began to choke. Gasps could be heard from the boy, as he tried to fill his non-existent lungs back up with air.

    He went ignored, as the source of all of their knowledge threw his hands up in the air. "Honestly, I don't know why so many of you were picked by the boss, but whatever. Just know that you are all here for a reason, and it was definitely not a fluke, nor was it because of your 'will to live' or whatever nonsense the living have come up with."

    A small, child-like voice piped up, "Excuse me, mister...?"

    This caused the man to stop, looking around to try and find the source for a few moments before giving up, deciding to yell into the crowd. "Name's Otto, please address me as Mr. Otto-the-man, or just supervisor if you prefer." As he introduced himself, he sounded quite giddy, like being called something other than his usual name was really special.

    "Will we get to see our families again?"

    The voice brought up a good point, and others began to repeat the question amongst themselves, only for all hope to be shut down quickly with a single sentence.

    "No, because anyone you remember is long gone, rotting away in some obscure grave most likely."

    "But not to worry, all of you will have a place to return to! Since you've all been asleep for a century or so, the boss had us - and by us I mean me - situate out a living space."

    And with that, Otto clapped his hands. "Alright, no more questions?" Of course, lots of people had questions, but he just chose to ignore them as he waved his hand, an old wooden door appearing behind him.

    "Good thing you guys have me as your supervisor, right? Now, let's introduce you to your new home."


    1. All Iwaku rules apply, of course.

    2. NO GODMODDING, it's just plain rude to control other people's actions.

    3. Posting wise, I'd like for a post to appear every three days...but since I probably won't be able to follow this rule for a little bit due to school I'll stick with once a week for now.

    To show that you read ALL of these rules, please choose a color for your character and place it somewhere in your CS!

    4. Another thing about posts. I'll be expecting at least a paragraph (that's five whole, complete sentences) that hopefully are either advancing the plot, interacting with another, or giving chance for interaction to occur.

    5. And for the love of waffles and french toast, please keep all IC drama out of the OOC.

    6. Finally, the last rule. HAVE FUN! There's just no point in roleplaying if it isn't fun, in my opinion, so have at it. Initiate scenarios! Try new things! Make relationships (but of course keep those sort of scenes family-friendly please)!

    Cast List:

    Catherine Octavul (Female, @Raven Haruka)
    - A shy, quiet girl, it's rare for anybody to actually hear her full name out loud, as she prefers to be called Cricket.

    Nova McCall (Female, @IceQueen)
    - It'd be quite the situation should you get on the bad side of this particular ball of energy (pun intended), but otherwise be prepared for lots of excitement.

    Nicola Albescu (Male, @мι∂иιgнтєя )
    - a WIP character

    Ezra Fenton (Male, @Mocking_Jayy )
    - Our local woodworker, Ezra tends to be pretty laid-back in character, unless of course you somehow make him upset or catch him on a bad day.

    Frederick Braxton (Male, @Lissamel )
    - Once an assassin from CapitalCorp, this master of poison tends to be an easy guy to talk to, granted that you don't mind his somewhat apathetical attitude.

    Kaiden Kendrick (Male, @RainDash )
    - After dying before he could ever achieve his dreams, Kaiden is very nice to those he doesn't know, hiding his crippling loneliness behind a smile.

    Sophia Ellis (Female, @xLarius )
    - It would be in your best interest not to bother this short-stack whilst in her 'mode', otherwise you've been warned.

    Ji-Eun Bi (Female, @Taichou )
    - a WIP character

    Adrien Nobilis (male, @IceQueen )
    - a WIP character

    Character Sheet:
    Know that you can go as far in depth with your character as you want, but make sure to fill in the tings marked with a * please!



    Nickname/Possible Nicknames:

    *Age at time of Death:

    Birthday: (Remember they died at the end of 2012)




    (You can also include a picture if you'd like - anime or other, it doesn't matter - but please provide a description of your ghost. Also note that - depending on the type of death - they might have scars and/or discoloring of skin in certain places. But don't worry, they provide no pain or discomfort for your ghost - well, apart from maybe the occasional itch, but it's just like a reminder of the fact that they died.)


    Habits: (Are there any habits they may have? Biting nails when nervous, scratching at their hand, playing with their hair, etc..)

    Voice: (Do they have an accent of some sort? Do they usually speak in a certain way to people?)

    First Impression: (What would be the first thing people think of when they meet your ghost?)

    *Personality: (Go ahead, describe their personality. I'm sure I don't need to explain the fact that there should also be flaws somewhere, as they were once human.)


    Secrets: (A secret obsession over something? A quirk about them that they wouldn't want others to know about? Closet drinking? Write it here.)

    Hobbies: (Do they cook an elegant five-star pasta dish? Do they play guitar? What does your ghost enjoy doing in their spare time?)

    Failed Hobbies: (Do they suck at anything? Perhaps others should be worried about the state of the kitchen when they decide to summon the demons of hell I mean, "cook".)


    *Do they remember their life before becoming a ghost? : (Y/N question)

    Backstory: (If you'd prefer to tell your ghost's backstory, here you go. Or you could just describe their last memories before their demise.)

    Last Memory:

    Death: (What did they die of?)


    Apartment: (Literally, try to describe the main features of your ghost's apartment.)

    Atmosphere: (What type of atmosphere would your ghost's apartment give off?)

    rrrreeeadddd theeee pooossstttt...


    Did I miss anything? Feel free to add it in!

    (Remember, all things marked with a * are considered mandatory.)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Nova McCall

    Nickname/Possible Nicknames
    Super Nova, N

    Age at time of Death

    November 14th, 1991

    Half Czech, Half English


    Besides her pastel hair and fair skin, Nova has a large cut along her abdomen, and another along her inner thigh.
    She stands about 5'6", and usually wears casual things in black, or blue, grey or green. Sometimes it can be a
    blue that borders on purple. She is very attached to skinny jeans, a fur tail that is attached to said jeans,
    bright colored sneakers and varying types of shirts. She has a belly button piercing
    and she also has two in each ear. She has pale amber eyes that have a hint
    of violet due to albinism in her iris. Her hair was also white due
    to the condition but has since dyed it other pale colors here and there
    to create variation. You can see if she doesn't have makeup on that
    she has circles under her eyes from lack of sleep. The worst of
    her scars is around her neck, a jagged and large cut
    that wraps all the way around in a messy circle.
    She usually wears a necklace to cover it up, or
    dabs some makeup on it if she can. Her skin
    is slightly bruised around her shoulder
    and wrist from the attack, though a slight
    bruise is more like a bright purple blue dot on her skin.


    Playing with her hair, humming, rocking on her feet, fidgeting.

    She has an English accent

    First Impression
    People usually notice her pale hair and eyes, along with her fair skin.

    Nova is nothing but excitable. She seems to have limitless energy when she is excited, and is often
    a little too hyper for some people. Likewise, with boundless energy comes little patience. Nova is easily bored if she doesn't have something
    to keep her occupied. She can be ecstatic one second and bored the next, but occasionally, with the right people, she will
    find herself content simply being around them, and messing with them. Though somewhat irritating, Nova is very
    friendly, and thinks mostly good of people unless they prove themselves untrustable. And when she doesn't like you, she
    isn't afraid to show it. She will downright ignore you if she has to. With those who are closer to her, she
    is still her happy self, trying to make them forget about anything that troubles them.

    Playing games, strong female characters, warm food, home cooked meals, pizza, junk food,
    being lazy, cats, electronic music, dancing like no one is watching, music, fluffy things, tails, fur, cute remarks,
    streaming, sculpting, flowly fabric, smooth fabric, loose clothing, snow, campfires, smores.

    Spicy food, too much quiet, not having enough time to just be herself, nightmares, cheaters,
    hot weather, art theifs, death, being lonely, the smell of her cooking, eating too much food, bad tv shows.

    The man from her death, knives, aggression, seeing others die

    Since her death, she has had difficulty with seeing knifes and people holding knives. She also
    tends to get very squeamish recalling blood, and often launches into panic attacks, which
    is commonly categorized as PTSD
    Her memories keep her up at night, and sometimes you can hear her sobbing if
    it is particularly bad night
    She has a secret BL collection stuffed in the back corners of her closet
    She has blown up her kitchen before trying to cook

    She plays videogames, watches anime, sculpts, draws, naps, and talks to people.

    Failed Hobbies
    Cooking, Dancing, Playing any instrument, MMA fighting (She got punched in the nose one too many times)


    Do they remember their life before becoming a ghost?
    Sadly, yes

    From the very beginning, there was nothing very normal about Nova. She had very very pale

    skin, white hair, and violet amber eyes, a genetic disease referred to as Albinosm. Though she could never
    leave her room like normal children, she tried to live the most normal life possible. There was
    some bullying here and there, but Nova grew a thick skin and learned to ignore those who were jealous of
    her porcelain white skin. She fell in love with videogames and art at a young age, seeing as it provided
    a job while still being able to be safely inside where the sun's rays could not burn her to a crisp.

    Then, one fated day, Nova was out at night, bringing home her groceries as always. For her, it was just another usual
    day walking around the city where she lived in close proximity to her home. As she was walking down the road,
    a shadow seemed to follow her down the street. Not daring to look back, Nova quickened her pace, looking for somewhere, anywhere
    to shelter from whoever was following her, but it was too late.

    Turning down a small street, the lights went out, plunging her into the dark alley. A hand grasped her shoulder from

    behind and flung her around. With a crunch, her bag fell to the ground as Nova was paralyzed with fear. She tried to scream',
    but her voice was lost. His hand grasped her wrist, yanking the can of soda out of her hand. Raising the object in his other
    hand, the metal glinted in the faint light. He came down across her stomach once, his hand slipping across and cutting her inner thigh.
    He reeked of alcohol. Gasping for breath, Nova clutched at her stomach, blood pouring out of her abdomen.

    "For what you've done... you deserve this." The voice slurred into her ear, even as the blood stained her hands and his.
    He raised his knife again, and slashed at her neck, cutting her head off slowly but surely. Her head

    rolled out towards the street, and the last thing she heard was a scream.

    Last Memory
    The feeling of being horribly sliced open by a man on the street. She doesn't know
    who he is but he still haunts her to this day.

    Blood Loss/Beheading


    The room is mostly made up of her gaming computer and comfortable places to sleep. She has some odd arts and crafts
    here and there, mainly hands on things. There seems to be a large collection of Vocaloid figurines, and a few
    of her own figures. Everything is in mostly grey colors and some blues.

    Comfortable and slightly messy, but everything looks like it has an order. There are a bunch of nice places
    to rest and it smells a lot like pine and hot chocolate. It feels cozy and warm.

    She used to have a cat and would love to have one, along with a snake

    Cricket- "Well she's just a little shy cutie. I can see us being good friends, if she is ok with me being the loud one."
    Ezra- "Quite the laid back guy. He can be nice, but I am not sure he would put up with my craziness to well."

    Frederick- "He doesn't seem like my kind of guy. Kind of sad, and really old looking. He seems past his prime and really wallowy."
    Kaiden- "Me and him seem like we would get along! He is probably the only one here who can match my energy level, or at the least come close."
    Sophia- "Gonna say it right now, I do not like her. It's like she wants to starch every inch of her dress before she tries to out snobb you. No thanks."
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  3. ~ BASICS ~
    ( Color - Red Violet )

    Name: Catherine Octavul

    Nickname/Possible Nicknames: Cricket

    Age at time of Death: 17

    Birthday: October 27, 1995

    Ethnicity: Caucasian / White

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    (I'm lazy and will make this into a paragraph later)

    Height - 5'5
    Weight - 76 lbs
    Eye color - Alexandria Genesis (Purple eyes)
    Hair - Eggplant color, reaches to her upper back.
    Notes on her Build - Malnourished, frail and much too light for her own size.
    Wounds from death - A large bruise-like discoloring shaped like a pair of hands lies on her neck, a dark wine color surrounding by an irritating red.
    Other Wounds - A multitude of scars cover her, her arms a mess of small lines and her back filled with much larger ones. There's slight discoloring to be found on her sides in multiple places as well, a sign of being beat on before death came. But of course, to a strangers point of view, the only thing they'll notice is the death bruise on her neck, and her hands, which are red and bruised in multiple places, and have a few small cuts on them.

    ~ SOCIAL ~

    Habits: Often will be found scratching at her hands/wrists unconsciously, sometimes to a point where she will bleed.
    Flinches when snuck up on or if one moves to quickly at her.

    Voice: Although no accent can be established, Cricket is a very soft-spoken person who tries to talk in a well-mannered fashion. She's always being caught apologizing for things - even if they weren't her fault.

    First Impression: A bit shy with strangers, Catherine tends to introduce herself as Cricket before even mentioning her real name. She tries to be kind, though she definitely shows signs of anxiety and nervousness around people she deems inconsistent. Most of the time she just tends to avoid direct confrontation with anybody one-on-one, as being in a group of at least three people makes her feel much more at ease than being alone with somebody (though why this is, she can't explain).

    Once you get closer to Cricket, you'll realize there's a lot more to her than meets the eye. For one, she tends to be a bit self-destructive, waving acts of clumsiness off when it's just her getting hurt, or saying certain things that are considered self-detrimental. It'll sometimes seem as if she has a wall up to keep others out of her private business, as she doesn't enjoy talking about herself much.
    Incredibly loyal to what few friends she has, she can take harsh words to heart, getting upset over the slightest thing said in anger sometimes - even if the person saying it doesn't mean it. But, likewise, she tries not to say anything bad about anybody, even if they do irritate her. After all, sometimes it's best to just go with the flow - even if the flow is super annoying and something she doesn't enjoy.
    If somebody were to ever get on the teenager's bad side, the worst they can expect is for her to scurry out of their way, as she doesn't like the idea of actively disliking somebody. Not a violent person at all, she's the type who would rather take the blow than administer it...even if the blow was meant for somebody else.

    Likes: Books, Classical Music, Many Shades of Purple, Quiet Atmospheres.
    Dislikes: Loud Noises, Rap Music, The Color White, Her Whole Name, Closed Doors.
    Fears: The Feeling of Suffocating, Drowning, Chameleons.

    Secrets: Apart from not wanting anybody to know about her scars, Cricket has a secret obsession over fish - she's always wanted an aquarium.
    She also hates the small amount of fear and self-hatred that pops up whenever she hears her entire name spoken aloud, or when she knows there's a locked door between her and her escape.

    Hobbies: In her spare time, you can usually find Cricket either reading a book, or cleaning.

    Failed Hobbies: She is terrible at drawing - or really anything art-related.

    ~ HISTORY ~

    Do they remember their life before becoming a ghost?
    No, but her memories plague her at night, when she falls asleep. They cause her to wake up in the middle of the night, fearing a dream she can't remember.

    Last Memory: (Technically she doesn't actually remember this, but this is basically what her night terrors are about)
    She was drowning in the icy cold grips of fear, goosebumps spawning like a fungus at a rapid pace, only to be disrupted by white-hot pain. Her sides ached, her back burned, her hands were up in front of her as if they would shield her from anymore of the fiery sensations. Salty tears pricked at her eyes, blurry vision catching glimpses of a faceless, genderless person in front of her, unrecognizable but none-the-less terrifying to the teenager.

    Hands were around her neck, the pressure felt like a hot press was being shoved down her esophagus. Her lungs screamed in agony, her mouth was open in a futile attempt to catch even the smallest bit of the oxygen placed just out of her reach. She was wiggling, her hands tingled, hot and cold fighting for control before everything began to blur even more, her eyes failing to focus on anything as she heard the last words spoken to her, with a tone seething of hatred and rage.

    "You weren't even supposed to exist."

    Death: She died from Asphyxiation (lack of oxygen) by homicidal suffocation.

    ~HOME ~

    Apartment: Cricket's apartment is much too large, in her opinion, and as such is also very basic. The kitchen isn't filled with any special appliances, the tile is bare. The living room is at least a bit more normal, a large sofa setting itself in front of the television - which remains off most of the time- and bookshelves practically lining themselves along the walls, wherever there's room. Her bedroom is also a mini library, books neatly placed and stacked in an organized matter, the only part untouched being her large king-sized bed, which dwarfs the small teenager easily.

    Often times, you'll find Cricket in her favorite chair found in the living room, a book in her hands (and sometimes passed out due to long nights).n Other times, you'll find her cleaning what little needs to be cleaned, usually dusting the bookshelves.

    Atmosphere: This is one of those few, sparse places where one can feel safe. It's very easy to forget your troubles whilst sinking into a soft, comfortable sofa with the faint background noise of cheerful symphonies playing, a warm cup of tea in your hands. It's a tranquil, quiet atmosphere very befitting for a small person such as Catherine.

    ...But, of course, this does have it's flaws.

    With quiet, comes the cold, dark sense of loneliness - of waking up in the middle of the night and feeling like you're completely isolated from the rest of the building. It's knowing you don't belong here, in this large apartment, when the music is off and there's nothing but silence. Sure, when there's company over in the day, with uplifting background music and a great place for people to read or just quietly enjoy one another's presence, it's nice.

    But when you're alone, it's one of the scariest places you can be at times.


    Nova McCall - "She's very pretty, but also very...enthusiastic, it seems?"
    As Nova seems like a very energetic person, for now Cricket is wary of her, and grows exhausted very quickly at her antics.

    Nicola Albescu - "..."

    Ezra Fenton - "Ah, he's pretty nice - although just a bit strange as well..."
    Again, although she knows his intentions are well, Cricket just finds interactions with him very tiring.

    Frederick Braxton - "My neighbor. Don't tell him I said this, but he scares the living daylights out of me - though I can't say why."
    Not even thinking about the fact that this man is twice her age and seems like twice her height, just his presence seems to frighten Cricket a little.

    Kaiden Kendrick - "He's super nice! But I don't know how he can smile so much, knowing that he's dead..."
    Something just feels off about this man, though she can't place her tongue on exactly what. Nonetheless, she remains wary of him - as she doesn't truly believe all of his kindness is sincere.

    Sophia Ellis - "It's so sad, knowing that a teenager such as herself had died..."
    Minus the confusion about her age, Sophia's intensity is very intimidating to Cricket, and as such, the blonde is one of the few that Cricket tries to avoid.

    Ji-Eun Bi - "..."

    Adrien Nobilis - "..."

    ~ OTHER ~

    Yay it's finally over.
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  4. WIP


    Name: Nicola Albescu

    Nickname/Possible Nicknames: Nox

    Age at time of Death: 20

    Birthday: 4/21/1992

    Ethnicity: Romanian | Korean

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    With a small stature and slim build, Nox appears to be anything but intimidating. He has remedied this by decorating his body with the type of ornamentation that clearly states "f*ck off". Above full lips lie a monroe piercing and on his tongue a silver stud is apparent. Nox has been dyeing his hair white since he first hit his teens. It contrasts his green eyes and fawn skin tone. He has multiple tattoos, most on his thighs. A typical outfit of his would be a baggy hoodie or sweater, shorts, sneakers, and ear cuffs (all monochromatic).

    Silvery scars adorn most of Nox's extremities. They vary in length, depth, and width but they were all obviously made with a blade. Two thin but deep scars run horizontally over each of his wrists, one wide sloppy scar cuts into his throat, and another three identical surface scars sit vertically on the insides of his ankles. Nox has bruising on both his arms and legs.


    Habits: Fiddling with his tongue ring and tapping his hands and feet.

    Voice: Romanian accent. He talks with a bit of a lisp and tends to mutter.

    First Impression: (What would be the first thing people think of when they meet your ghost?)

    *Personality: (Go ahead, describe their personality. I'm sure I don't need to explain the fact that there should also be flaws somewhere, as they were once human.)


    Secrets: (A secret obsession over something? A quirk about them that they wouldn't want others to know about? Closet drinking? Write it here.)

    Hobbies: (Do they cook an elegant five-star pasta dish? Do they play guitar? What does your ghost enjoy doing in their spare time?)

    Failed Hobbies: (Do they suck at anything? Perhaps others should be worried about the state of the kitchen when they decide to summon the demons of hell I mean, "cook".)


    *Do they remember their life before becoming a ghost? : (Y/N question)

    Backstory: (If you'd prefer to tell your ghost's backstory, here you go. Or you could just describe their last memories before their demise.)

    Last Memory:

    Death: (What did they die of?)


    Apartment: (Literally, try to describe the main features of your ghost's apartment.)

    Atmosphere: (What type of atmosphere would your ghost's apartment give off?)


    Did I miss anything? Feel free to add it in!
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  5. Okay, color me interested, so expect a character sheet...Sometime. I will fill in every section just try me
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  6. -BASICS-

    Ezra Fenton

    Nickname/Possible Nicknames:

    Age at time of Death:

    August 5, 1991





    -Height: 5'11
    -Weight: 173lb
    -Eye Color: Forest Green
    -Skin Color: Fair Colored
    -Body: Slim, Broad Shoulders, Toned Arms
    -Two Bullet hole wounds (the marks are small dark circles that slightly dip into his skin), one in left upper arm, one in rib cage.


    -Licks lips often
    -Gestures a lot when speaking

    He speaks pretty normal with a somewhat deep voice, though when he's excited his tone seems more enthusiastic and a bit higher pitch.

    First Impression:
    Strange but friendly

    Ezra tends to be a laid-back type of guy, though at the appropriate time he's a dork, doing whatever he feels like without caring about what anyone says. He loves to have fun, unless if he's in a bad mood or tired. When he's in an awful mood, he'll usually just lounge around and keep to himself with a serious expression. Though, it takes a good while for Ezra to get angry. He's also really easy to talk to, given that he likes to meet new people and make friends. The male also has a big heart, meaning that he'll put other's happiness before his.

    Movies, Cheesecake, 80's rock music
    Sushi, books, silence, rude people
    His loved ones/friends disliking him or that they'll forget about him and leave him in the past.


    -Wood Carving

    Failed Hobbies:
    -Playing the Saxophone


    *Do they remember their life before becoming a ghost? :

    Ezra had been invited by his group of friends to go to a college party. He had actually been having fun, until two guys started to fight in the middle of the dance floor before one of them took out a gun.

    Last Memory:

    Bang! Bang! Bang! The first bullet pierced through the skin of Ezra's left upper arm and a second later, another one tore through his flesh of his ribcage. Immediately the crowd erupted into chaos. Screaming could be heard and the crowd began to scatter as they rushed out of the home.

    Ezra fell on his back, gasping for air with wide eyes. Blood had already began to drip onto the tiled floor, yet Ezra could only feel the pain coming from the two wounds. It was terrible.

    "Ezra!" Brandon, one of his best friends, shouted as he rushed over to Ezra's side. "Declan! Call an ambulance!" The male shouted once, before leaning down to stare at Ezra. "Everything is going to be okay, alright Ezra." Brandon reassureed, yet from the looks of it, Ezra had a hard time believing that. Here he was, bleeding out on the floor far away from home-far away from his family. "B-Brandon-" Ezra coughed and began to gasp for air, "I...can't..." Ezra felt as if he wasn't getting enough oxygen no matter how much air he breathed in. "Tell m-my-gasp-family that...I love t-them." It hadn't even been ten minutes when the male had took his last breath of air.

    -Pneumothorax: Lung collapsed due to bullet creating a whole that allowed for air to go in. The air didn't allow for lung to expand.


    The living room has hardwood flooring with beige colored walls. There's a soft white couch in the center, with plush pillows. A coffee table rests on a light brown rug. In front of the couch. Hanging on the wall is a 40 inch plasma tv. Due to his love of natural lighting, there are long Windows that have curtains, but they are always tied to the side so the sunlight could shine through. A shelf is located besides the tv and has a lot of movies as well as his finished wood carvings. His creations vary from small little animals to flowers. His bedroom is pretty cluttered with his things. He has a bunch of shoes under his bed, another shelf with some movies. At his desk, he has his wood carving tools with an unfinished project. Again, a big window besides his desk.

    His home gives off a cozy feel with lots of sunlight.


    Color: Lime Green
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  7. Name:

    Frederick Braxton

    Nickname/Possible Nicknames:

    "Brax" by his fiancee

    Age at time of Death:



    March 19, 1978


    Half-native Hawaiian, otherwise Caucasian.




    Frederick is on the taller side of the spectrum (six feet even), but rather thin, which a build most people would describe as "sort of bendy". Due to his native Hawaiian ancestry, his skin is darker, but...Not really dark. More ambiguously brown than anything else. His hair is black and a little bit unkempt, his face still bearing a bit of stubble. His eyes are green.

    His clothing is slightly ill-fitting and more than a little bit dirty. He's eternally dressed business-casual, with a black-with-white-pinstripes suit and a navy blue tie, white undershirt, white socks, and dirty brogues for footwear. If you look closely, you can see rope markings on his wrists and ankles, as well as a rectangle marking over his mouth where the duct tape was placed.



    He smokes to calm himself down.

    When particularly deep in thought, he rubs the back of his neck.

    Sometimes, he'll begin to fiddle with a ring, but he's stop himself...Namely, because there's no ring there.


    He has an annoying tendency to over-enunciate his words.

    First Impression:

    The ghost looks a little world-weary, almost bored. Judging by his suit and expression, you'd probably just suppose he's caught in a nine-to-five office job and he really, really hates it.


    Frederick is an easy person to talk with. That doesn't mean he's an extrovert, though. He'll quite often keep to himself, preferring to people-watch and lie in wait. He always seems to have an air of causality, no matter what he's chosen to speak of. He's nonjudgmental, but because of this can come off as far to aloof, far to uncaring. This isn't far from the truth. Post mortem Frederick found himself becoming a bit of a nihilist, manifesting in a sense of apathy in anything he does. Some people would say he has major depressive disorder, but he remains undiagnosed, and doesn't particularly care. Although he's snarky, he won't lie to you--Omit details, yes, but he won't lie. He strongly believes in the power of the blunt truth in helping people. Also, he's...Not exactly shy about the fact he's killed people in his life. Does he like talking about it? No. But that doesn't stop him from mentioning it in the same casual tone he'll talk about anything with.

    However, Frederick will become a little more wistful when talking about the happier parts of his life. He also gets uncharacteristically passionate about slandering businessmen. And he likes kids.


    Guinea pigs, cityscapes, watching different personalities interact, keeping busy.


    The supervisor, cockroaches, cops, fast food joints, corporate scum.


    He's good at hiding it, but he does fear any of his old business partners finding them down here. Worse, his victims. Even worse, his fiancee.


    Frederick has a secret desire to become a psychopomp himself. Hey, if the afterlife has no meaning to him, that doesn't mean he can't help hit have meaning to other souls, right?


    He knits, mainly.

    Failed Hobbies:

    He once tried to play piano. He's an abysmal pianist.


    Do they remember their life before becoming a ghost?:

    Oh yes. Clear as day.


    Ah, CapitalCorp. You've probably seen their businesses. They're a multi-million dollar mega corporation with a cable company monopoly. Capital Cable is Quality, as they say, what with their high-speed internet connection and free HBO for the first year. Who wouldn't want to work for CapitalCorp?

    ...Oh, right, because they're all a bunch of crooks.

    CapitalCorp never only dealt in cable--It also deals in information and blackmail. That's how they can keep their thumb at the top of the chain...And how they can keep getting funds from some very important people. When not being corrupt businessmen, some of the employees deal in more tactical things. Information gathering, for example. Stalking the rich and powerful via faux-telemarketing. Some of them were even practically assassins or hired muscle, sent to eliminate those who know too much.

    Frederick was part of this third category. The assassin variety. Specifically, he was talented in concocting poisons and tainting 'lunches' he'd deliver to the rich. Subtle, moderately quick, and efficient: a brilliant strategy. He worked well for the company. He was personable. People enjoyed being with him. And who doesn't like a free lunch? He did his dirty work, he got paid, and he was never caught. Life had a morbid sort of rhythm for Frederick...

    ...Which was disrupted with Shannon.

    Shannon was a beautiful secretary for the state's capitol building. She might have been a bit of a flirt, but she was an intellectual lady. They hit it off. He never delivered lunch. Time would go by, and they were seeing each other more and more, and this one time they were at a bar together and maybe they had too much to drink--The point being, she ended up getting pregnant. And only a month after Shannon found out, she proposed to him. He accepted, and in some foolish attempt to be a better father, he attempted to quit his job.

    Last Memory:

    Nobody quits CapitalCorp.

    You learn that very quick when there's only darkness around you. When you can't move. When you can't scream.

    When the world blurs. When the world goes to black.


    Suffocation. Specifically, he was buried alive in the company's back lot.



    Despite being rather dirty-looking himself, Frederick keeps his apartment surprisingly clean. The linoleum of the kitchen is always impeccably mopped, with a nice microwave and a French press and a nice coffee machine. Next to his brown (and very plush) sofa is a wicker basket of various yarns and knitting needles. His glass coffee table bears many knitted coasters. His television is usually turned on just as background noise, to the point that he can tell the time based on what's on the TV. The house always smells pretty thickly of cigarette smoke, though; and in his attempt to remedy this usually has a few scented candles lit. He seems to enjoy having antique tchotchkes in random places.


    The place presents itself with a sense of seclusion, but also a sense of just...Being. Smoke mixes with the smell of beach-scented burning wax. It's a comfortable, blase sort of place; though there's always the undertone that the person living in it used to be a little more used to luxury than he'll ever care to admit. The house won't judge you.


    Frederick rejects any and all romantic advances. That's because he's engaged. Granted, that doesn't mean much as Shannon is still alive, but he wants to remain faithful.

    He used to have an expensive gold wristwatch as well as an engagement ring. They were stolen from his body before he was tied up and buried, and then were sold at a pawn shop. He's still bitter about it.

    Phew I'm done. Hopefully I did all this right.
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  8. [​IMG]
    "I'm trying to swim, but I still feel like I'm drowning."

    Kaiden Kendrick

    Age at time of Death:

    July 17th, 1992

    Caucasian and Japanese


    "Pfft, I know it's a stupid face. It taken secretly, so I didn't get to stop them before it was taken."

    Height - 6' 4"
    Weight - 245 lbs
    Eye color - Red
    Hair - Red, though at the roots it seems washed out and almost white.
    Notes on his Build - He seems to be in relatively good shape, but some of his muscle toning appears to have been lost at some point.
    Wounds from death - A large gash on his arm that looks like road rash.
    Other Wounds - A small scar above his right eye, from hitting a table when he was younger.

    Unlike most other ghosts Kaiden doesn't have an obvious wound to indicate how he died. He's grateful for it, but often covers up the road rash on his arm, worried about making other people concerned about him. Unlike the mortal wounds the other ghosts suffered, the road rash bleeds, as it was a pre-mortem wound. Kaiden tends to wrap it in bandages to keep it from bleeding through his shirts or jackets. It also still hurts when poked or touched. More than it should. Kaiden tends to dress like he's about to exercise or lay about for a day. He has very few formal wear outfits, and many t-shirts with funny images on them. He tends to wear jeans when not exercising.

    "Don't worry about it! Let's talk about something else, though, okay?"

    When he sleeps poorly, he makes breakfast. Often times he makes more than he needs, so he shares it.

    Also tends to stop whatever he's doing and force himself to do something unrelated when be becomes stressed about his memories.

    He tends to turn his head to the right when lying.

    Has a hard time looking people in the face, an unconscious habit.

    When people tell him he looks sad he tends to force a smile or joke about it.

    Tends to say please and thank you after sentences when meeting new people or talking to strangers. Has a bit of a Minnesotan accent.

    First Impression:
    The nicest person you'll ever meet. He tends to try and help strangers when he can and smile in public. He's always excited to something or other and talking about swimming or something he saw on TV. The greatest sweetheart, he probably would pack cookies in his bag if he thought that it would help someone out.

    A very lonely person. When people know him well he tends to let down his false front, and stops smiling so much. Kaiden tends to think a lot about his future and where he's going next, but often times he thinks about it in negative terms. Especially since his death, he is pessimistic about the world. Kaiden tends to try and keep himself busy when he's upset about things, often doing one hobby or another, switching if one doesn't work. Kaiden still worries about people and cares for others deeply, but puts their needs before his every time.

    People, excitement, red, swimming, cooking

    Lack of noise, optimists, trains, tunnels

    Being trapped in a tunnel, drowning, water

    He won't tell anyone that he's afraid of water now, because he feels defined by his love of swimming.
    That he remembers how he died.
    The road rash on his arm.

    Swimming, Cooking (was planning on becoming a chef after career was done), Reading Manga and watching Anime, watching TV

    Failed Hobbies:
    He drew once. He was told that it was indecipherable and he explained it was a dog.

    "It felt like I was going to sleep in the darkness, letting me sink instead of swim. At least it wasn't a totally painful way to go."

    Do they remember their life before becoming a ghost? :
    Yes, however, he claims not to remember, and memories close to his death are hard to remember.

    Kaiden was born a swimmer. From Middle school and on that was what he did when he wasn't home. He swam and he worked hard. He always figured that he'd get to be an Olympian swimmer or something. He was on the fast track to that life, and everything was going extremely well. As he got bigger the events did as well, eventually he was scouted in high school for a big university and was given a free ride. They were famous for their swimming team too, so it would be easier to get scouted for it.

    Then one night, when he was returning from an away meet the subway tunnel the team had been traveling on to get back to their hotel collapsed. Many don't understand exactly how it happened, some say it was a plot against New York, others just say it was a minor earthquake. The team kept food and various items with them for the meet, but they were own there for days. A few members died in the collapse, with many of the passengers of the subway. Along the way their already small numbers were halved due to complications and rations. Ultimately, only a quarter of the passengers of the trainwreck survived the entire experience. Kaiden was among their number.

    He finished the semester, and went home for the summer. He returned back to school acting like he was fine.

    Kaiden appeared to simply blend back into society, hiding the fact that he was certain that he'd die down in the tunnel, that it would eat him alive and that no one could help him. Soon he was back at swimming, now furiously practicing at all hours of the night for the sake of his mental health. His grades improved marginally, in the months between the trainwreck and his accident he studied even harder.

    Then he died. He went through a harrowing experience just to die half a year later.
    N̴̴̟̼̟̻͙͡O̵̙̱̲̭̲͎̠̮̳͟Ṭ̨̦̹̱̀͠͝ ̢̯͉̩̥̮̥͢F̡̘̱͎̮̫͈͈̜͓̥̘̹̜̮͈͞͡A̴͏̸̙̪̰̼̟̹̕͜I̵̢͖͙̳̮͈̯͕̮͓̮͉͖̘̳̭̻͇͝ͅR̶̭͈̭̣͈͕̘̤̯̪̙͘ͅN̶̛͎̼̳̺̯̞͍͚̼̼͕͙̯̩͘Ǫ͇̱̺̱̳̝̖̦̀͡Ţ̨̙̱͉̖̯̼̹̺̬͎͕̟̜̺͎̘̦̺́̕͞ͅ ̸̶̴̹̘̞̻̫͜F͝҉̶̻͍͙͇̼̖̥͘ͅÁ̢̯̲̝̝͇͓̠̜I͠͏̲͍͍͔̻͢R̸҉҉̴̻̱͍̰̭͝N̢̜̻̫͈͟O̡͉̟̳̙̜͔̥̭̠͓̭͙͉͉͙͇͞T̮̹̯͈͚̰̣́F̨̥̜̻͎Ą̰̰̩̝͘͟I͓̬͈̱͘R͏̢̡̻̹̺͙̝̼̘̘̗

    Last Memory:
    "You all right Kaiden?"

    "Yeah, just been spacing out recently I guess."

    "Jeez should I be glad you didn't drown while you were swimming today?"

    "Nah, at this point it's automatic. I'd swim even if I was dead."

    The road passes by. It is a quiet night, and far later than the two of them prefer to be out. It's nearly midnight on the road home, and it's too dark for this kind of drive. Kaiden looks more tired than usual.

    "I can't believe you just got back into it after that trainwreck, dude. Just put yourself right back in- animal!"

    One second, the deer is there, the next Kaiden is swerving, more out of reaction to the yelling than the deer. The car hits the bars on the side of the road and stops. Kaiden is flying.

    It is dark when Kaiden hits the road and rolls out and over the edge of the bridge. H͠e̡ do͢e̴sn't e͘vȩn̶ ̵ful͜l̢y ͏k͜now ho̷w̢ i̢t ̵ha̵p͠pe̕ne͞d,͡ ̡the҉ ba̷r͜s s̶ho̷u̴ld͢ ͝háv̕e ͟st̢op̷pe҉d him ̡ther̸e ̡too͝.͜ T͘he͡n͠ ͡h̵e̴ ͞r͟e͟m͜ember̸s t̛he̵ ac̷ci̷d͠e̴nt a̶ ̕f̢e̶w ̵da҉y̡ś àg͟o ̛w͏h͜èrȩ s͡o͡me ͝i̧d̷io̸ts dr͠i̕v̴er͟s̀ t̕o̶ok̶ ͢th̛e bars ̸o҉u͝t ̀witḩ ̨the҉ir S͜UV.

    He did̸n't ḱnow ͞i̧t͞ ̴c̶o͡ùl̴d get ̷d̶a҉rk̨èr wh̸e̵n ̢h͢e i͞s ͢pl͡unged͏ i͢nto͞ ̶th͏è icy͏ ͘c̷o͘l̸d̀ w̴at̡er ̕b́e҉l͝o̢w.҉ ͟I̷t͏'s a̕l̸l ̛s͟ò quicḱ, ̸a͞n̴d ͝al͡l̀ ̡so̧ ͞ư͡͝͏̴̣̗̩̟̹̻̻̜̩̲͖͚̞̯̜̥n̢̧̢͙̥̰͈̱͜f̵̷͇̟̭̯̯̣̯̪̲͔̳͈̣̫͟͡͝ḁ̷̵̡̞̻͕̯͔̤̖̜̹̥̝̼̤̱ͅi̪͉̥̰̲͔̗͉̜̯̘̞̲̕͟͠ͅr̸͟҉͖̺̘̟̼̼̦̰̹͕̯̜͎͞.

    A̠̼͔̹̩͎̹t ҉̭l̺e̳̠͎̜͢a̷s͚͞t̲ ̮̬̼͇͍̬h͍̪̞̩̪͕͝e̜̫̳ ͈͍̭c̰͈̰͔̘ơ̖̣͕̹̻̳̜u̧̫̭̙̗̝̝l̥͎͉̳̦̝̹d͙̳͔̱̬̯ͅ ̴͇̠̦̱͎l҉͔̜̫e͎̻̜̲̝t͉͇̪ ̥̰̝t̛̹̜̱h̡̘̩̞̜e̮͕̩̤̹̠̫͢ ̧̰̮̙̺̣c̴͈ò͓̘̲͚̣̖l͔̱̖͎̥̜d ̥̰̻͉͠r̙̩͉o̧̠͓̰͙̹̱c̴̼̩̬̠̤k̩͈̳ ͚̥̖͔͓́h͈̩̘ͅį͈̘̣̠ͅm̶̱̱ ͏͈̼̝ͅt̰͍̘̪̟o͏̪͙͓̘ ͏̥̻̞̙̼͓s̟̥͚̀l͎̭̭̝̹̤ͅe͇̥̱̱e̳͈̰͇͔͙̫p̸̜̱ͅ.̤ͅ..̼̟̟͕͇͖͖͝ ̟̱͙̪̰

    Drowning after being ejected from a car crash.


    Surprisingly messy, but not too messy. Kaiden seems like the person at least keep the room in order, but every surface is covered with various things except for one. His night stand only has a glass of water and his alarm. The glass of water has been there so long there's dust around it. In the corner there's a TV and a self for manga. Both are well cared for and taken care of. The chair is well worn and comfortable, but can be easily picked up and moved around. There are posters on the wall of a few swimmers, landscapes of water that looks crumpled, and in the corner near his TV, anime posters. He has a few items just for the sake of owning them, and clothes lay on the floor in crumpled heaps. In a pile to hide it, lays a small night light, which some nights Kaiden needs, and the light could bleed through the underneath of the door to his bedroom.

    Like a college student dorm, it has a feeling of temporary living to it. As though Kaiden would be able to pick up and leave it at the end of the year. There are a few snacks in the bedroom, but it also doesn't appear to be well taken care of either, like the person inside gave up trying. The bedroom seems to be the worst of it, clutter and discord everywhere. Some posters have been torn down.


    N̢̜̻̫͈͟O̡͉̟̳̙̜͔̥̭̠͓̭͙͉͉͙͇͞T̮̹̯͈͚̰̣́ F̨̥̜̻͎Ą̰̰̩̝͘͟I͓̬͈̱͘R͏̢̡̻̹̺͙̝̼̘̘̗
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  13. Alright! The cast list has been updated!


    "...And off with her head!"

    Nova McCall has been accepted, congratulations - you have our condolences!
    'Hopefully she won't be chosen to do the more...dirty jobs.'


    "Did you hear about the man they buried alive?"
    ("They said it was a...grave mistake.")

    Frederick Braxton has been accepted, congratulations - you have our condolences!
    'This one will definitely be of use...'


    "I guess you could say he drowned his sorrows away- oh, wait."

    Kaiden Kendrick has been accepted, congratulations - you have our condolences!
    'At least there's somebody willing to cook breakfast for this bunch...'
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