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  1. Okay, so I know I've asked this already, but now that Iwaku has been updated with a new verision, how the in name do we play Iwaku Triad now??? I want to play and earn myself another green bar on my reputation? Someone please help? I'd much appriciate it!
  2. Ah! The "GAMES" link is now in the smaller navigation bar right under "What's New". I'm having some issues with the nav links, so stuff is moved around a little. D:
  3. Yes but, what I'm confused about is how to play Iwaku Triad, not really where it is. That I've figured out already. But I'd like to play Iwaku Triad, and I don't know how to do that now with the new verision. :(
  4. Oh, the triad plays exactly the same way it did before! O__O Only the forum got a new version update, not the triad

    ....and now I see where the problem is. >< The recent update ate all the navbar links. That is a bug, apparently. I'll see about finding a fix for that.
  5. That would be good. :)