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  1. (IC) (OOC)

    As the group stepped through the old wooden door, their stomachs dropped, their heads whirled, and their toes tingled. It was like riding a very high-speed rollercoaster on it's highest dropping point, adrenaline-powered fire in their veins, unable to see anything but black.

    But as quick as it started, it finished, leaving the group disoriented for a few seconds before looking in front of them. The air was moist, small droplets came from the darkened clouds above, and would've landed on them had they been on the same physical plane as the living. Instead, they felt the small water bits pass through them, giving off the feeling of a small chill.

    The building in front of them was quite smaller than expected, no more than two stories above ground. A few people visibly shown their confusion, the feeling written all over their faces. A harsh laugh welcomed them back to reality- or, well, something akin to it.

    "Welcome to Rochester, New York! One of the rainiest cities in the country, it has all sorts of fun stuff- not to mention it's under my jurisdiction, so it's almost ten times easier to do what I want." Without waiting for a reply, Otto began to walk forward, stopping under the small canopy the building provided. "Well, aren't you all coming in?"

    Once everybody entered the door, the first thing they had to do was walk down a flight of stairs, lit nicely by wall lights giving off a yellow-ish glow. The stairs ended on a floor with what seemed to be a common space, a couple loveseats and bean bags thrown across the floor lazily, with a small fireplace accenting the room. There was also a hallway which led to a single elevator, another space furniture with a very large table, and a door (presumably a set of stairs for the building). There was also another door on the opposite side of the elevator, labeled 'Supervisor Otto-the-man'.

    Quickly, Otto rushed to the elevator, making sure to point out the list of people and their corresponding room, a key hanging just below each pairing. "Welp, here's your keys, and you all can just hop on the elevator and check out your places. If you have any questions or concerns, I'll be in my office." And with that said, the blonde man went to enter his office, a ghostly hand landing on the doorknob before he stopped.

    "Oh! Be sure to come back down here around seven, alright?" Not waiting for a response, he entered his office, the door shutting behind him with a final click.

    A clock placed above his door ticked, the current time being 4:59 PM.

    Catherine Octavul
    Catherine watched as the man introduced himself as Otto, unsure what to think as she observed his actions. Why was he so...immature? Surely, he must have some redeeming qualities, if he's in charge of the entire city of Rochester? Speaking of which, how did they even get here? Last thing she remembered...

    Oh, what did she remember? A wooden door, a speech about being dead, and then...?


    With the click of the door closing, she was snapped back to reality, and - looking down - realized she had started to scratch at her wrist, the unbruised parts starting to turn a slight red. Ah, that must be a habit. Removing her hands, she decided to actually look at who else was in her not-so-little group, taking note of the fact that nearly all of them were taller than her - with the exception of a short, faded blonde girl who seemed to be younger than herself.

    For a second, a wave of an indescribable emotion swept through the eggplant-haired female, but it was quickly brushed aside as she noticed her name on the list mentioned. Quickly walking up to it, she read what floor she was on before grabbing the small key. Curiosity got the better of her, and she read the name of the person who would be her neighbor, before scuttling off closer to the door which may or may not lead to the set of stairs. As Catherine watched the crowd, she contemplated whether or not she would take the elevator.

    Most likely, she'd wait until the majority of the others left, then take it herself.
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  2. Kaiden Kendrick
    At least I'll go... before they see me fall apart...

    With that, Kaiden closed his eyes and fell into darkness. He never knew it could be so suffocating until after the trainwreck. Then it felt like hands on his neck, his breath escaping faster than he could watch the bubbles escape into the surface.

    Then he closed his eyes...

    "Welcome to Rochester, New York! One of the rainiest cities in the country, it has all sorts of fun stuff- not to mention it's under my jurisdiction, so it's almost ten times easier to do what I want."

    And opened them again in a lobby that wasn't too shabby. Wait.

    Wasn't he dead? On the strange man's command he walked forward, his feet solid on the floor despite what he felt should be true. He'd... drowned... right?

    Then the man said something about keys and vanished. then reappeared to say that they'd meet up at seven down here. A quick check of the clock revealed that would be in about two hours. Two hours to try and get situated and understand what was going on.

    "This is... weird, right? I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be dead," Kaiden said as he took the key suggested he take.

    He was mostly talking to the girl by the elevator, since she was the first one to go and grab the keys and to act on her own. He felt like entering was automatic somehow, which was weird but probably the least weird thing. That had happened to him lately.

    As he took the key he noticed thin lines of red on the back of his hand. A quick check revealed it to be blood. I guess it's from when I slid on the road... but wouldn't my arm be broken too? I guess it'd be too inconvenient for me to walk around with a broken arm all the time.

    It was weird how quickly he was getting accustomed to being dead. Wouldn't people be upset at being dead? Maybe he was in shock or something. Would you go through the stages of grief when you're dead?

    "Well... no point in standing around here looking at each other blankly. My name's Kaiden, by the way. Nice to meet you."

  3. ♦~Nova~♦
    Nova didn't like this one bit. It was nerve wracking going through this whole thing. She couldn't even think straight. Well, it was a little hard considering she was being sucked towards a apartment complex, it seemed. The crazy man who had brought them continued to lead them inside, and she followed numbly. She looked up at the keys for the rooms, her hand scratching at the blue and purple bruises dotting around her neck, a thick scar tracing the entire length. Nova swallowed hard.

    Grabbing the key, Nova didn't even bother to look at her neighbor. Her hands were trembling, the keys jingling in her hand as they shook. Her eyes were puffy and red, her lungs heaved. Walking to the elevator, Nova leaned against the wall closest to it, her hands running over her body. 'Is this even real?' She thought to herself, before looking at the people around her. She looked up at the man who had mentioned that he was supposed to be dead, and she swallowed. "Looks like I'm not the only one who remembers then." She mumbled, her voice much soften than it's usual rambunctious tone. After all, she had just felt her own head being severed from her body, along with mute screams, not really something you like to hear. "I am positive I am supposed to be dead." She said, running her hands around the scar on her neck.
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  4. Sophia Ellis?
    Her head hurt. There were people all around her. She had a roommate.
    She looked all around her, this was sort of weird. She couldn't remember anything but her name and something of what happened.

    "This is... weird, right? I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be dead,"

    Dead? Is this what was happening? 'Sophia' blinked at the redhead and was going to talk to him but stopped herself.
    It'd be too much of a bother.
    She took the key and shivered, she didn't want to sleep in the same room as another person.
    She watched as a pale figure passed everyone seeming that she didn't want to talk anyone, she looked around a bit lonely but took a deep breath.

    She approached a black haired, male with seemingly forest green eyes and pulled on his sleeves.

    "Excuse me sir, I'm Sophia, um...."

    She looked for the words to say.

    " I um.... Do you... "

    "Um, do you mind telling me your name?"

    Sophia wanted to know at least one person, even if they may hate her. It seemed that most people were heading to their rooms but she was a bit lost. After all everyone were practically giants to her. She'd run to her room afterwards, she didn't know what she was doing anymore.
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  5. Frederick immediately didn't like Otto.

    Not for any good reason that he could place, no. It could be his inappropriately cheery disposition. Maybe it was his willingness to drop a group of strangers off at an apartment complex and leave them alone, bidding them to come back at seven o'clock on the dot. Or maybe it was his smile. His smile reminded him of the higher-ups at CapitalCorp, the kind that did business negotiations with a cheeky grin and said, well, of course the check was already in the mail, how couldn't it be? The kind of smile that had thinly-veiled lies just behind it. Frederick himself used to be an expert in that kind of smile.

    So, in an attempt not to look at Otto, his eyes fell on his wrists. They were positioned in front of himself, one above the o...His breathing was coming steady, and he separated his wrists. He shifted his weight, and found his ankles weren't bound either. That was very good. He'd rather be here, where he could evenly shift his weight and move freely, as opposed to...Well. The alternative.

    God, his lungs still felt like they'd collapse.

    Odd, since they already had.

    His eyes surveyed the rest. Sorry lot they were. Some were already introducing themselves, already wondering why they suddenly weren't dead. Wasn't it obvious? Frederick was not a religious man, but even he could glean that this was probably some...Twisted purgatory. These people looked like kids, teenagers and college students, they hadn't lived long enough to be in Hell. And someone like him wouldn't have a snowball's chance of getting into Heaven.

    "'S Frederick. A pleasure to meet you." His tone said he didn't really mean that, and his eyes weren't focused on anyone in particular. Nobody had addressed him, so he had no incentive to address anyone specific. Looking away from everyone else, he stretched a bit, rubbed a hand over his mouth, and moved off to look over the list of rooms and take his key. Who was his neighbor? Catherine? Nice name, if nothing else. "...Not so great being here, but y'know. Take what'cha get."

  6. Ezra Fenton
    Before Ezra could even gather his wits, he was plunged into darkness before things were visible again, making him all the more confused. Had he not died? With brows furrowed, the raven-black haired male glanced at the people around him before noting the man, Otto, stepping towards a building. Following the group, since that was basically the only option he had, the male licked his lips and came to a stop once they were in a room, where Otto had pointed out a list with their names and their neighbors. How could he just leave them like this? Questions unanswered and confused.

    The sensation of his sleeves being tugged on, made the forest green colored orbs to snap down to the short blonde. There was still a hint of confusion in Ezra's eyes while he starred down at the girl. "My name?...Oh, yeah. Sorry." He shook his head, snapping out of his daze and introduced himself. "I'm Ezra. " The girl appeared to be much younger, which was quite odd and she seemed to resemble those porcelain dolls his sister would have. "Do you have any idea what is going on?" He questioned quietly as his gaze shifted to glance at the other individuals. Everyone appeared to be in their late teens and early twenties, with the exception of one individual who looked much older.

    He already knew the answer to his question, but he couldn't help but to ask it, in hopes that at least someone would know. However, from the looks of it, everyone was just as lost as he was.
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  7. Catherine Octavul Cricket watched as the rest of the group interacted, not realizing that the question asked by the red-head in the beginning was actually directed towards her until he introduced himself as Kaiden. In response, she broke eye contact, looking down at her wrists and wringing them, the skin of one being twisted almost painfully by the other.

    "I'm sorry for your loss."

    The words left the eggplant-haired girl's mouth almost instantly in response, her soft voice echoing in the brief moment of silence that occurred between sayings. Her head snapped up, the odd shaped bruise on her neck clearly visible now, while a wave of guilt appeared with the realization of the fact she might have just insulted the man in front of her. She went to open her mouth in an attempt to apologize, when a voice interrupted her.

    "'S Frederick. A pleasure to meet you."

    Catherine paled at the sound, an unexplainable sense of fear quickly trying to make its presence, only for her to suppress it. Turning, she looked at the man who just announced himself to the crowd, his tone almost hinting at sarcasm. A ripple of fear struck down her spinal cord, shivers leaving goosebumps on her skin as she observed the man who turned out to be her neighbor - unless of course there was some other Frederick she was unaware of.

    A small yawn escaped her throat - apparently dying was pretty exhausting work - and she quickly turned back to the man addressing her before, unable to look at him in the eyes as she continued. "Ah, sorry about that, it was pretty harsh of me to say something like that. I'm Cricket, nice to meet you as well." Once again, a dull itching sensation persuaded the teenager to look down at her hand, a few new droplets of blood forming at the now-raw section on her wrist, no doubt from more scratching. Ignoring it, she gave a weary smile at Kaiden, already wanting this whole fiasco to be finished.
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  8. Kaiden Kendrick
    "Well, I don't really remember... but uh... last I remember I was home. Which is a few hundred miles away from here. I remember a train... but, everything else is just garbled and hard to understand."

    He didn't really want to bring up the memories of dying right now, since it was all kind of fresh. Besides, it wasn't like it mattered how they thought he died, because from the scars he'd seen so far most of them died from outside forces. Probably murder, if Kaiden's guess was right. He was just the guy who screwed up while driving and was thrown out a window.

    Another man spoke and introduced himself as Frederick while introducing himself to a girl named Sophia. Kaiden took note of them, trying to make introductions quicker and easier later. "Hey, better than the dorm I was in in college. Plus, from the looks of things, no roommate!"

    Someone asked what was going on and Kaiden made an exaggerated shrug. It would be nice to know what was going on, but right now he kind of wanted to check out his room and see what there was to see in the building. The first girl spoke again and introduced herself as Cricket. Her wrist was bleeding too, but he'd seen her scratching it earlier. Worst case he could explain the bleeding arm as him scratching it, but he really wanted to put something on it.

    Did ghosts get infections from open wounds?

    Probably not, but it was still a good idea to wrap it up sooner than later.

    "Hey Cricket, we should get going so you can bandage that up before it stains your clothes."

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  9. Sophia Ellis?
    "My name?...Oh, yeah. Sorry."
    "Do you have any idea what is going on?"

    She shook her head, Sophia didn't even have any idea who she was and why she was here,
    much less what was happening.

    "Well I assume from the way everyone is heading the way that they are, we're checking out our rooms."
    Apparently we're all dead she wanted to say. But she had an itch under her gloves, she peeked under her gloves as she shuddered and pulled them back.

    "If you don't mind Mr. Erza, which floor do you reside on?"
    She smiled at him, this one was a semi-pure smile, after all she didn't know the first thing about him.
    "I'm on floor 4."

    She looked down and tugged on her clothes, still smiling.
    Sophia was content. Even if she was dead. She felt extremely uncomfortable, why was she a ghost?
    Who was she? Why was she here, she had many questions but thought that it'd make Mr. Erza upset, she'd ask later.

  10. Ezra Fenton
    Ezra's gaze returned to look at the blonde as she spoke and he took notice of her peeking into her gloves. That was quite odd, but he didn't bother to dwell much on the matter, not when he was completely confused as to why he was even here.

    Taking a couple steps closer to the list, he read through the name and found out his floor level. "I'm on floor five." Ezra stated while turning back around to face the short girl. The smile present on her lips caused for his own grin to shine through. Yes, he was still lost, but that wouldn't stop him from trying to befriend someone. "Would you like me to accompany you to your floor?" It was a simple question that was meant to be in a friendly way.
  11. In a way, Frederick was glad nobody bothered addressing him. Let the kids make their friends. They deserved it. Holding the key to his room tight in his hand, he gave another stretch, licking his lips (which seemed strangely raw--Ghost tape removal or whatever sure didn't do him any favors) idly as he did so. Well, no use sticking around...

    "I'm goin' as far as floor three, but I'm also goin' now, so make the pleasantries quick."

    If anyone was even going to join him along the way. Third floor was pretty middle-of-the-road, it was entirely possible. Maybe then he'd figure out which one of these was his neighbor, exchange hellos, and probably never talk to one another again if previous experience with neighbors told him anything. Wished he had a fruit basket, like the company had for new employee initiation. Everyone liked fruit baskets, right?

    Frederick went over to the elevator, punching the call button. He wondered, for a moment, what the postal service was like in purgatory. Maybe he could write a letter to...No. No, that was a ridiculous idea. Never mind it. The elevator lowered itself, and as the door opened, Frederick walked in; the man going straight to the back and beginning to pull his sleeves lower so nobody had to look at the faint rope marks still visible on skin.​
  12. Catherine OctavulCricket mumbled her apologies at the mention of Kaiden's memory loss, shuffling her stance so that she was leaning more on the wall than before, the solidness of it beginning to feel almost comfortable, in a peculiar way. Her weary smile began to droop into a neutral position as she closed her eyes - just for a few seconds...

    "Hey Cricket, we should get going so you can bandage that up before it stains your clothes."

    Or not. A small sigh escaped as she opened her eyes once more, sleepiness trying to persuade her to do otherwise. Lazily, she raised a hand, before waving it up and down for a second, the motion shooing away some dust particles in the air. "Ah, thanks for the concern, but I'm fine." Clenching her slightly bleeding wrist with one hand, the girl attempted a reassuring smile.

    "I'm goin' as far as floor three, but I'm also goin' now, so make the pleasantries quick."

    As Frederick made his way closer, Cricket found herself tensing up, each step making a muscle become more and more taught with tension until she was standing straight up, warily watching the darker-skinned man press the button for the elevator. "Ah, I guess that means we're neighbors, then?" The question - more similar to a comment - was softer than anything she'd said before, most likely only heard by those paying attention to the eggplant-head.

    But whatever, this was her chance at escape. Looking at the time, she noticed that they'd only been down here for a few minutes, the time now being 5:04 PM. She'd probably have enough time to wash herself up, get settled in whatever room she'll be living in, and hopefully take a small nap before returning back down here. Turning towards Frederick, she contemplated giving him a handshake, agreeing with the thought and sticking her right hand out, a spur of the moment greeting coming to her lips.

    "I'm Cricket, nice to meet you. I hope you won't mind the company going up, since it seems we have the same destination...?" Her voice trailed off, and she broke eye contact, her sudden boost of confidence disappearing in a flash as she sunk back into her heels, her hands back in their usual positions of one irritating the other's skin in some way.
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  13. Sophia Ellis?
    "I'm on floor five."
    "Would you like me to accompany you to your floor?"

    She looked up and nodded somewhat eagerly, as he grinned she knew she had a friend in this strange place.
    Elevator.... Or stairs? She looked around, the area was clearing up. She wondered how past her would've dealt with this.
    Sophia looked a bit dizzy, she did the math, he wasn't that far from her floor, how exciting.

    "Shall we head up?"

    She took a moment to pause.

    "Which way is up? Um.. Elevator or stairs?"

    Sophia didn't care,

    "Ah, or we could go exploring."

    She felt that she had tried it before but it gave her an uneasy feeling.

    "Or not. We can do whatever I suppose."

    She looked up at him,

    "Shall we?"

    After this adventure she supposed she would go to sleep, maybe meet the other people around her.
    But everyone was mostly so tall and scary, she only approached Erza was because she needed to get a 'checkpoint'.
    She took a deep breath and calmed down quite a bit as she gracefully walked past Erza and turned back to face him.
    Sophia tilted her head to motion to ask what he would like to do during their 'free' period of time.

  14. "Huh?"

    Someone was in the elevator with him. He almost didn't hear anyone come in. He looked down slightly--A girl, her hair purple (some new trend among kids), saying she was...His neighbor? Huh. Nice to know the chick, he figured. Frederick was about to reciprocate her handshake, his own free hand going out, only to stop and pull it back when her previous burst of confidence waned. Must be shy. Maybe an art student, judging by her demeanor and hair.

    "Ah, so you're Catherine." This time, his smile was more genuine. It was weird, not having anything to hide anymore. CapitalCorp couldn't find him down here, and he wasn't on any sort of job, so he didn't have to conceal lies behind a grin and a free lunch. "Or 'Cricket', didja say? Nice to know who I'll be sharin' a hallway with, I guess. Company's always appreciated."

    God, what would have had to happen for a bunch of kids to drop off like flies? Boss could be amoral, but he didn't exactly condone the murder of children like this--Kids weren't valuable, and they didn't work with their usual tactics. So maybe they were all just accidents. Or maybe there was some lunatic around who was killing these guys. Or maybe...He didn't want to think that maybe one of these guys took the third option that crossed his mind. Besides, didn't they turn into trees, that third category? He remembered hearing something like that.

    Maybe they'd all eventually find out how everyone died.

    That means they're all gonna see how you died, too, y'know.

    Frederick chose not to think about that.

    "Name's Frederick, if y'didn't already hear. An' don't be a stranger if y'need me around, 'kay?"
  15. Catherine OctavulWell at least he seems polite - or at least polite enough to not be a problem...probably.

    Cricket tried not to make this more awkward than it needed to be, grateful that the man in front of her had the decency to not leave his hand hanging in the air. She hadn't meant to get into an elevator with just him for company, but the doors had shut before she could do anything. A habitual smile was placed on her face, not fully reaching her eyes but hopefully convincing enough for the adult.

    "Ah, so you're Catherine."

    Whatever warmth she had been feeling quickly vanished at the use of her full name, the grip on her wrist tightening as the smile became more forced, tension causing her body to lean back against the elevator wall more. She tried to relax as she watched Frederick smile somewhat genuinely, but it was pretty hard to do that when you're stuck in a small elevator with nowhere to run - something that spiked yet another dangerous emotion into the girl's heart.

    "Or 'Cricket', didja say? Nice to know who I'll be sharin' a hallway with, I guess. Company's always appreciated."

    Nodding slightly, Cricket's smile drooped a bit, but was quickly picked back up as she found her voice. "I'd prefer Cricket please, if you don't mind."

    Calm down, he hasn't even done anything yet.

    A couple of deeper breaths later, and the wave of fear that had come across the young girl had all but disappeared, suppressed deep enough to where it wouldn't get in the way of anything serious. "But yes, it's nice to know I won't have to worry about the person living on the other side of the hallway."

    "Name's Frederick, if y'didn't already hear. An' don't be a stranger if y'need me around, 'kay?"

    Just then, the elevator dinged, the doors opening to reveal the semi-narrow hallway - wide enough for two people to be able to comfortably walk side by side, but not wide enough for one more. Two doors were found, directly across one another, the old wooden doors each having a sticky note which labeled whose apartment was whose. Cricket walked up to her own, unlocking the door and opening it all the way before turning back to face Frederick.

    "Thanks. My door will be open most of the time, with the exception of the few times I'll be sleeping. If you want to come in, feel free to do so - but don't sneak up on me please." Cricket smiled, hoping to whatever higher being out there that this didn't come across as weird. "And now, if you excuse me, I think I'll go check out my apartment."

    Before anything more could be said, the eggplant-haired female scuttled off into her apartment, leaving the open door in its stationary position. She passed by the kitchen, stopping almost immediately when she saw the miniature library that was her living room. At the moment, she wanted nothing more than to grab the nearest book and curl herself up in that wonderful-looking chair, the small cd player playing the sounds of Handel-

    Shaking her head, she tossed away that fantasy, instead searching around the house, managing to find her bedroom (which had even more books!) and the bathroom. Walking into the latter, she turned the faucet on, gently washing her bruised and slightly bloodied hands with soap and water, before cupping some more and splashing it on her face. Looking up, she definitely didn't expect to see the wine-colored pair of hand imprints on her neck, the splotches of red, green, and yellow around it making her stomach churn as the water spilled through the widened cracks of her fingers.

    How did that get there?

    Even worse, she didn't expect to hear the scream of terror that came from her own voice, barely lasting for more than an entire second before stopping abruptly, shaky breaths being taken by the teenager in a futile attempt to calm down. Turning the water off, a single hand was raised, twitching fingers prodding the bruise, putting more and more pressure onto it until it began to sting and burn from the touch. Sure, she knew she died. But as for how exactly... she didn't - no, she couldn't know. There were no memories she could find of her time before waking up, other than her name, age, and date of birth for some reason.
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  16. Kaiden Kendrick

    Cricket seemed to tense up and then as soon as possible depart on the elevator. Kaiden watched her go, quietly waving as the doors closed. He oly then realized that he should have gotten on so that he could reach the second floor. Whatever, he reasoned, he could always take the stairs. A little exercise never hurt anyone anyway. It took a few minutes to find and climb the stairs to his floor, and when he entered the hallway alone, reality quietly sank in.

    He lied.

    He remembered it all. He wished he didn't, like the other people seemed to, and that was fine, but Cricket thought that he didn't and he lied. Kaiden sighed and unlocked his door. Inside it felt like his dorm room, posters from back then, cheap furniture... it felt empty somehow.

    He threw the key on the counter as he picked through everything in the apartment, checking to see what was available in terms of appliances, kitchenware, and so on. He found that it was satisfactory, and then moved into his bedroom. In the corner were a bunch of animes, mangas, a few video games he'd bothered to keep up with.

    It looked the most lived in and least temporary of the entire place. Kaiden kind of wanted to knock it all over, tear it down and lay in his bed to ignore it. Instead he simply did the later, curling up in the sheets like a child. He wanted to ignore the whole whole and the fact that he was here. He was dead, he was supposed to be able to close his eyes and just let go of it all. Let go of the tunnel and the drowning and the lake dragging him down...

    When you're dead you sit in a grave or in heaven and nothing can make you worried. You were either a million miles away from the fallout or unable to care. But here he was again, on Earth. In New York of all places. It was just too terrible to think that he'd still be here and would still be dealing with his past. Apparently, being alive was easier than being dead. Go figure.

  17. ♦~Nova~♦
    After a while of just standing there and listening to people talk back and forth, she watched the elevator close. 'I am not waiting around in this creepy place any longer.' She decided, and walked down the hall towards her room. She was on the first floor, but currently it sounded like she was alone. No one had taken the key that was on the same floor as her, which meant she was alone. Walking down to the first room, she twisted the key and pushed open her door. For a rickety old hotel, her room looked strangely like home. It felt like the place she used to live, so much that for a moment she forgot she was dead.

    Her hands still trembled as she shut the door behind her and walked numbly through the room. Everything was starting to blur together, and soon enough she approached a soft looking bed, freshly made. Flopping into her bed, she curled up and let her tears fall, soft sobs racking her body. She could still feel phantom hands reaching for her neck and wrists, mangling her soft skin and stabbing at her with cold steel. Gripping the comforter, she closed her eyes and tried to push the thoughts away.
  18. Ezra Fenton
    The dark haired male was about to answer Sophia's first question, when she suddenly began to add in other options. A small chuckle left his lips before he gave her a small smile. "Let's go exploring...Maybe we can start by looking at our apartments?" Ezra suggested as he watched the blonde step pass him before directly facing him.

    Getting to know their environment was actually a pretty good idea. Surely it would be a good pass time before they had to return so that guy could tell them whatever he needed to tell them. Ezra found him to be unusual. How does one get to control such an area? Was he a ghost just like them? Were they even ghosts? He hoped that their questions would be answered soon.

    "You wanna go through the stairs?"
  19. Well, she seemed...Nice. Awkward, sure, and a lot more afraid of a simple encounter than he would have been, but nice all the same. Even offered to always be there, too--That was more than he could say for half of his coworkers, let alone neighbors. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

    "You be good now, kid!" He called after Cricket as she scampered off into her own room. A small laugh slipped out. Let the kid rest. Frederick put his hands into his two lower suit pockets and strolled off into his own apartment room, unlocking the door and casually sliding inside.


    It seemed already set up.

    There was a scratchy welcome mat just before the doorway in, and out of habit he wiped his feet. He took a small walk around, surveying the area. A basket of yarn and fancy knitting needles was beside a sofa, and when Frederick sat down on it experimentally, he found it exactly his preference of comfortable. The kitchen was spotless, and the storage closet had cleaning supplies all in neat rows. The bathroom had bars of homemade organic soap, his favorite. His bedroom had thick blankets, and right on the bedside table was a package of his favorite cigarettes, a lighter, and an ashtray. It was all set up as though they knew he was coming. And that probably meant everyone's room was set like this.

    Did Otto did this? Was this supposed to make him like the guy more? It wasn't working.

    Frederick lit a cigarette and took a drag, taking the ashtray with him back into the living room. Come back at seven. Well, he could wait, for sure. In the meantime, Frederick pushed up his sleeves, observing the rope marks around his wrists with utter contempt. He held the cigarette in his teeth and began to rub at the marks. These went away, right? He hoped these went away.

    He didn't need the reminder.​
  20. Sophia Ellis...
    "Let's go exploring...Maybe we can start by looking at our apartments?"
    . . .
    Sophia nodded very slowly.
    She looked around now that the area was clearing up, it was still filled with other 'ghosts' rear ends.
    She sighed, she felt sort of lost.

    "You wanna go through the stairs?"

    Erza mentioned the stairs as Sophia looked up at him, with her face having a sort of 'far-out' look. Before she shakes her head and looks back up at him.

    " A-Ah! Yes. Sure. Yes... "

    This time she faked a smile, it came so naturally to her, she wondered why.
    Well there's no time to waste, they had only 3 or so, hours to explore.

    " Let's head off then, Mr. Erza. "

    She opened the door as she somehow pushed him along, he wasn't resisting, towards the stairs as they started descending up the stairway.
    Sophia muttered under her breathe something about her getting tired but shrugged it off and continued walking up the stairs up to the fourth floor.

    Apparently to her, her 'physical' form previously wasn't very built. How tiring, literally and figuratively.

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