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  1. Hello, Iwaku!

    I think the best way to get my feet wet would be to build something with a few other likely minded individuals so that I grow as a roleplayer and as a member of this community both. I usually write up to a little above one page of word processor in an hour when inspired, and as such look for those who are more on the active side of things. That I become a GM or that we decide to make it so like a rather bigger sized 1x1 depend on the plot and the need of guidance, of course, so I'll leave the system up there for now.

    Listen up, I was thinking of something with a classical feel to it, that it may be ballerinas in Paris or something less risque matters little to me, as it would not be the risque part I want to focus on, but the daily lives of the characters and the impact on their community, so if you have an idea that fit the pattern, do speak up! Preferably, I'm looking at something that will either take p some research on our part, some world building or, in the best of worlds, both.

    I thus propose the following as an order of business:
    1. Idea Brainstorm
    2. Idea Questions
    3. Idea Discussion/Refining
    4. Setting Brainstorm
    5. Setting Questions
    6. Setting Discussion/Refining
    7. The Matter of GMing
    8. Character Workshop/Brainstorm
    9. Crafting the Roleplay

    That seems to be about it... so here is my first idea:

    Young girls of the street are taken from their squalor to be taught to entertain high society, learning dance, etiquette and the dangers of their new profession. Later on, I wish for them to be entangled in politics in the Republique and to have lots of rivalries and tension to get the most favors.

    Let's not look much into each idea just yet, just let the creative juices flow!
  2. I'd love to be a part of figuring out a plot! So, I will get back to you whenever I think up some creative ideas!
  3. Hmm I think it would be interesting to be a group of colonists. On a new planet trying to survive each other and the hostile environment. A race of semi intelligent inhabitants trying to kill us. A limited amount of technology mixed with much older older technology(Like medieval ages style of living.) The goal would just be to survive and expand, to conquer the world!
  4. Im interested ! Here's what I can add...

    "Young girls of the street are taken from their squalor to be taught to entertain high society, learning dance, etiquette and the dangers of their new profession. Later on, I wish for them to be entangled in politics in the Republique and to have lots of rivalries and tension to get the most favors."

    In the streets of France lies a top notch entertainment academy of sorts, "Le Divertissment du Sauveterre", which gathers its trainees by audition or scouting. A few young girls are picked off of the streets (French Slums) to get a chance to become world class entertainers. Perhaps some girls (or boys) can be scouted, auditioned or kidnapped and thrown into a cut throat elimination training method to weed out the 'best of the best'. The type of challenges would be shown to the media, thus sparking political flames with Madame Sauveterre, a running A-Lister in the political sphere?

    It can be an international adventure of sorts..being trained and taught various styles. (Hint hint..I've always wanted to RP a Geisha!) Maybe girls from different backgrounds are scouted to the same place?
  5. I would love to be in this! I love fleshing out characters and such so this would be very entertaining. :)
  6. Yes, we can add it so that this was when France was an empire, and as such have a multicultural feel to it.
  7. I have an idea for a semi-freeform RP with some plotlines (NOTE: The real life History may need to be redone a bit for the sake of the plot):

    Late 1800s, France, Paris. The city of Art, Love and Culture, and your home. No matter who you are, a housemaid, the bastard son of a nobleman or a daughter of an aristocratic family, in Paris there is place for everyone. This is a city of new opportunities, of second chances, and everything is possible in this wonderful place.

    -A few weeks ago, "Le Trianon" theater has been finally inaugurated and is looking for talented men and women troughout France to act in the Great Play (it can be any theatrical piece or opera performance). Everyone is allowed to join, but remember: the artistic career is filled with hardships and betrayals, and only the best of the best have a chance to succeed... (Scenario: "Battle" for Glory and Fame)

    -Meanwhile, a group of thieves is planning to steal the famous work of art of Leonardo Da Vinci: La Giocconde. Will they succeed at their task, or will they be stopped by a group of good people? (Scenario: Detectives vs Thieves)

    -The famous aristocratic restaurant "Le Poisson Rouge" is hiring new staff for the oncoming Great Ball. They are looking for accomplished cooks, waitresses, musicians and housemaids troughout Paris for such an important event. But there are rumours about an assassination plot of Giusseppe Montepinè that will take place during the party... (Scenario: Stop a plot before it happens + The Challenges of working in an important restaurant)

    What will you do in this big city? It is up to you!

    (Other scenarios and freeform RP are also allowed if they fit the theme)


    Now, I was thinking that it would be better if this RP idea were realized by a group of several Gamemasters that can easily communicate among themselves, since it would be a pain in the butt to take control of everything that happens in the story alone.

    Also, remember that french society in the 19th century was very divided due to racism, social classes and supersticions, so it would be better to make the characters based on this idea.

    Fun fact: I've taken Juliet's avatar as an inspiration for some reason :P
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  8. ^^ That also sounds good. I liek the idea of a free-form multi-layered RP
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