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  1. Okay so I'm really confused about the whole site ha ha. I've joined this site around September and found it complicated so I decided to lay off of it for a little to see if I just needed to take a break for a moment and then come back to it. Well I'm back and I'm still confused as hell ha ha. I don't why I can't respond to Pms. I remember seeing something on why, like I need to post ten posts or something, but I'm still lost. Also I don't understand how the role play forums work. I clicked a topic and saw that it had already started, does information about the role play get moved to the end or something. I'm sorry if I sound like a complete moron I'm just so lost ha ha. So if someone could help me that'd be great thank you.
  2. Some parts of the forum is only for In character (IC) threads, thus the players have already talked about what will be going on in the roleplay in the Out of character thread (OOC).

    To search for potential partners you can check posts or make a post in Interest checking and discussion, or go to the one x one section (if you only want one partner for each roleplay) and click the general partner request, or if you want to have a specific genre, such as drama, you go to that category and click the [genre] partner requests.

    The same applies in the group section (for three partners or more in each roleplay). Click on the category that fits what you want to do, example Fantasy, and then click genre (Ex: Fantasy) signups & plot discussion. There's always a signup thread at the top of each genre thread you enter.

    You can also just jump into a roleplay if you go to group roleplays > Jump in roleplay. No sign up required. Just read through the posts that has been posted and jump in if you feel that you can.

    And about you not being able to send PM. You'll need to post a certain amount of times before you can do that. I'm not sure why it is like that, but it has just always existed. Go and post a bit in the general chatting and you'll soon be able to pm people. Until then you can always write on their profiles if you want someone something
  3. Okay, Thank you so much!