Confessions of a gamer....

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  1. Posted this thread in a group I am in and thought it would be interesting, and amusing, to talk about with the rest of you guys!

    *stands up in intervention circle* Hi I'm Lewi and Halo Reach makes me overly violent to my fiance.....and I tell him to shove a rocket launcher up his ass at least five times a game. This has led to me having a problem with cursing whilst I play with him and also led to my downfall last night where he was on a kill streak and was rubbing it in. So I grabbed said launcher of rockets and proclaimed FUCK YOU!!!! As I shot a rocket at him. It hit a ledge near me and exploded. To which I replied FUCK ME!!!!
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  2. I, a boy that braved the Dead Space series and Alien Isolation, alone in the dark (Let me tell you now, I am so glad I can't remember any of my recent dreams.) , am too afraid to play Super Meat Boy.

    It's not the game, I'm afraid I'd end up destroying my laptop out of piss angry frustration.
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  3. I laughed while reading your post! I must confess, I tend to do the same when I'm not doing so well in a game. I would rage and yell various obscenities at the screen. I used to scream so loud that my parents would yell at me for raging.

    It was mostly Call of Duty which got me shouting in frustration.
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  4. He was laughing so hard at me he couldn't shoot back, so I pummeled him slowly to death because I spawned behind him. >:3
  5. *Clears throat and takes deep breath.*

    This is Savannah-Clause, better known as Sav, and I curse nonstop once I get really into a game(typically more violent ones, such as GTA V, COD: MW3-Ghost(I own them all), some of the Elder Scrolls games, and more). I also enjoy trolling people when I'm'Kicking your a$$!'.

    While I'm typically very docile, quiet, and withdrawn, anyone who's been in a party with me on Live knows I get extremely violent, loud, and competitive when playing games.

    That being said.. I also enjoy the more violent games the most. When I get upset, depressed(*Curses my MDD*), anxious, or angered, my favorite thing to do(that, surprisingly, relieves these emotions) is play GTA and go to the Playboy Mansion easter egg to slaughter the hookers mercilessly.

    I recall, at the age of four, playing Pokemon: Colosseum with my brother. We'd play with him using his team from the game, and me using mine from Sapphire. I'd always dominate, and would proceed to gloat.

    Which leads to another confession.. My brother and I loved playing Super Smash Bros: Melee. We'd have these HUGEEEE pissing contests.. We'd use our character taunts, put our life stock as high as it'd go, and beat each other silly til our parents got mad we'd been playing so long. XD

    Also.. For anyone who'd like to add me, here are all of my gamertags/usernames! <3

    Xbox Gamertag: BloodthirstyBot (This gamertag seems stupid, yes, but it's an inside joke.)
    Steam Username: SavMarie43(I don't use Steam much, honestly..)
    Guild Wars 2: SavMarie

    Andddd... I'll add my nintendo friend code and Origin username, once I'm back on the Wii U/Origin again.
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  6. Whenever I get frustrated in a Black Flag (the game I am currently playing) I stalk guards and kill them (in the game).
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  7. When there's a choice to be good or evil aligned, I always choose evil.

    I must confess, I love to cheat, kill, and manipulate whoever I can in these games. I'm not allowed to be an aggressive jerkface murderer in real life, soooooo... :D This works.
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  8. I cried throughout most of Mass Effect 3, and at the end of Transistor.

    Also, in 99% of the games, I still use pistols and SMGs more than any weapon (and often get called a noob for it right before they die).

    And I never managed to win a game of Civ V.
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  9. Hi, my name is Zen and I've been WoW free for nine months now. The itch comes back to play every now and then but I think *twitch* I'm going to be okay. I just... Sometimes I get this craving to heal something. It can be pretty bad sometimes, but FPSs and RPG are taking the edge off. It doesn't help that the rest of my friends play but y'know, you learn how to deal with it.
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  10. Oh this thread couldn't have arrived more perfectly! I have something to confess, something that I've been meaning to get out for a while now...

    -Takes a deep breath-

    I didn't really fuck that one guy's mom like I said I did when I got 420 no-scoped in CoD! Dx
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  11. *clears throat*


    I played postal.

    I hope the rest of y'all prepared your anuses.
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  12. How many cats did you use?
  13. Hi, my name's Seiji, and I'm highly ridiculously competitive. I turn into a whole new monster that few of you know or have seen when it comes to competitive play, particularly when I played a lot of League of Legends, StarCraft, or online shooters (Counter-Strike, how I miss thee).

    I swore, cursed, became an overall just not-good person, and... Stuff.
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  14. My turn...

    When I pay first person shooters I cuss so badly that people leave the room. I get angry and vicious and if people question whether I'm actually having fun or not I verbally bite off their heads.
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  15. I may or may not sometimes intentionally invite friends to play games where I know they will get destroyed just for the pleasure of repeatedly killing them. Usually some of my players in my role plays. For reasons.
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  16. I'm always the guy who yells at people being shitty or doing nothing but fucking around on my team. ._. Not trying to be a tryhard, just it's my experience that a game stops being fun when one team completely steamrolls the other 'cause the losing team is incompetent or not interested in keeping things competitive and/or sporting.

    Unless everybody decides to stop shooting each other and just fuck about, then I'll gladly join.
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  17. My name is Allen J, and whenever I play against someone online, I turn into a cocky, arrogant, foul-mouthed psychopath.

    But when I play (cooperatively) with people, I'm cute as a kitten.

    Who knows.
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  18. Despite have been a high-ranking member of a halo clan, I absolutely suck at the game. I was mostly brought to events and invited to tourney games for comedic relief. I would yell and put on quite the show during otherwise serious games that I would get friend invites from some of our fiercest rivals.

    I cried during Metroid Prime while exploring the crashed frigate that I myself had destroyed.
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  19. When I first played Starcraft, I would totally use cheats in the single player campaign!

    I"M SORRY!
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