Conformity and Noncomformity

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  1. I wonder, I've never met a person who was the typical conformist. However, I always seem to hear 'most people are conformists' or 'most people are mindless sheep', etc. As a person who has been slapped with the conformist label multiple times myself but I've never met a person who did not have his or her own quirks, I'm confused. When people talk about conformity around me I tend to hear things that make noncomformity some kind of freedom, something to run to as a goal and conformity as stagnation of ideas and a generally inhuman and negative thing associated with stupidity. I just don't understand the idea of conformity = bad. We conform to the rules of reality. I've yet a person seriously deny me the fact the sky can be blue and the sea shades of blue-green, do we conform to that idea as well? If that is the case, why is conformity bad? Why is nonccomformity good? Is there a balance?
  2. I dunno. IMO placing the conformist label on someone is like trying to stroke your ego and making someone think you're the damned master race.
  3. As far as I'm concerened that is no such thing as a Conformist, or a Non Conformist simply because no matter what you do in life it will ultimately adhere to someone's rule, and go against someone elses.

    That being said, just wake up, do your thing, and go to bed. Rinse, and repeat as needed.
  4. It's a matter of semantics and who's saying that said thing/idea/action is conformist/non-comformist. It's another one of those subjective pairs like "good and evil," "perfection and imperfection," etc. that does not have much ground in fact.
  5. I don't really blend in well with the larger society around me, if that counts towards anything. I'm too busy focusing on my own life that, unless they are talking to my face or being asses to their fellow man, I just tend to ignore other humans and what they do. It's a subjective just like being normal and weird.
  6. Which I again state... I don't believe in either of them, as at any given point we all Conform, and resist at random intervals in our lifetime.
  7. Some people want a quiet life. They want to blend in and appear as standard as possible. Plus they adopt ideas that appear "clever and standard" at the time (I'm looking at you, Atheists[/trollololol]).

    Where I grew up, there were conformists. Big fat hairy conformists. They delighted in following the pre-arranged scripts of mediocrity.

    Now I'm in Cornwall and on a roleplay site, so everyone's a deviant of some sort.

    We're both out there... o__o