Condemned Loyalty

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~*Ray of Sunshine*~

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Hello everyone :) i was looking to just do a quick interest check on an rp im working on. I am not going to spend to much time on this as its just a "should i put more effort into the actual thing, or give up hope" check. The main plot will be below, and criteria is as follows. The plot sounds kinda simple, but i have a sort of complicated plan to go along with it.

1. 2 or more paragraph per post
2. Grammar must be decent, small mistakes are overlooked
3. No sexual content (fade out and continue in pm if you wish)
4. Adult content (gore, violence, cursing, etc.) is allowed, but keep it reasonable (if i get complaints, ill have to make it pg.)
5. No god modding, Mary sues, etc etc. Be a decent role player
6. No bullying, rude comments, harsh criticize. Be a decent human being
7. All other site rules apply (of course)

[BCOLOR=transparent] For years the kingdom of Vreatus was was a seemingly calm place, having little trouble in the ways of war and crops. The royal family was picturesque, and their armies loyal. The kingdom prospered, growing in size and wealth, giving the people within wonderful lives.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent] At least, that's how travelers and surrounding kingdoms saw it. And could you blame them? Vreatus’ lands were vast and plentiful, and the kingdom itself was a daunting foe. Yet within this massive monarchy was starting to crumble. A war was waging within the kingdom walls, a war which few knew about. The king's closest Advisers warned him of the imminent doom, of the betrayal they sensed within the castle. But he did not heed the warnings, finding nothing wrong in his kingdom and not wanting to inject fear into his subjects. And so it was his blind trust that brought his downfall.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent] News of the king's death shook the lands. Loyal followers mourned the loss of a great king, and secret enemies rejoiced at the fall of an evil tyrant. Yet throughout the land everyone was jarred by the surprise that King Drystand’s own son, Prince Raulyn, had slain him. And behind the young prince rose a small army of supporters, the long held deceit within the castle being exposed. The kingdom went in an uproar, threatenings of rebellion whispered in brothels across the land. But all this was crushed under the princes swift actions and new laws.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent] The kingdom grew quiet again. Many had fled in fear of punishment, or in anger. Armies were built up, strengthened in preparation for the upcoming war. But the remaining citizens settled back down into their routine, no longer calling for the help of the rebels. But, as the dust of the uproar settled, a clear divide appeared. Many believed that the new King Raulyn brought a new era of power, and many others saw the former prince as a threat to their safety and freedom. And so our story begins…..[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Hope you like it :) Pm me with any question you have on it or any advice. Or a chat :) Leave a vote pwease[/BCOLOR]


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So what exactly will we be playing around? Is there a civil war brewing? Are the people still heavily oppressed or is everything back as it once was? Are there people that still actively oppose the ruler? Basically, what are some of the struggles our characters would face?

~*Ray of Sunshine*~

Original poster
There is a civil war brew, a lot of deception, and there is still some oppression among the people. There are some "spies" that are located in different places, and i have a rescue mission planned along the way. A few battles, assassination missions, etc. will be added in to keep it interesting. A lot of loyalties are kinda crossed to create drama and complicated relationships, which could branch off into disputes at the Role players will.
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~*Ray of Sunshine*~

Original poster
Oh, and i should mention that this is a limited roleplay. Means less characters available, but centralizes it more so that there is more action and the rp is more plot driven.

~*Ray of Sunshine*~

Original poster
Awesome :) Thanks for taking the time


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